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V .- 

*<*&>. :*^i 


^•■%*r '« 



.^w <*. The University of the South 

Sewanee, Tennessee 

, . Cap and Gown 
1995 Volume 97 


Student Life pg. 2 
Classes pg. 40 
School of Theology pg. 86 
Brief History pg. 94 
Faculty pg. 102 
Organizations pg. 134 
Greeks pg. 158 
Athletics pg. 196 
Closing pg. 232 




Ads pg. 254 
Calendar pg.270 

Eric Ochel, Rush 
urns Jones 

2 /Student Life 

Student Life/3 


A towered city set within a wood, 
Far from the world, upon the mountain crest, 
There storms of life burst not, 
Nor cares intrude 

There learning dwells, and peace is wisdom's 

- Cap and Gown, 1895 

4 /Student Life 

Student Life/ 5 

6 /Student Life 

Student Life/ 7 

T**^*sm§rm$k«tmiM *#&#**&«&%& n* **f 

; /Student Life 

Jason Vinton 

feh. . with friends 

Laurel Murchison, Cameron Graham; 
Paul Randall, and Wallace Adams 

Student Life/9 


It is the aim... of the 
University of the South 
to develop a harmonious 
and symmetrical charac- 
ter to fit and prepare 
men for every avocation 
in tie life that now is ... 
and to teach all those 
things which a Christian 
ought to know and be- 
lieve in his soul's health. 

- Bishop Quintard 1873 

Student Life/ 11 


Sally Brown 

■ i 

« -V 

12/Student Life 

Student Life/13 

Present day Sewanee, 
population 1500, is, de- 
pending on your point of 
view, either a sleepy little 
Southern town with a 
British accent or an En- 
glish village with a drawl 

- Alan Cheuse, The New 
York Times, May 6, 1984 

14 /Student Life 

Student Life/ 15 

Pierce and 
Tilghman Myers 

Craige Hoover, 
Reggie Ramsey, 
Drew Sturtevant, 
Harrison Grubbs, 
andT.R. Ravenel 

Erwin Byrd 

16/Student Life 


Student Life/17 

18/Student Life 

is so beautiful that 
ople who have once 
en there always, 
e way or another, 
me back. For such 
can detect apple 
een in an evening 
y, it is Arcadia. 
William Alexander 

Student Life/ 19 

L*iz Haldeman, Dana Wan Camp, and Anne 6sborne 

20 /Student Life 

Student Life/ 21 

22/Student Life 

Student Life/23 


Cameron Graham, 
Christine Keating, 
Julia Norwood, 
Catherine Traywick, 
and David Frazelle 

24 /Student Life 

has been much talk, too 
alk. . . Many a would be 
has been turned aside by 
remarks as: "You ought to 
it a few years ago", or 
is not what it was since 
le have been allowed to 
No one works now; the 
do nothing but drive, 
and flirt." - The Book-Worm, 
, September 1889 

Student Life/ 25 

There is romance 
here still; a cer- 
tain kind can be 
flushed in 
couples almost 
anywhere in the 
green woods, and 
the love which 
everyone bears to 
the place is 
surely as roman- 
tic as ever it was. 

- Sarah Barnwell 

Cap and Gown, 

26 /Student Life 

Student Life/27 


28 /Student Life 

"It is always said that George Washington's great- 
ness lay in the fact that he was always equal to 
the occasion; the Sewanee student is great be- 
cause he is always superior to the occasion." 
-Bishop Gailor 

Student Life/29 

Sewanee has had the courage, certainly more than the 
other divisions of the state and more than any other 
college I know of, to insist upon retaining its own 
traditions, its own individuality, its own peculiarities. 
It has tried, as any institution which is to endure 
must, to make the world relevant to its own principles 
and ideals rather than to accept the values of the 

-Peter Taylor, 

Founder's Day speech, 1972 

30/Student Life 


It is a pleasant and refreshing sight to see 
a Gownsman in the spring of the year, 
with a pair of new lavender pants, 
spotless vest, and cut-away coat... 
- Cap and Gown 1881 

Student Life/ 31 

Mill& Fjioj irnev 
and Maggie Kizer 

32/Student Life 

Wes Myers 
, and 
Rick Sayed 

Student Life/ 33 

f ; 

34 /Student Life 

But, so long as he is a gowns- 
man, lie is treated as being intel- 
lectua ly adult. For instance, he 
is not required to attend lectures. 
It is for him to decide, at his 
peril, whether he will attend 
them or not, pending the day of 
judge: nent when he will be 

- fiom Purple Sewanee, p. 163 


John Cooper 

Student Life/ 35 

36/Student Life 

pass through this world but 

efore, there be any kindness I 
pw, or any good thing I can 

e do it now; 
| not defer it or neglect it, for 
not pass this way again. 


Student Life/ 37 

Abernathy. James Harry III 


Acken. James Tindal 

Fine Arts 

Aiken. Ashley Hamilton 


Algar, Robert Chance 


Allen. Corinne Chadwick 

Fine Arts 

Alves. Montgomery Wall 

Natural Resources 

Anderson, Susan Quaid 

Political Science 

Ariail. Elizabeth Pfeiffer 


Balogh. Jason Allen 


Barrett. Rush Skobba 


Behrens. Leigh Donovan 


Benjamin, Celena 


Benson. Andrew Cook 

Natural Resources 

Bethea, Theodore Cobb II 


Birch. Courtney Ann 

Fine Arts 

Blanks, Valerie Lynn 

American Studies 

Boehm. Helen Rodgers 


Boring, Geoffrey Scott 

Natural Resources 

Boucher, Matthew John 


Boyd, John Pringle 

Natural Resources/History 

40 / Seniors 

Branting. Scott Brian! 


Brown. Alex Jonathan 


Brownlee, Barbara Allyson 

Natural Resources 

Bryan, Cotton Paul 

American Studies 

Bryson, Ama Janay 


Buchanan. Elizabeth Brooke 


Buchanan. Margaret Ann 


Byars, William Oliver 


Cairns. Robert 


Third World Studies 

Caldwell. Kela Shannon 

Political Science 

Campbell. Jane Gardner 


Carruthers. Catherine 



Cashman. Katherine Jane 

Cenac. Christopher Everette 



Seniors/ 41 

Chagan. Heidi Falter 


Christman. Abigail Davis 

Christy. Katherine Dianne 


Clements. Samuel Carter 


Coates, John Keith Jr. 

Political Science 

Cole, Lee Alexander 

Political Science 

Collins, Anna Lynne 


Collins, James David 


Conover, Nathan Weber 


Cook, Amanda Jane 

Natural Resources 

Cook, Heather Searing 

Fine Arts 

Corbett, Jon Andrew 

Political Science 

Covington, Hillary 


Cross, Sarah Susannah 


Depew, Kathleena Lucille 


DePree, Katherine Aldrich 


42 / Seniors 

Dubriel, Sebastien 

Eades, Daniel Joseph 

Eaker, Seth Alan 
Edgens, Branan Reece 
Fine Arts 

Elliott, Scarlett 

Ellis, John Andrew 
Political Science/Latin 
Ellis, Scott Durham 

Elwell, Christopher Matthew 
Natural Resources/ 
American Studies 

Erwin, Margaret Hartigan 


Etheridge, Nikki Eileen 


Evans, Adrienne Fletcher 


Everetts, Anngina Dale 

Felkner, Anne Sheridan 


Fisher, Benjamin Tad 


Fletcher, Andrew North 

Natural Resources 

Frankel, Tara Nicole 


Seniors / 43 

Freeman. Lorena Deanese 


Freeman. Meredith Branan 

Fine Arts 

Giel. Margaret Ann 

Social Science Foreign 


Given. Juliet Perry 


Gladders. Glenn Warren II 

Natural Resources 

Graham. Margaret Cameron 


Gross. Norwin Cathleen 

Natural Resources 

Haldeman. Elizabeth Wynn 


Haley. Karen Wood 


Hall. David Nelson 


Hammontree. Jennifer 



Harrell. EricClayton 


Hart. Maxwell Stanley 

Political Science 

Haselden. William Mace 

Fine Arts 

Hawkins. Amy Rebecca 


Hays, Heidi Kay 

Anthropology/ Fine Arts 

44 / Seniors 

Herath, Parakrama 


Herbster, Aaron Francis K. 


Hesselink, Elizabeth Anne 


Hill, Gabrielle 


Hill, Yvonne 


Holyer, Christiana Elizabeth 


Howard, David Asbury III 


Howell, Laurie Wells 


Howell, Robert Boyte 


Natural Resources 

Hubbell, Webster Walter 

Third World Studies 

Hunter, John Bradley 


Hunter, Matthew Fairchild 


Israel, Charles Alan 


Jacks, Karen Elizabeth 


Jackson, Megan Pearsall 


Jackson, Robert Wright IV 


Seniors / 45 

Jackson. Stephen Robert 


Jarrett. William Hope III 

Fine Arts 

Jecko. Sean Christopher 


Jiang. Weina 


Johnson. Jenny Louise 

American Studies/ 

Political Science 

Johnson, Peter Tallman Jr. 

Political Science 

Johnston, Keith Arnold 

Natural Resources 

Jones. Arthur Burns 


Jones, Carlotta Lynette 


Jones, Kathleen Gwin 


Jones. Tracy Duncan III 


Kabalka. Stephen George 


Kennedy, Melissa Anne 

Fine Arts 

Kirkland, Kyla Leigh 


Kizer. Dudley Bond 

Fine Arts/Economics 

Knox, Thomas Carlyle 

Natural Resources 

46 / Seniors 

Koren, Matthew William Ely 


Kram, Steffen 

Lamb, Allison Paige 
American Studies 
Lewis, Frederick Stearns 
German Studies 

Light, Rasheid Deauveau 


Lominack, Robert Edward 


Lowrey, Susanna Caroline 


Lumpkin. Frances Ravenel 


Luna. Jason Daniel 


Luo, Qingshan 
Math/Computer Science 

Mahon, Katherine Murphy 

Fine Arts 

Maib, Misty Lee 


Mall, Bradley Collins 
Political Science 
Manning, Heather Lynn 
Political Science 

Maris, Patricia Nicole 
Fine Arts 

Marsland, Eric John 

Seniors / 47 

Marx. Hilary Taylor 


Mashburn. Kathryn Elizabeth 


Mason. David Clarence 


Matyumza. Nomzamo 


Maybank. Amey Parsons 


McClatchey. Sally Bruce 

Fine Arts 

McConnell. Ryan Patrick 

Political Science 

McCorquodale, Joseph 



McDaniel, Mercedes Holland 

Chemistry /Theater 

McGee, Jennifer Lynn 


McGinn. Anne Catherine 


McGlothin. Allison Anne 


McKee. Thomas Preston II 


McMillan, Kirstin Elizabeth 


McNeese, Catherine Carter 

Fine Arts/Spanish 

Mestecky, Jana Marie 


48 /Seniors 

Grayson Splane 

Meyer, Martha Anne 


Miers, Sarah Elise 

Political Science/Philosophy 

Minnifield, Keith Delon 


Morrow, Brian Edward 

Political Science 

Mount, Anson Adams IV 


Muller, Chandler Robinson Jr. 


Mungello, Michael Campbell 


Murchison, Laurel Winona 


Myers, Wesley Trevor D. 

Political Science 

Neibich, Joseph Lee 

Political Science 

Newiger, Jon Frederick 
Natural Resources/Latin 
Nguyen, My-Khanh Thi 
Economics/Political Science 
Noland, Scott Foster 

Ochel. Eric Franz Joseph 

Seniors / 49 

Odle. Randall Jarrett 


Padilla. David Jonathon 


Palmer. Grant Jackson 


Parker. Jefferson Douglas 


Paschall. Holmes Cabaniss 


Patterson. James Alexander 

Natural Resources 

Patton, Elizabeth Anastasia 


Petesch. Cynthia Kristine 


Pfeil, Jennifer Jane 


Pond, James Gregory 

Fine Arts 

Poole, Joshua Alan 

Economics/Political Science 

Reese, Kawanna Vanita 

Social Science/ Foreign 


Richards, Channing 

Leathers II 


Richards, Luman Daniel III 


Ridner, Jeffrey Dale 


Roark, David Dewight 


50 /Seniors 

Roberson, Arletra Chantelle 


Rogers, William Burns 


Rossi, Mary Kathryn 


Rushing, Brian Reid 

Natural Resources 

Sames, Franklin Pierce Jr. 

Natural Resources 

Sandanayake, Asithsa 


Sanford, Robert Jeffrey 


Schmidt, Craig Callaway 


Scornavacca, Arthur John Jr. 

Poitical Science 

Scott, Henry Eldon 


Scott, Nena McNeel 


Shealy, Emily Fishbume 


Sherwood, Elizabeth Paullin 
Political Science 
Sitz, Angela Blake 

Smith, Jason Cowles 
Smythe, Mary Marshall 

Roger Stott and Cnris Cambell 

Seniors /51 

Soloman, Traci Minette 

Social Science Foreign 

Language/Social Science 

Foreign Language 

Sonfield. Justin Eugene 


Songy. Nicole Marie 


Speights. Melissa Anne 

American Studies 

Spencer, Nancy Beth 


Splane, Hebe Grayson 


Sprouse. Emily Vaughan 


Srivastava, Manish 

Physics/Math Computer 


Stewart. Walter Seth 


Stidham, Leslie West 


Stott, Roger Friedrich 


Stovall. Johnny Channing 


Striding, John Raymond 

Natural Resources 

Stuart. Sarah Rothermel 


Sturtevant, Jack Simpson III 


Tartt, Mary Adams 


Taylor, Robin Kathleen 

Social Science/ Foreign 


Teague, Mary Elizabeth 

Fine Arts 

Temple, Charles Gray 


Terrell, Michael Van 

Natural Resources 

52/ Seniors 

Thompson, Amy Michelle 


Tonn. Jordana Caroline 


Traywick, Catherine Barton 


Tucker. Avery 

Philosophy/Fine Arts 

Ulbrich. Karl Georg 
Natural Resources 
Upchurch, Margaret Douglas 
Fine Arts 

Vance, Amanda Carter 
Political Science 
Vann, Serena Casey 

Vaughey. Tyler Cox 


Vial. Christina Randall 


Walker. Leslie Frances 
Fine Arts/English 
Ward. Tija Letice 

Warren. Jeannette Dea 


West, Kevin Ashley 


Seniors / 53 

West. Nathaniel Flint 
White. Quisha Antoinette 
Third World Studies 
Williams. Scott Andrew- 
Political Science 
Willis. Lee Lawrence III 

Wolfram. Jennifer Lea 


Wood. Jennifer Ann 


Woods. Artricia Irene 


Zivkovich. Michael Trent 

Natural Resources/ 


Not Pictured 

Akiyama, Ikuko 

Barbour, Amy Michelle 

Hay. Thomas Oliver 

Barden, Stephen Jonathon 

Hershey, Clay Wallace 

Bell, Allison Carroll 

Irvin, Jane Somerville 

Bennett, Hannah Barron 

Kelley. Joseph Guy HI 

Bickerstaff. William Taylor 

Kemper, Michael Blackburn 

Bogran, Emma Ceccilia 

King, George Savage 

Brooks, Daniel Allen 

Kopecky, Charles Robert 

Brown. Claiborne Wood 

Lugar, Matthew Kelly 

Brown, Elizabeth Leigh 

MacPherson, John Ritchie HI 

Bull, Elizabeth Bryant 

Major, Barbara Lucia 

Combs, Douglas Ralston 

Marshall, Charles Donald III 

Comer, Patrick Brittan 

Maxwell, Michael Laura 

Cooper, Guy Laurence HI 

Mays, Mary Elizabeth 

Dillon, Peter Michael 

Moss, Gene Thomas 

Dunwody, Meredith Evans 

Powell, Amanda Leigh 

Eastridge, Eleanor Suzanne 

Rash, Jason David 

Eklund, Bryan Alan 

Ryan, Alexander Milo 

Elder, Patty Jo 

Shannon, Lauren Penn 

Foss, Elizabeth Harris 

Smith, Geoffrey Mark 

Galbraith, Saskia Aimee 

Smith, Sara Elizabeth 

Gooch, Perry Butler 

Spain, Sidney Holland 

Grimes, Kenneth Irwin 

Trotter, Brett Taylor 

Hamilton, Jennifer Lynne 

Van Camp, Dana Michelle 

Hardy, Thomas Rodrick 

Waddell, David Sewall 

Hastie, Winslow Warren 

Whittle, Allen Barker 

Hawthorne, Katherine Eloise 

Williams, Ray Robinson III 

54 / Seniors 


Abel, Mark Jason 
Akerman, Lisa Ann 
Anderson, Elizabeth Ann 
Anderson, Laura Louise 
Austin, William Gaillard 
Basamakov, Kostadin 

Baskett, Susan Elizabeth 
Bass, Polly 

Bautista, Gregory Jackson 
Bowie, William Trousdale 
Boyd, Samuel Lee Jr. 
Brooks, Jonathan Mark 

Brown, Ashley Dawn 
Brown, Laura Lee 
Budros, Anne Severance 
Burney, Samnita Saeed 
Campbell, Christopher Mark 
Cargill, Christian Douglas 

Christy, Caroline Wimberly 
Clark, Mary Bradford 
Cohoon, Jena Patrice 
Coniglio, Tina Lee 
Connelly, Hunter Harold 
Corlew, Yolanda Nicole 

Cook. Tom 

Costilow, Walter Brian 

Covington, Skyler 
Crookston, Laura Jean 

Juniors / 55 

Cudahac. Christopher George 

Daily. Jody Marie 

Daniel. Thomas Arden IV 

Davenport. Silas Strickland 

Davis. James Byron 

Davis, Molly Harwell 

Davis. Myranda Devahn 

Dees, Tom Moore III 

Drummond. Marv Claire 

Edwards. Peter Smith 

Erlewine. Kristina Lynn 

Estes. Kathleen Gale 

Faw, Richard Gordon III 

Fisher. Eliza Donnelly 

Fitch. Elizabeth Hampton 

Foss. Elizabeth Harris 

Fostel. Christopher Michael 

Fox, David Edward Jr. 

Frazier. Julia Yvonne 

Gaillard. Emmie Foster 

Galliaan. Elizabeth Ellen 

Gallivan. Walter Clark 

Gay. Kimberly Creed 

Geiger. Meredith Marie 

Gibson, Herbert Terry 

Gleaton, Camille Louise 

Green. John Hays 

Greene, Katherine Meyer 

Griffith. Robert Currie 

Guin. Robert Heath 

Hackney. Glenn Burke III 

Harper, Francis Jackson 

Harris, Elizabeth Hackman 

56 /Juniors 

Harrison. Lebby Brandon 
Hartley. Caroline Aprans 
Hartley. Theresa Eileen 
Heard, Patrick Kyle 
Hemslreet, Amy Elizabeth 
Henning. Sarah Elizabeth 

Herrmann. Catherine Jayne 
Hiers. John Kevin 
Holland, Virginia Moody 
Home. Kristophcr Cornell 
Howell. Jessicah Skye 
lalacci. Kristen Ann 

Ingram. Kathryn Rice 
Ismail, Uzair 
Israel, Andrew 
Jarrett. Michael Thorne 
Johnson, Natasha Nicole 
Johnson, Phillip Christopher 

Jones. Philip Brian 
Joyner, Bryan Gregory 
Kalish, Page McAulay 
Karst. James Philip 
Keating. Christine Mischler 
Keefer, Christopher Jay 

Keith, Lauren Carter 
Kell, Samantha Dunbar 
Kellogg, Katherine Lind 

Kempf. Bartholomew Joseph 
Kern. David Graham 
Kuhlke. Vera Elsie 

Kumar, Shamala 
Kuthe. Valerie Sue 
Land. Angela Dawn 


Laney. Matthew Davis 

Langdale. Heather Christina 

Lardin. Harvey Allan 

Lay. Elizabeth Ann 

Leveridge. Jennifer Gayle 

Lindvberg. Julia Case 

Lineberger. Drew Michael 

Little. Berkeley Haynsworth 

Martin. Shawn Charles 

Mason. Ryan Matthew 

McDonald. John Leslie 

McElwee, Vaiden Webb 

McLeod. Alma Kelley 

Medntt. William 

Mitchell. Jeffrey Charles 

Mohiuddin, Umar 

Montgmery. Megan Lynne 

Montiel. Holley Rae 

Morris, Christopher Glenn 

Murdock. Katherine Anne 

Mussleman, Sarah Kathryn 

Neal, Elizabeth Ashley 

Neal. Ruth Catherine 

O'Quinn, Sean Frank 

Owen, Ashley Ellen 

Paine, Robert Harvey 

Parks, Michelle Elana 

Perkins, Andrew Charles 

Peters, Jeffrey Wayne 

Pfluger, Jaret Dean 


Phillips. Christopher Michael 
Phillips. Lori Ann 

Bridgettc Bernadeltc 
Powell, Caroline Watkins 
Powell. Thomas Lorin 
Pruilt, Neil Little Jr. 

Puckett, Leslie Lea 
Rafferty. Catherine Alyce 
Ragan, Caldwell Sikes 
Rainey, Christopher Scott 
Randall, Paul Fredrick 
Readus, Terrance LaWarren 

Rennecker, Marion Lancaster 
Rhoden, Robert Conklin III 
Rice, Lillian Elizabeth 
Rico, Anthony Heathcliff 
Riley, Melissa Nell 
Ruff, Rebecca Stowe 

Schale, Steven Patrick 
Sclafani, Kyle Salvador 
Seese, Eric Job 

Shepherd, Stephanie Lee 
Sisco, Jonathan Brent 
Slingluff, Kathenne McRae 

Sonfield. John William 
Sparrow, Kevin Holland 
Spriggs, James William III 

Stephenson, Toney Ritchey 
Stoltz, James Elliott Jr. 
Sullivan. John Jeremiah 


Sumerell. Amy Shannon 

Swepston. Amy Lynn 

Tanaka. Yukiko 

Tenpenny. Lyle Alan 

Thacker. Jenny Lynn 

Thompson. Christopher 


Thompson. Joy Camille 

Thompson. David Gene 

Tompkins. Stacey Lin 

Toole. Katherine McAlpine 

Trubey. Caren Lyn 

Trullmaer. Irene Virginia 

Tudor. Stephen David 

Tuton. Sarah Frances 

Underwood. Joseph Michael 

Underwood, Kent Landon 

Unsworth. Celeste Diane 

Vauahan. Ellen Brooke 

Vickers. Bedford Caroline 

Vinton. Jason Scott 

Walker. Erik Lewis 

Ward. Nancy Hayden 

Warren. Andria Grace 

Warren. John Alexander 

Warren. Joseph Kellam 
Weinheimer. Derk Tyson 

White, Mark Cameron 
White. William Richardson 

Williams, Mikii Vidal 
Williams, Frank FaShann 

60 /Juniors 

Williamson. Carroll Steele 

J^S | k 

W* ' w 

Wilson. Kathryn Erin 


Wilson. Stephanie Lynn 
Young. David Alan 

Not pictured 

Apthorp, Louise East 

Latchford. Linda Carole 

Anderson, Nancy Elizabeth Lea th. Zoe Ravenel 

Archer, Elizabeth 

Lesslie, Gretel Lauren 

Araey. Aidan Jeremy George Little, Belle Hearon 

Basham, Amanda Lynn 

Lott, Robert Gibson 

Baskin, Ryan Harris 

Maguire, John Allen Montgomery 

Belford, William Lee Jr. 

Mahoney, Christopher Bryan P. 

Bottorff, Dennis Chadwick Michaels, David Christian 

Bruner, Nicholas Paul 

Morrison, Mills Lane Jr. 

Cantey, James Willis III 

Nix, Andrew Bryan 

Chisenhall, Caryn Leigh 

O'Bryan, Diane Marlene 

Christie, Catherine McKenzie Parker, Telfair Hodgson Jr. 

Clark, Barbara Lynn 

Phelps, David Barnwell 

Clayton, Floranne 

Reeves, Nathaniel Hayward 

Cooke, Michael John 

Robertson, Lonette Nicole 

Crawford, Benjamin Todd Roland, Malcolm Mounger S. 

Crook, Jennifer Irene 

Roper, John Tyler 

Crookston, Laura Jean 

Rosdeutscher, Julia Anne 

Curd, Jennifer Lynne 

Salmon, Stephen Wayne 

Currie, Frances Royster 

Seiters, Nancy Dwight 

Driggins, Steffani Nicole 

Sewell, Malcolm Lewis 

Durham, Robert Pierce 

Shuman, Katherine LeShanna 

Elam, Roy Oscar IV 

Smith, James Donald III 

Fisher, Clinton Bartlett 

Smith, Regina Margaret 

Freeman, Cara Blythe 

Spoelman, Seth William 

Garzon, Georganne Vreeland Stephens, Trent McDonald 

Goodall, Eliza Hunger Sinkler Suddeth, James Hannon III 

Grand, Allison Page 

Sutton, Jennifer Ann 

Hamilton, Daniel Lee 

Thomas, Penny Jenella 

Harris, Mary Carolyn 

Thompson, Sarah Alston 

Hatcher, Andrew Curtis 

Uzzelle, George Hampton IV 

Healan, Ryan MArshall 

Walker, Jonathan Eli 

Henley, James Jameson 

Wallace, John Beveridge 

Heyward, Albert Rhett IV Walshi Ann Elisabe th " 

Holmes, Chandler Harrison Wardlaw, Craig Millard Jr. 

Hopkins, Emily Gayle 

Weathers, Harry Dallon III 

Ingram, Grey Pearson 

Wheelock, Philippe Martin 

Inman, John Mark 

White, Margaret OFarrell 

Isbell, John Franklin 

Willett, Christopher Bernard 

Jones, Anne Elizabeth 

Witherington, James Barney TV 

Kilgo, Ann Guillory 


Aiken. Robin Sanders 

Akins. Carol Jeanette 

Andrews. Gary Blaylock Jr. 

Anschutz. Maryetta 


Armstrong. Jennifer Nicole 

Atmore. Hope Frances 

Bagby. John Blythe 
Bagwell, Molly Elizabeth 

Beasley, Cristy Coors 
Beasley, Nicholas Madden 

Bennett. Ariel Elizabeth 
Bertrand. Bridget Hope 

Bibb. Julian Lee IV 

Black, Catherine Carol 

Blakney. Jane Anne 

Blessing, Lydia Edings 

Bogner, Alexis Marin 

Boles, Laura Alice 

Boswell, Anne Lacy 
Bowen, Patrick Lynch 

Bowers, George Franklin 
Bowlin, Elizabeth Ann 

Bowman, Jennifer Helen 
Bowyer. Jason Richard 


62 /Sophomores 

Brigham, Ashley, Lynn 
Brooks, Darby 
Brooks, Rachel Hill 
Brown, Bailey Warren 111 
Brown. James Greer 
Brown. Sarah Elizabeth 

Bruce, Steven Daniel 
Bulcao. Scott Woodham 
Buntin, Eugene Frazer 
Burckle. John William 
Byrd, Elizabeth Ravenel 
Caputo. Louis Fred 

Carlisle, Benjamin Welden 
Carpenter, Scott Michael 
Cavert, Grace Katherine T. 
Cline, John William 
Colbath. Gregory Paul 
Collins, Elizabeth Chandler 

Cooke, Matthew Frederick 
Crosby, Emily Catherine 
Crowder, Amy Sue 
Cutler. Christian Hewett 
Czerniawski, Elissa Dawn 
Dargan. Timothy Cooper 

Davis. Jeremy Craig 
Davis, Jo Anna 

Davis, Katherine Chase 
Davis, Ross Parker 

Davis, Lamar Whitworth III 
Delplaine, Lindsey Marian 

Sophomores/ 63 

Deleot. Thomas Land 
Dickson. Stephanie Neil 

Dillard. Bond Pun ear 

Douglas. Richard Francis 

Downie. Katherine Cole 

Duncan. Hollis Williams 

Elrod. John Douglas 

Estes. Becky Lynne 

Ewing. Rosella Lucille 

Eyriek. Courtland Carter 

Fauls. Kimberly Ann 

Fields. Katherine Rhodes 

Flack. James Hunter III 

Fluomoy. Frances Miller 

Flowers. Edward Macon 

Ford. Rebecca Jane 

Frazelle. David Jennings 

Freeman. James 


Fulkerson. Michael Ryan 

Fulton. Lucinda Ann 

Fuqua. Jennifer Calhoun 

Gannaway. Marion Castle 

Gebhard. Luke Gladders 

Graves. Julia Terrell 

Groves. Matthew Meyer 
Guillory, Gregory Phillips 

Hacker, Holly Lynn 
Haden. Charles Clayton 

Hadley. Holly Hildegard 
Hargrove. Allyson Hope 

64 /Sophomores 

Harrell, Joshua Edward 
Harrison, George Hendree Jr. 

Hartz, Alexander Matthew 
Henderson, Staci Susan F, 

Holland, Celia Ann A. 
Holton, Catherine Andee 

Howell, Steven Matthew 
Huffman, Alexandra Boggs 
Hughes, Amy Amatore 
Hunter Daniel MeMahen 
Imbert, Joshua John 
Irwin. Elizabeth McWhorter 

Ison, Jennifer Elizabeth 
Jackson, Robert Andrew 
Jones, James V. Ill 
Jordan, Meghan McDougall 
Kassis, Julie Anne 
Keleher. Virginia Holt 

Kelley, William Parrish 
Kinder, Elizabeth Merritt 
Kizer. Margaret Conner 
Kohl, Geoffrey Sanford 
Kozak, Stephen Ivan 
Kraft, Murray David 

Kulkarni, Neil Satish 
Kutz, Alexandra Simone 
Lane, Collin Harrison 
Lang, Ellen, Harley 
Lettre, Peter Benjamin 
Lindsay, William Patrick 

Sophomores/ 65 

Little. Alithia Jon 

Little. Daniel Sidbury Jr. 

Littleton. Kathryn Pope 

Logan. Wade Hampton IV 

Long. Sara Elizabeth 

Lvnn. Julia Miles 

Marks. Randolph Caldwell 


Marler. Brenda Evonne 

Martins. Sarah Dawn 

Marvin. Kimberly Kate 

McBride. William Howard 

McCall, William Travis 

McCallum. John Douglas 

McKimmon. Julian 


McMillan, Lindsey Marr 

McNamara. Miriam Joan 

McVey. Ian Douglas 

McWhorter. Emily Blythe 

Meiburg. Jonathan Albert 

Menzies. Wade Callender 

Miers. Rachel Margaret 

Molinaro, John Thomas 

Monkman. Leann Elizabeth 

Moody, Andrew Gist 

Moore, Ashley Suzanne 

Moore, Thaddeus Rountree 

Momeau, Geoffrey Robert 

Mosca, Phillip Robert 

Moss, John Ramsey Jr. 

Murray, Christopher Wade 

66 /Sophomores 

Murray, Melanie Denise 
Nelson. Elizabeth Christine 
Nelson. Knstina Odney M. 
Noffsinger, Nicole Aimec 
Norwood. Julia Myers 
Oldenburg. Carl Ramon 

Osborne, Anne McCartha 
Parsell, Margaret Lindsey 
Parsons, Harriet Grove 
Paulus, Peter Elliott 
Perry, Stephanie Loy 
Phifer, Joseph Lebron 

Phillips. David Scott Jr. 
Piromalli. Christopher Scott 
Pittman, Jason Lasseter 
Pollett, Betsy Hanna 
Poole, Brandi Lynn 
Porter. Jeanne Kennedy 

Powers, Harris Frederick III 
Poyner, David Thomas IV 
Prater, Dennis Gregory 
Pursley, Jessica Louise 
Reljac. David Michael 
Rentz. Jessica Elisabeth 

Rhodes, Martha Hart 
Richardson. Holly Elizabeth 
Riemer. Rachel Christine 

Rigazzi. Daniel Antony 
Riggs. Kenneth Wayne 
Robbins. Chadwell Mason 

Robinson. Richard Alexander 
Rogers. Magnus Lawrence 
Roquemore. Frederick 
Oscar III 

Sophomores/ 67 

Rowe. Anne Elizabeth 

Rusche. Rebecca Kay 

Salmon. Catherine Stattman 

Samman. Tania 

Sauer. Elizabeth Tremaine 

Saved. Tarik Hamdv 

Schrader. Lucas Daniel 

Scott, Leighton Bruce 

Seals. Benjamin Kwame 

Sereebutra. Paula 

Seward, Jason Allen 

Sheikh. Quasim Allen 

Shelton. Jama Renee 
Shelton. Kristen Suzanne 

Smith. Bonnie Kathryn 
Smith. Caroline Allingham 

Smith. Heather Megan 
Smith. Leigh Maggie 

Sneary. Alice Renee 
Snider, Timothy Stedman 

Sparks, Mary Natalie 

Spruill, Josephyne Roberts 

Stauder, Michael Henry Jr. 

Steme, Anna Ayres 

Stevenson, Benjamin James 

Strong, Richard Clinton 

68/ Sophomores 

Stuckey. Joe Harold III 
Sumerell. Amy Shannon 
Swann, Jeffrey Macklin 
Taylor, Christopher Scott 
Taylor. Janie Peete 
Teague. Carter McKenzie 

Thomas. John Beasley IV 
Uden. James Lesueur Jr. 

Van Winkle, Sarah Caroline 
Vanderboom. Lyria Jane 

Varner, Joshua Harris 
Vernon. Zachary David 

Vieille. Maxime Henri J. 
Vinson, Laurence Duncan III 

Warren. Juanita Christine 
Westfall, Brooke Ashhy 
Whitaker. Daniel Lee 
White. Abigail Astrid 
White. Cathy Lorraine 
Wieters. William Charlton 

Wilkens. Derry Kathleen 
Williams. John Christopher 
Williams. Lee Sundvahl 
Willse, Walker Barton 
Wilson, Kristen Ellen 
Wolfe. Amanda Kathrvn 

Sophomores /69 

Wood. Helen Ann 

Woodhall. David Hamilton 

Wright. Edward Barron III 

Yeiser. Elizabeth Carden 

Zhen2. Bo 

J" r 

Not Pictured 

Baggett, Ward Parker 
Bailey, Brendon David J. 
Barber. John Linder Jr. 
Barron, Porter Gable Jr. 
Barrow, Alston Bennett 
Beck, Andrew Carlie 
Bridges, Jeb Ramsey 
Brooks. Rachel Hill 
Byars, Samuel Clayton 
Carter, James Dale 
Chaplin, Virginia Livingston 
Chapman, Seth Erin 
Collins, Robert Grafton 
Conkle, Daniel Robert 
Cooper, John Means 
Cude. John Hampton 
Cunningham, Charles Albert III 
Danford, Gordon Ross 
Darby. Harwell McCoy III 
Davis, Charles Todd 
Davis, Jennifer Anne 
Deal, Alaric Wolff 
Dismukes, Scott Warner 
Dukes, Danny Moulder Jr. 
Elliot, Laura Bindon 
Estes, Corey Alan 
Ewer, Nathan Stewart 
Foster, Keller Cogswell 
Garrett, Hugh Edward 
Gilbert, Stephanie Simone 
Green, Keiling Scott 
Greenfield, Elizabeth Dillon 
Grimes. Klifford CleRonne 
Harris, Glenn 
Harrold, Nathan Alan 
Harry, Brandon Shane 
Hinds, Jamison Warren 
Hudson, Effie Elizabeth 
Hultin, Ivar Niklas 
Jacobs. Brad Johnathan 

Jefferson. Lee Morris 
Johnson, Mariana Chloe 
Kays, Asha Renee 
Klein, Benjamin John 
Lanca, Danielle Rene 
Lassiter, Kelli Suzanne 
Lewis, George III 
Logan, Beverly Haskins 
Malone, John Stillwell 
Marcum, Maria Jean 
McCraw, Roy Johnson III 
Mebane, Matthew Lindsay 
Miller, Kiley Allen 
Paullus, Wayne Clifford 
Pecquet, Amy Elizabeth 
Phillips, Murray Price 
Pickens, Neal Langley 
Porter, Jason David 
Reeves, James Clifford 
Reynolds, Mikell Paul 
Roosevelt, Benjamin Trefz 
Rose, Coleman Eppes 
Royal, David William 
Rudsenske. Clayton Wade 
Rugge, David Roger 
Sims, Riley Alison 
Smith. Legare Bell 
Strachan, Avery Barton 
Strang, Robert Tudor III 
Talman, Wesley Fleming III 
Tattersall, Christian Alan 
Tindall, Castlen Comer 
Vaughan, Leonidas Clyde IV 
Wells, Jason Bailey 
Wilhoite, Kathryn Lynn 
Williams, Mikii Vidal 
Williford, Elichia Marie 
Yadon, Carry Dawn 

70 /Sonhomores 


Adair, Douglass Johnson 
Adams, Walter Justin 
Aiken, Katherine Stackley 
Aikin, Christopher Robert 
Alexander, Bret Steven 
Allenburger, Emily Susan 

Allnutt. Christie Alexandra 
Anderson, Sara Elizabeth 
Arnett, Elizabeth Anne 
Arthur, Meredith Lee 
Ashurst. James Brotherton 
Atwood, Charles Woodbridge 

Backfield, Samuel Graves 
Bailey, Virginia Lee 

Baker, Joseph Andrew 
Baker. William Allen IV 

Batton. Margaret Allison 
Batts. Daniel Thomas 

Bennett, Melissa Grace 
Bibb, Elizabeth Mundy 
Blackwell, Abigail Diane 
Blanton, Elizabeth Anne 
Bounds, Amanda Brewington 
Bourland, Thomas Campbell 

Freshmen/ 71 

Bracken. Richard Edwin 

Bracken. Thomas Linn 

Brauner. Ian Nabiu 

Briggs. Ronald David 

Brovles. Patrick Nelson 

Brumbv. Anna Pratt 

Burger. David Maurice 
Burkhardt. Ashley Lynne 
Bumham. Karrie Aleta 
Busbee. Darren Bl\ the 
Byrd. Corinna Erwin 
Calhoun. Allison Paise 

Calvert. Hannah Randolph 

Cameron. Katherine Rollins 

Carlson. Rachel Elizabeth 

Carrison. Susan Singleton 

Cathey. Matthew Edward 

Christie. William Morrison 


Clemens. Katherine Eugenia 
Clouah. Thomas Haughton 

Cochez. Edna Beatriz 
Cole. Edward Lawrimore 

Coleman. Catherine 


Collier. Elizabeth Jane 

Columbia, Meade Lauren 
Comer. Helen Marie 

72 /Freshmen 

Comer, James L. Walton 
Condra, Philip Bradford 

Conner. Susan Marie 
Cook, Elizabeth McLain 

Cook. Larry Don Jr. 



Cranfill, Jennifer Elmira 
Creecy, (Catherine Taylor 

Creighton. Bruce Travis 

Cross, Ian Rutherford 

Cunningham. Elizabeth 


Davis, Matthew Henry 

DeHaven. Andrew Earl 

Deitz. Elizabeth Tyler 

Dimmitt, Mallory Lykes 
Donaldson, Mary Beth 
Douglas, Michael Joseph 
Drennan, George Cameron 
Dubray, Molly Beth 
Dykstra, Thomas Alan 

Edwards. Katharine Salter 
Ellington. Elizabeth Joy 
Emerson, David Berton 
Emery. Jason Andrew 
Emery. Turner Paul 
Enale. Jason Marcus 

Freshmen/ 73 

Epley. Michael Ryan 
Evans. Catherine Spearing 

Evans. Scott Griffith 
Fannon. Amy Elise 

Fargason. James Robinson 
Famham. David Gray 

Fellman. Kimberly Susanne 
Field. Brian Wheeler 

Fletchall, Jessica Noelle 

Fosgate, Scott Austin 

Foss, Harriet LeAnn 

Frazier. Jeffrey David 

Fulton, Stephen Parker 

Gallimore, Alfred Nash 

Gantt, Bessie Wolfe 

Garrison. Janece Marsha 

Garzon. George Harold Jr. 

Getten, Elisabeth Hobson 

Gilkerson. Sheriden Louise 

Ginther. Christiane Amy 

Gladders, Don Weir 

Glasscox. Jonathan Robert 

Glover, Nicole Michelle 

Glover, William Bryan 

Godwin. Mary Bertha 

Green, Leslie Dawn 

74 /Freshmen 

Greene. Kevin Edwin 
Greene, Paul David 

Gregory, Charlotte Taylor 
Grey. Kelly Michelle 

Grossman, Erin Mae 
Grubbs, Norman Osaygefo 

Hagler, Jeffrey Keith 
Hall, Keith Edward 

Hall, Una Maia Allschi 
Hammond. Christopher 
Nathan B. 

Haney, Blake Justin 
Hanni. Erin Lindsay 
Harmon, Gina Nicole 
Harrigan, Ryan Hart 

Harrison. Katherine Lee 

Hedgecock, Miriam Atkins 

Hegwood, Leah Taylor 

Hertel. Alexandra Erika 

Hildebrandt, Rachel 


Hines, Kathryne Wilna 

Holden, John Sedwick 
Holloway, Robert Evans II 
Holmes, Mary Stewart 
Holt, Warren Michael 
Hoover, Robert Craig 
Hunter, Susannah Townseni 

Freshmen/ 75 

Husbands. Collin Pearce 

Hutto. Thomas Mahlon 

Jackson. Bradley Keith 

Jenkins. Felysha L Auquera 

Jennings. Ben Tallmadge 

Jenninss. Laura Elizabeth 

Jennings. William Swaffor II 

Jensen. Rachael Elizabeth 

Johnson. Madeline Joy 

Johnson. Sherry Denise 

Johnson. Virginia Holland 

Johnston. Abigail 


Jones. Anne Katherine 

Jones. Robin Houston 

Kanipe. Jason Wade 

Kennedy. David Shorter Jr. 

Killebrew. Amelia Anderson 

Kins. Andrew Courtland 

Kirk, Jennifer Elizabeth 
Kohler. Gavin Mather 

Kuruc. Amanda Christian 
Lacher. Daniel James 

Lambert. Claire Marie 
Land. Joseph Riley 

Langlinais. Joseph Edward 
Larance, Jeremy Saint 

76/ Freshmen 

Larkins, Katherine Noel 
Leflar, Elliot Lewis 
Leingang, Jennifer Lynn 

Ligon, Samuel Clark Jr. 
Lindekins, Christina Leigh 
Lomax, Megan Elizabeth 

Long, Jennifer Blair 
Longtin, Heather Brooke 
Lugo, Esther Carolina 

Lyons, Cynthia Andrea 
MacKinlay. Alexandra Lee 
Mann, Abigail Dowden 

Markham, John Andrew 
Marsh, Michael Paul 
Marshbum, Patricia Dawn 
Matthews, Scott Warren 
Mauran. Rafe Desmond L. 
May, George Kirby 

Mayo, Elizabeth Selwyn 
Mazur, Tanya 
Mc Gregor, James Bacon Jr. 
Mcintosh, William Judson 
McLaughlin, Tiffany Leigh 
McMillen. Rachel Leeanne 

Mealy, Clair Helaine 
Meek. Joseph Carlisle 
Merrick. Charles Percival rv 
Merritt, Olivia Jane 
Miller. Carrie Melissa 
Mitchell, Stephanie Jo 

Freshmen/ 77 

Mooore. Jarrett Daughtry 

Moore. Ryland Bennett 

Moreman. John Andrew 

Morris. Paul Wesley 

Morrison. .Amanda Michelle 

Morrissev. Kristen Leiah 

Nakatsnka. Michele Lee 
Neil. Elizabeth Errett 

Nelson. Katrina Anne 
Ness. John Clifford 

Norman. Cynthia Bramley 
Nydegger. Julie-ann 

O'Bryan, Mica Danielle 
O'Neal. Kimberly Lynn 

Odom. Alice Grey 

Olson, Elizabeth Sanders 

Oman. Ronald Monroe 

Orlow, Wendy Ruth A. 

Orner, Clara Kathleen 

Osbum. Ashley Magee 

Parker, Shane Walton 

Passman, Corey Matthew 

Patty, William Jordan 

Peace, Leigh Anne 

Peek, Rebecca Leigh 

Perigo, Amy Jo 

78 / Freshmen 

Peuler, Amanda Friend 
Phillips. Cary Murchison 
Phillips. Robert Kirk 
Pias, Stacey McGowan 
Pinch. Jodi Jennifer 
Plauche. Amanda Lane 

Pratt, Frank Graham III 
Pressly. Anna Truitt 
Prewitt. Neill Davidaon 
Price. Jason Brian 
Ramke. Kelly Jean 
Ramsey. Reginald Norris Jr. 

Ray, William Carl III 

Reams. Joshua Hendry 

Reese. Chikki Tori 
Richardson. Emily Haynes 

Rinker. Laura Elizabeth 
Ripley. Wayne Eugene III 

Ritchie, David Ryan 
Roberts. Gretchen Laurel 

Robinson. Matthew Scott 
Robinson, Rachel Clark 
Roseman, Katy Lyn 
Ross, Laura Jean 
Ryan. Kellee Greenfield 
Sammler, Anya 

Freshmen/ 79 

Sanderfur. Karen Renea 

Sanse. Noah 

Sansbun . Michael Todd 

Schiano.Danielle Marie 

Schmidt. Peter Andrews 

Scinto, Sabrina Anne 

Sebrell. Anne Trezevant 

Seese. Ezra Samuel 

Seitz, Anja 

Sergent, Chandre Charis 

Setzer. Christian Josef B. 

Shaffer. Preston Brent 

Shepard. Elizabeth 

Thompson Hay 

Shoemaker, Christa Dianne 

Short, Winthrop Middleton 

Simmonds, Hadley Mahan 

Simpson, David Mason 

Simpson, Erin Patricia 

Simrill. Spenser Davenport 


Smith. Kimberly Ann 

Smith. Leah Maggie 

Smith, Shannon Ware 

Smith, Shepley Procter 

Southerland, John Jackson 

Spann, Amanda Lynn 

Spear, Anne Katherine 

Spurlock, Brian Lee 

80 /Freshmen 

I Stack, Andrew Gregg 
I Stafford, Ashley Laine 
I Steinmehl, Eric Jacob 
| Stiles. Matthew Walkins 
Strickler. Annie Eli/abeth 
Stroup, John Thomas 

Swiney. Richard Jason 
Swinney, Barbara Hayes 
Talbot. Mary Harding 
Tant. Tiffany Dawn 
Taylor. Rebecca Lindscy 
Taylor. Sara Anne 

Thomas. Christopher Darian 

Thompson Shanna Leigh 

Thompson. Thaddeus 


Trussler, Jon Seaward 

Tugman, John Charles 

Tullos. Sara Ansley 

Van Rij. Leigh Elizabeth 
Varn. April Roberts 
Walker, William Campbell 
Wallace. James Buchanan 
Waller, Richard Michael 
Walls, Peter Bernard 

Ward. AnizeH Erin 

Watterson, Wendy Kristen 

Watts. Todd Landon Earl 


Weathers. Louisa East 

Weaver. Katharine Forbes 

Webb. Martha Jo 

Weien. Gwendolyn Jewel 

Wellborn. Lindsley Anne 

Welsh. Man Carol 

Wempe. Staephanie Allison 

Wheeless. Sarah Elizabeth 

Whisenant, Robert Prince 

White. Aaron Michael 

White. Jonathan Colby 

Whitt. Samuel Lee 

Wiesener. Catherine Anne 

Wilkes. Lauren Clark 

Williamson. Alana Anne 

Williford. Kenneth Hart 

Wimberly. Kathryn 


Womack. Kenneth Scott 

Young. Lindsay Kathryn 
Zoghby. Emily Marie 

,ey McLeod 

82 /Freshmen 

Not Pictured 

Armbrecht, Stewart Patterson 
Bandy, Ryan Edward 
Boehm, Edward Norman Jr. 
Chapman, Edward Austin 
Claycombe, William Robert 
Collins, Robert Grafton 
Cook, Wesley McCabe 
Culley, Jared Parnell 
Currie, Joseph Earl 
Dansby, David Revere 
Donahue, David Brent 
Dunwody, Amy Lacy 
Eager, Allen Hall 
Evans, Craig Lingle 
Ferguson, Andrew Dorsey 
Goldsmith, Richard Thomas 
Grubbs, Harrison Wells 
Hailes, Roger Paulson Jr. 
Halstead, Charles Edwin 
Harker, David Byron 
Horak, Matthew Patrick 
Houseal, John Irving III 
Johnson, Ashley Diane 
Johnston, Robert Dewitt 
Keith, Theodore Randall 
Knight, Barbara Shannon 
Magraw, John Thomas 

Marsh, Russell Glenn 
McKay, Walter Henry Clay 
Megorden Elizabeth Scott 
Michau, James Courtney 
Mondeli, Adrea Leah 
Moser, Anna Elizabeth 
Nabors, Allyson Elizabeth 
Nail, Jason Daniel 
Nash, Richard Hafford III 
Paleyanda, Kushalappa Karumbaya 
Parsley, Hanry Nutt III 
Pincus, Alexander Simms 
Polancich. Craig James 
Powell, Lauren Ashley 
Ratliff, James Potter . 

Reynolds, Adam B. 
Richmond, Lea IV 
Robbins, Samuel Donnell G. Ill 
Rogers, Michael Wayne 
Strong, Margaret E. Sloan 
Sturtevant, Andrew Lofton 
Tufts, Kathryn Cole 
White, Joshua H. Milledge 
Wilson, Jesse Winchester 
Woodlee, Jonathan 
Word, Harry Alan Jr. 

Freshmen/ 83 


.v» ■ I v ■ ■ '.wj 


**at'-:i»V* f 






Carol Mary Arney 

Senior. Hawaii 
Charles Lee Barton 
Senior. Maryland 
Fiona Mabel Bergstrom 
Senior. North Carolina 
Robert Lee Brown 
Senior. Upper South Carolina 
John Joseph Capellaro 
Senior, New York 

William Riggs Fulton 

Senior, Alaska 

Mark Anthony Ginzo 

Senior. Southeast Florida 

Alice Smith Haynes 

Senior. Upper South Carolina 

Kenneth Bernard 


Senior. Southeast Florida 

Neil Mitchell Kaminski 

Senior. Central Gulf Coast 

Claire Lofgren 


Ramiro Eduardo Lopez 

Senior. West Texas 
Harry Wilder Lore II 
Senior, Central Florida 
Frank Blalock McRight, 

Senior. Central Gulf Coast 
Patricia Craig Moore 
Senior. Upper South Carolina 

George Gale Morgan 

Senior, Central Gulf Coast 

Linnae Himsl Peterson 


Ricardo Sotomayor 

Senior. Texas 

Ellen Hanckel 


Senior. Upper South Carolina 

Erwin Olin Veale, Jr. 

Senior, Georgia 

Kenneth Nelson Vinal 

Senior, Florida 

Andrew Ray Wright 

Senior, Northwest Texas 


Albert Edward Eaton Victoria Elizabeth O'Hara 

Senior, Western North Carolina Senior 

Anne Whitaker Harvey William Thomas Richter 

Senior Senior, Mississippi 

Robert William Harvey Alicia Dawn Schuster 

Senior, Alabama Senior, Atlanta 

86 /School of Theology 

School of Theology/ 87 

John David Badders 

Middler, West Texas 
Elvin David Basinger 
Middler. Georgia 
Floyd William Brewer 
Middler. Southwest Florida 
Katherine Corrine Calon 
Junior, West Missouri 
William Bernard Carlir 
Middler, Mississippi 

Sarah Jane Carper 


Cassius Horton Daly 

Junior, Southwest Florida 

Charles Milton 


Junior. Mississippi 

Janice Eileen Duncan 

Middler. NW Pennsylvania 

Michael Gerard 


Middler, North Carolina 

Judith Ann Ferguson 

Middler. New York 
Thomas Edward Filchak 

Reed Harlow 
Middler. North Carolina 
Ronald Fred Kotrc 

Middler. Arizona 
Susan Jane Frye 
Junior, Florida 

Scott Jeffrey Fuir 

Middler, New Jersey 

Robert Douglass 


Junior. West Virginia 

Samuel Bisland 


Junior, Mississippi 

Brian Glenn Grantz 

Junior. Northern Indiana 

Allen Chaplin Hughes 

Middler. South Carolina 

Helen McLeroy 

Middler. North Carolina 
Susan Heckel Johnson 
Junior, Florida 
Sanford Allen Key 
Junior, North Carolina 
Joan Marie Kilian 
Junior, Georgia 
Susan Lassey LeSueur 
Middler, Nebraska 

Middlers and Juniors 

/School of Theology 

Middlers and Juniors 

Lucrecia Miranda 

Junior. West Texas 

Reid Tate McCormick 

Junior. Florida 

Andrew Stephen 



Susanna Elizabeth Metz 

Middler, Pennsylvania 

Margaret Caldwell Mulle 

Junior. East Tennessee 

Michael Brent Norris 

Middler, Georgia 

Jacob Wayne 


Junior, Florida 

Paul Henry Phillips 

Junior. Spokane 

Allen BradfordPurdom 

Middler, Ohio 

Charles Blake Rambo 

Junior, Central Florida 

Martha Crowley 

Junior. Minnesota 
William Gridley 
Scrantom, Jr. 

Gabriel A. Sinisi 

Junior. Newark 
Stephen Courtney 

Middler, Southwest Florida 
Gene Ramsey 

Middler, East Tennessee 

Suzanne Nicholas 

Middler. East Tennessee 
Robert Leigh Spruill 
Middler. Virginia 
Matthew David Teel 
Junior, West Missouri 
Marc Patrick Vance 
Junior, Lexington 
Robert Reed VanDeusen 
Junior. Southwest Florida 

Stephen Bruce Walker 

Junior. Upper South Carolina 
William Thomas Warne 

Middler, Upper South Carolina 

Paul Steve Winton 

Middler, South Carolina 
Alfred Thomas Kurt 
Zadig, Jr. 

Junior, South Carolina 

School of Theology/ 89 


(L to R) (1) Karen Geary, Susie Walker, Cindy Norris, 
Joy Owensby, Jackie McCormick, Tamisyn Grantz, 
Britton Cook (2) Nancy Freeman, Anne Brewer, Katie 
Fulton, Dave Rogers. JoAnn Fuir (3) Jan Morgan, 
Kendra Lopez, Karen Geddes, Marta Ginzo, Judy 
Badders, Melanie Wright. Beth Herzog, Sandra Brown, 
Jann Dunnington, Kathy Scrantom, Pam Carlin, Donna 
Brown, Mary Sinisi, Dan Duncan, Debbie Donnelly- 
Barton. Not pictured: Sue Armentrout, Lynda Basinger, 
Lars Bergstrom, Dennis Campbell, Bemadette 
Capellaro, Marilyn Creamer, Audrey Daly, Ruth 
Dubois, Carol Eaton, Ruth Filchak, Francine French, 
Patty Godfrey, Carolyn Hatchett, Phebe Hethcock, 
Barbara Hughes, Roy Johnson, Gwen Kaminski, Laura 
Key, John LeSueur, Ian Littlejohn, Diana Lore, Maria 
Lytle, Whit Moore, Corrie Norman, Paul Peterson, 
Mary Jo Purdom, Carol Rambo, Susan Richter, Dwight 
Sloan, Angelina Sotomayor, Susalee Spruill, Leticia 
Vance, Virginia Veale, Laura Vinal, Peggy Ward, 
Saran Wame, Lisa Weatherly, Nancy Winton. 

90 /School of Theology 

School of Theology/ 91 

92 /School of Theology 

a^rsi\th05e,here on 

, elsewhere _ 
#To those for who 
we care or who care^ 
for as ^To those ttfho 
are interested in the 
things for which we/ 
stand or who static fori 
the things in. which w& 
are interested <^To all 
those to whom £ewanee 
is either Dream or a 

A 'Brief history of the 
University of the South 

School of Theology/ 93 

1 he University of the South was 

founded in 1857 by leaders of the 
Episcopal Church who were in- 
spired by the need for a Southern 
University of quality. With its 
assets destroyed in the Civil War, 
the University was rebuilt and has 
maintained a single-minded 
dedication to academic excellence 
and Christian Community. 



Qthas been said a map is 
history on onepaqe. To explain 
adequately the history of Sewanee's 
campus would require a volume- 
even to explain the central campus 
depicted here. In this block of 
buildings are ancient and modern 
-features. They tell a story of hope, 
perseverance, despair and victory 

Cjlterry iKdll (1 961). A large portion of this building 
contains Guerry Auditorium (seating capacity 
1011). although classrooms extend along two 
wings. This is the principal building of the Sewanee 
Summer Music Center In the connecting wing ad- 
jacent to Convocation Hall is the University art 

Qlierrv ijartfl This courtyard between Convoca- 
tion and Walsh Halls is enclosed on the front side by 
cloisters, which also extend along two sides of 
Walsh. The Garth is used for concerts, plays, 
meetings, and services. 

St. Cuke's Mall (18 

was erected at the site u 
ed a wooden cross on JV 
University after the Civ 
struction, with limestoi 
chitectural precedent fa 
of the School of Theo 
seminary moved to Ha 
now contains colli 

Convocation Wall (1886):Thisbeautlfulstone 

building, a significant example of Victorian-Gothic 
architecture, was designed as a meeting hall (west 
end) and gymnasium (east end) located in divided 
sections. It was a library from 1901 to 1 965. Today 
it is again a meeting hall and site for receptions and 
concerts The stained-glass windows and ornate 
Victorian woodwork are testaments to the age. On 
the walls are numerous plaques and portraits 
honoring important University and church leaders. 

CBresltlt lower (1886). Built along with Convoca- 
tion Hall. Breslin symbolizes the commitment of 
early University leaders, despite those times of 
hardship and poverty, to the creation of a grand 
university on the scale of Oxford and Cambridge. 
The tower, modeled after Magdalen Tower at Ox 
ford, is 100 feet high. In it are the Douglas Chimes, 
the result of a gift in 1900. and a Seth Thomas 
clock, installed in 1935 

Walsh '■J-fllll (1890): Classrooms andoffices of 
several humanities departments are located on the 
second and third floors. The appearance of a 19th 
century classroom is preserved in the central room 
of the middle floor. There on opposite ends of the 
desk are letters "pi" and "omega, " symbols of a 
debating society named after two University 
founders, Bishop Leonidas Polk and Bishop James 
Otey. On the main floor are administrative offices, 
including the office of the vice-chancellor. 

Cleveland MetnoriCtMHklC (1965). Besides con- 
necting Carnegie. Guerry. and Walsh Halls. 
Cleveland contains the offices of financial aid an 
career planning, admissions, the registrar, and 
word processing and printing. 

Carnegie 9{alC (1 913). A gift of Andrew Carnegie, 
this stone building housed science departments until 
the completion of Woods Laboratories. It is noui oc- 
cupied by administrative and faculty offices and the 
fine arts department. Above the entrance is inscrib- 
ed the Latin word "scientia," meaning 
"knowledge. " The dome and a telescope were add- 
ed in the 1940s 

'Thompson 'HalC (1883): Known to thousands of 
alumni as Thompson Union, this restored building 
originally stood three stories high and housed the 
medical school. A fire virtually destroyed the 
building in 1950. Today Thompson contains the 
university relations offices and the Union Theatre. 

AlC Saints' Chapel a 905, 

tion was abandoned because 
All Saints' remained a single-: 
than 50 years. Its final and 
follow the plans of Edw 
chancellor from 1951 to 197. 
windows, flags, and other i 
aura of this Gothic style chapi 
Freres organ is used for mors 
held almost daily. Here also 
and degrees conferred. The! 
is depicted in the stained gla: 
front of the chapel. 

1 he name "Sewanee," used 

informally for the University, 
was given to this mountain 
plateau by the Indians. The 
Domain of the University 
encompasses about 10,000 
acres, upon which there are 
many trails, forests, lakes, and 
mountain overlooks. 

®ftetanuier$itg of tit* ]&outf\ 

Sewanee, Tenne 

, HE UNIVERSITY is under the joint control 
Episcopal Church. Opened in 1868. Located a 
Mountains, two thousand feet above the level of I 
the surrounding valleys. The scenery is beaulifu 
tants are especially exempt from malarial and 
national reputation as a health resort. The atmosphere, even 
adapted to the requirements of a Summer School. The foil™ 
well equipped and lully organized with a thoroughly efficient 

Academic, Theological, Medical, Law, The 

. Geography . 

U. While Sewanee s claim to stand for training in classical and literary culture is 
number ol alumni who nave attained to prominence in journali: m and literature, m 
business, and several are engaged in the practice of architecture C Through the g 
ficiary. an offer has been made for the building of a $60,000 S :ience Hill, which 
properly equipped, will fill a long-felt need in the broader growth of the University 
GRAMMER SCHOOL prepares boys (or this and other Unive -si ties and (or busine 
1909. begins July 5th; Advent Term. 1909. begins Septemb. r 19th; Lent Term. 
19lh Vacation from the middle of December to the middle c( March. insteaJ of 
months. *L For catalogue and other information addresss 



of eighteen dioces 
Sewanee. Tennesse. 
te sea. anj about om 
the climate is salub 
itilmonary complai 
n the hot season, is 
in|f departments ol 
of professors 

' P* 

rmticeulictil, E 


>ur-story building 
ip Quintard plac- 
866, reuiuingthe 
\ sandstone con- 
itablished an ar- 
•rsity. The home 
1984, when the 
, St. Luke's Hall 
i offices and 

St. Jjiltf's Chapel (1 904) . Unusual for its large 
choir section and tiny nave in the English academic 
tradition, this small chapel is also noteworthy for its 
woodwork and display of sandstone craftsman- 
ship—fine window mullians and powerful walls. 
The Meneely bell in its tower hung in the original St 
Augustine's Chapel in 1870 and has since hung in 
All Saints' Chapel and Breslin Tower. 

■itie bishop's Common (l 794). a student u 


the Common, houses the University post 
and Tiger Bay Pub and snack bar on the lower 
St. Luke's Bookstore, a dining room, lounge 
game rooms on the main floor; and a variety 
dent offices on the second floor. 







Phi deltaliieta Fraternity House ti 
ispired by Founde 
r itemities have a 
A FO house (across 
87 ) as the first U nil 
house in the Soi 
he nation. Three 
qigma Alpha Epsiljp 
Alpha— were 
organizations t 

this stone house was i 
Oxford. Sewanee'sfi 
orful history. Th 
Avenue), built in 1 
was the first fraternity 
oldest ATO house in 
nities at Sewanee 

Sigma, and Pi Kappjp 
chapters of their natu 
own houses 

s of the Protestant 
on the Cumberland 
thousand leet above 
ous. and the inhabi- 
ts- Jr*jnrr lias a 
delightful and well 
the University are 

ill! nicer t iw 

ustilied by the large 
ny are successful in 
nerosity ol a bene- 
'hen completed and 


<L Trinity Term. 
1910. begins March 
during the Summer 


duPont library (1965)-. Thisthre 

contains the 374.C00-volume Unive 

which was begun 

Cambridge in U68. A government documents 
center is also loca ed in duPont. A i are-books col- 
lection contains aiout 12,000 volu nes. including 
incunabula and m my first edition wo -ks acquired i 
part through the it fluence of the Se< ianee Review 
and literary perso talities at Sewanie The wood- 
work is of special interest in the Toi an Room just 
above the front dc or. 

Woods laboratories (l 

classrooms, and offices 
this science and math bu 
courtyard and Blackman 

96 3) 

Modern labora 

the outer 
On the interio 

oc :upy i 

\ for more 
iy, vice- 
ined glass 
id to the 
which are 
s are held 
hex at the 

St. Augustine S Stone This is the site of the 

original University Chapel, a frame building built in 
1868 and enlarged several times. The chapel also 
served as classroom space. It was taken down in 
1910, and the original furnishings are located in the 
neui St. Augustine's Chapel. 

St. Augustine s chapeL ( in sacristy wt 

nishings date from the 1800's. andon 
be seen names, initials, etc. . carved in 
Mathematics was taught in St. Augusti 
federate General Edmund Kirby-Smitl 
is the rose window, representing the a 
the side windows, representing the 
church's authority from England to 
America to Sewanee. 

rd Tower (1957): Thetower is 143 feet high 
and contains the 56-bell Leonidas Polk Memorial 
Carillon, one of the largest in the world. Carillon 
concerts are held most Sunday afternoons. 


story building 

sity collection. 

with books given >y Oxford and 


we; say 
out 1 

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s' Tower at 
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Sewanee History/ 95 

. Origins . 

"Concerned by the failure of the Episcopal Church to establish within the various southern states a single successful 
university, 10 Episcopal dioceses agreed in 1856 to work together to create an institution which would serve the entire 
area. Responding to their bishops' invitation, clergy and lay delegates from North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, 
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee met at Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Tennes- 
see, on July 4, 1857. and organized the first Board of Trustees. 

This first meeting of the Trustees was followed by a second later that year in Montgomery, Alabama, at which the 
name and site of the University were chosen. At a third meeting in 1858, at Beersheba Springs, a resort near Sewanee, 
the Trustees received the charter for the University from the State of Tennessee. 

The culmination of these early efforts was the ceremonial laying of the cornerstone for the first building, which took 
place on October 10, 1860. The Bishop of Georgia, Stephen Elliott, placed a Bible and Prayer Book within the stone; 
the Bishop of Louisiana, Leonidas Polk, concluded the laying of the stone for 'an institution established for the cultiva- 
tion of true religion, learning, and virtue, that thereby God may be glorified and the happiness of men may be advanced.' 
" (A piece of the original corner-stone is preserved in the wall of All Saints' Chapel, while a replica of the cornerstone 
lies on a wooded path across the street from Benedict.) 

"The dreams of the founders were swept away during the Civil War. With the south lying desolate after the war, 
Charles Todd Quintard, Bishop of Tennessee, and George R. Fairbanks returned to the site of the campus in 1866. In a 
simple ceremony they and a few workmen erected a cross fashioned from nearby saplings, and formally re-established 
the University. 

Many obstacles remained to be overcome, however, before the University could open its doors to students. The 
substantial amount of money which had been pledged to create the University before the war had been lost. Further, the 
South, from which support would logically come, was impoverished. Looking to England for support, Bishop Quintard 
made three fund-raising tours, returning to the United States after the first with sufficient funds to make the opening of 
the University possible. 

The first Convocation of The University of the South was held on September 18, 1868, with nine students and four 
teachers present. The physical plant consisted of St. Augustine's Chapel, Otey Hall, and Cobbs Hall, each a simple 
frame building. 

Although years of adversity, struggle, and sometimes poverty lay ahead, the University grew..." 

-excerpted from the Catalog of the College of Arts and Sciences 1993 

CTOBER 10, 1860, is a memorable date 
in the history of Sewanee. On that day, 
the corner-stone of the first building was 
laid in what is now known as Louisiana 
Circle.' Those who were present on that 
occasion describe the original corner-stone as being a very 
large block of reddish-brown, variegated Tennessee 
marble, which had been quarried somewhere near Win- 
chester in Franklin County. The stone was so large that 
tradition says it took eight yoke of oxen to haul it up the 
mountain, and a skilled workman spent six weeks in 
shaping and polishing it after it was placed upon the 

96/Sewanee History 

The day appointed for the laying of the corner-stone 
dawned bright and clear, as beautiful an October day as 
could be desired. An eye-witness thus describes the scene: 
"Almost like magic, the mountain plateau of Sewanee 
teemed with life: the shriek of arriving railway trains, the 
rumbling of omnibuses and carriages brought up for the 
occasion, the throng of people from the surrounding 
country on foot, on horseback, in wagons, carts, and every 
conceivable vehicle, all gathered to a common centre, 
evinced the interest which the occasion created. A band of 
music from Nashville poured forth its martial strains, and 
booths and peddler wagons indicated a gala day for the 

-excerpted from the Cap & Gown 1 895 

. Campus and Buildings . 

The buildings of the College of Arts and 
Sciences and the School of Theology are 
constructed of sandstone from the Domain. 
They are frequently gifts of benefactors whose 
names they bear. 

St. Luke's Hall (1878) once housed the 
School of Theology, which moved to 
Hamilton Hall, the previous residence of the 
Sewanee Military Academy. It now houses the 
Sewanee Review, classrooms, Grosvenor 
Auditorium and residence rooms for Senior 

Thompson Hall (1883) once housed the 
medical school. After a fire in 1 950, recon- 
struction provided the student union and SPO 
until 1974, when the Bishop's Common was 
erected. It now houses University Relations 
and Alumni offices, and the Sewanee Union 

Convocation Hall (1886) erected as the 
place for Senate and Board of Trustees 
meetings, and convocations, it served as the 
Library from 1901 to 1965. 

Walsh-Ellen Hall (1890) has served 
faithfully as the location for classrooms and 
faculty and administrative offices. 

Fulford Hall ( 1 890), once the residence of 
seven previous Vice Chancellors, became the 
location for Admissions, Financial Aid, and 
Public Relations. 

St. Luke's Chapel (1904) serves the choir and 
orchestra for performances, as well as special 
services and compline services during the year. 

All Saints' Chapel (1905) replaces the early 
wooden structure near the present building. 
Incomplete for 50 years, 1957 saw the completion 
of the present Gothic structure. 

Carnegie Hall (1913) was once known as 
Science Hall. It now houses the Treasurer's office, 
classrooms, offices, studios, and the observatory. 

Guerry Hall (1961) contains classrooms, 
offices, an auditorium, stage, offices, and an art 
gallery for visiting exhibitions and the 
University's permanent collection. 

Snowden Forestry Building (1962) contains 
classrooms, laboratories, offices, and a green- 
house. The paneling of the rooms and large 
number of samples contribute to the wood 
technology collection. 

The Jessie Ball duPont Library (1965) is 
named for the most munificent benefactor of the 
University. It houses the principal library holdings 
and archives and includes study carrels, screening 
rooms, a listening complex, and a collection of 

Cleveland Memorial (1965) connects Walsh- 
Ellett and Carnegie. It also houses the Vice- 
President for Business and Community Relations, 
the Registrar, Career Services, and Minority 

Wiggins Hall (1965) contains individual 
and group practice rooms and offices for the 
Music Department. 

J. Albert Woods Laboratories (1968) 
honors one of the most devoted alumni. The 
building contains classrooms, offices, labora- 
tories. Blackman Auditorium and the Waring 
Web Greenhouse. 

The Bishop's Common (1974) contains the 
SPO, dining room, Tiger Bay Pub, lounges, 
WUTS radio station, student publications 
offices, meeting rooms and game rooms. 

Emerald -Hodgson Hospital (1976) replaces 
the old hospital, now Hodgson Hall. 

Clement Chen Hall (1991 ) replaces Fulford 
Hall as the residence of the Vice Chancellor. 

The Robert Dobbs Fowler Center (1994) 
includes the Frank A. Juhan Gymnasium 
(1956-57). It provides weightrooms, racquet- 
ball courts, an indoor track, swimming pool, 
basketball courts, tennis courts and offices. 

Residence halls: Hodgson Hall (1877), 
Emery Hall (1916), Hoffman Hall (1925), 
Elliott Hall ( 1922), Cannon Hall (1925), 
Johnson Hall (1926), Tuckaway Inn (1930), 
Phillips Hall (1951), Gailor Hall (1952), 
Gorgas Hall (1952), Hunter Hall (1953), 
Sessums Cleveland Hall (1955), Benedict Hall 
(1963), McCrady Hall ( 1964), Courts Hall 
(1965), Trezevant Hall (1969). 


. Future Directions . 

The University is going through a period 
of building and renovation. More than half 
of the existing buildings were constructed in 
the late 1950's and early 1960's. Thus, 
Sewanee is undergoing a $50 million 
building and renovation boom to 
accomodate the expanding numbers and 
needs of students and faculty. 

During the past five years, approxi- 
mately $25m in major construction and 
renovation projects have been accom- 
plished. Quintard Hall renovation, com- 
pleted 1990, was one of the first major 
renovations. Beyond this first-class dormi- 
tory, the campus received new walks, 
landscaping, exterior lights, handicapped 
accessibility, a refurbishing of Gorgas, St. 
Luke's, Clement Chen Hall, and new air 
conditioning for Cravens. Removing 
parking lots from interior campus sites to 
more remote sites is also a theme to come. 

Currently underway is a $3m renovation 
of the old Emerald-Hodgson Hospital which 
will house 62 students beginning in August 
1995. Hodgson Hall will be without 

question one of the finest dormitories in the 
United States. 

Like the Quintard project, the land sur- 
rounding the newly renovated Hodgson 
dormitory will be turned into a green area, 
thus resulting in the re-routing of Curlicue 

Next summer Phillips will be renovated and 
expanded internally to house 40 students. 

Plans for the summer of 1995 call for a 
refurbishing of Cleveland Hall. Included in 
this refurbishment will be lighting, updating 
the alarm system, painting, and new carpet. 

The next five years will see another $25 m 
spent on construction and renovation. During 
the summer of 1 996 Benedict Hall will receive 
a comprehensive refurbishment including a 
new heating and air conditioning system. 

Also planned is a new theatre, to begin 
construction in the fall of 1996. The existing 
Academy gym will be renovated and ex- 
panded, similar to the Fowler Center renova- 
tion, resulting in a flexible 200-seat theatre, 
offices, studios, rehearsal and shop space, 
dance studio, dressing rooms, and storage. 

Another facility, located near Hamilton Hall, 
will be a new chapel for the School of Theology. 
The architect, Fay Jones, is a world renowned 
designer. The design process is expected to begin 
this summer. 

Depending on the success of the campaign, two 
major facilities will be added to the core of campus. 
The first is a new dining hall to be located on top of 
St. Augustine's Avenue parallel to All Saints' 
Chapel. This new facility will provide for the first 
time in many years a central dining hall for all 
students, faculty, and staff. 

The second facility is a new academic building 
for Geology, Forestry, Academic Computing, and 
Computer Sciences. The 40,000 square foot facility 
will be the University's second largest academic 
building, and it will be located on the hill just 
southeast of Woods Lab. 

In the end, the goal of the University is to shape 
the campus in such a way that the setting that will 
be created will reinforce the principles, history, 
tradition, and values of Sewanee, and at the same 
time adequately support the existing academic and 
student life programs, 
-submitted by Tom Kepple, edited Jennifer J. Pfeil 

Sewanee History/ 97 

. University musings . 

SEWANEE! How beautiful art Thou 
in Thy High Places! A Beacon upon 
5 the top of a Mountain, and an Ensign 
on an Hill! Sacred art Thou to us 
among the habitations of men, because 
of the noble spirits who have peopled Thy solitudes, 
and who have taught, by the sanctity of their lives 
and the richness of their learning, the excellency of 
the manhood that lives in touch with God! Sweet 
and gracious are the memories that haunt and hallow 
for us Thy waving forests and mountain views, and 
every acre of Thy wide^domam ! For simple tastes, 
and gentle manners, and unselfish service, during these 
five and forty years — with rare, proud courage. Thou 
hast made and lived Thy claim! O Sewanee! The 
child of so many labours; of so many hopes; of so 
many sacrifices ; of so great faith ! who can doubt for 
a moment that God — the God of the spirits of the 
flesh — hath chosen Thee for an Instrument and Inter- 
preter of His Will, and that, in serving Thee, we are 
proving our fellowship with God! (Rt. Rev. Thoma-. 
F. Cailor, Bishop of Tennessee end Chancellor of the 
University of the South. ) 

Sewanee Hymn 

(Air- "Austrian National Anthem" by Haydn) 

God of Light, Whose face beholding, 

Israel's Leader learned Thy Will,- 
Fire and Storm the Rock enfolding, 

When the Voice was calm and still,- 
Give Thy children on the Mountain 

Grace and power Thy Truth to know; 
Open here a living fountain, 

Whence thy praise shall ever flow. 

On the world now grows the Vision,- 

Love of Country— Freedom's call; 
Gauge of Battle,— Life's decision,- 

Faith will see the Christ through all. 
Clear, surer, rings the story,- 

"Christ our Brother-God Most High! 
Through earth's vapors sweeps the glory,- 

Wrong, injustice, sin, must die." 

For the warfare train us, Father- 
God of battles, God of might,- 

That no mists of Hell may gather, 
Darken nor obscure the right. 

Gird our souls with Thy Compassion, 
Purge our minds with fire divine; 

Light of Light, the Truth Incarnate, 

Make our lives and thoughts like Thine. 

-Thomas F. Gailor 

98 /Sewanee History 

.Mirutdae . 

Alma Mater 



The University Prayer 

A 1 

lmighty God, the Father of our Lord Jesus 

Christ, we, Thy servants, implore Thy 

blessing upon this University. Give the Spirit of 

Wisdom to all those to whom Thou hast given 

the authority of teaching and of government 
Let the students grow in grace day by 


day; enlighten their minds, purify their hearts, 

and sanctify their wills. Bless all who have 

contributed to this Institution; and raise up 

to the University, we humbly pray Thee, a 

never-failing succession of benefactors; through 

our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. -*« Amen. 

What Sewanee Stands For 

The Education of the Whole Man 

His lioih. in a physical environment and training almost ideal. 

His mind, through courses in a scientifically correct curriculum, and 
through contact with a faculty strong in scholarship and personality. 

His character, through the constant influence of Christianity as expounded 
and exemplified in the life of the University community. 

The Malting of the Citizen, 

In theory, through the influence of that ideal of patriotism which we call 
the Slwanee Spirit. 

In practice, through dynamic living as a citizen in a community of which 
the student body constitutes the citizenship. 

Individuality, Originality, Initiative 

Taught to think independently, plan independently, but to act as a com- 
munity memher 

The Historic Flag at Sewanee 

"Once suspended from the south 
clerestory walls of All Saints' (University) 
Chapel was a silk flag, so faded and tattered 
that it was not at once recognized by 
visitors as the national banner, and prompt- 
ing frequent inquiries as to what it is and 
why it should be there. It is a flag with a 
history, and is one of the University's most 
treasured relics. 

The staff was cut for it near the grave of 
Washington at Mount Vernon, by President 
Millard Fillmore, whose term extended 
from 1850 to 1853, and this flag with its 
staff was presented by General Winfield 
Scott to Mr. Lucius C. Duncan, of New 
Orleans. General Scott, who was in the 
diplomatic or consular service, took the flag 
on a journey to the Levant. On this trip the 
flag was unfurled on some of the historic 
battlefields of England, upon the Baltic Sea, 
'upon all the memorable battlefields of 
Greece, the Pyramids and ruined temples of 
Egypt, on lonely Sinai and Horeb and Hor, 
upon the banks of Jordan and in Jerusalem.' 

It came into posession of Dr. Herman C. 
Duncan who was present with it at the 
Fourth of July celebration on Lookout 
Mountain in 1857, when the University of 
the South was organized. Both the flag and 
staff were formally presented to the 
University in 1885 by Dr. Duncan." 

The flag has been removed for safe 
keeping, but the staff is preserved in a glass 
case on the wall in the south clerestory. 

-excerpted from the Cap & Gown 1 925 

The University Seal 

The University Seal contains the cross 
of Christ in the center, with the chain of 
links representing the ten original owning 
dioceses. It also contains the Greek letters 
of Christ's name, and the Alpha and Omega 
on the sides of the cross. The University's 
motto from the 133rd Psalm, "ECCE 
QUAM BONUM," above clasped hands, 
used from the founding of the University, 
lies below the cross. The dove of the Holy 
Spirit is above the cross. The name and the 
chartering date of the University, 1 858, 
encircle the cross and internal symbols. The 
shape of the seal is that of two congruent 
circles overlapped, signifying the union of 
God and humanity in Jesus Christ. 

Tradition holds that students, upon 
receiving their diplomas are to walk across 
the seal as they are leaving the Chapel, and 
not before. 

Sewanee History/ 99 

■'■•/•• ■ ■ 

Sustaining the Founders' Vision 

Dr. Samuel R. Williamson, the 1 1th Vice-Chancellor, 
was installed in October 1988 as successor to Robert 
Ayers. While Dr. Williamson is responsible for the 
"careful planning for additional facilities as well as a 
modest expansion of the faculty and student body," his 
most inspirational movement has been towards the 
Campaign for Sewanee: Sustaining the Founders' Vi- 
sion. The attempts to sustain this vision include a $91.5 
million fund-raising effort that will strengthen the 
endowment, create new campus facilities, and renovate 
those buildings which are so familliar. 

After nearly 140 years, the 10 Episcopal dioceses 
from the southern states can rest. They can rest in the 
assurance that their dream and vision has become 
reality. There is now a place in the South which is 
responsible for "the cultivation of true religion, learning, 
and virtue." There is now a place which challenges the 
mind, body, and soul alike. There is now a place which 
offers, as any student or alumni knows, everything that 
could be asked for, and that place is the University of 
the South. 

Vice-Chancellor Samuel R. Williamson( above), also Professor 
of History. B.A. Tulane University; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard 
University. Faculty since 1988. 

He shall give his angels charge 
over you, to keep you in all your 

-Psalm 91 

Dr. Samuel R. Williamsonfabove left) with President of the Order 

of Gownsmen, Trey Sturtevant (right) 

102 /Faculty 

The College of Arts and Sciences 

Frederick Croom(above),.Provosf and 
Professor of Mathematics. B.S., Ph.D., 
University of North Carolina. 
Faculty since 1971. 

Tom Ward (above), University Chaplain. 
B.A., The University of the South; B.AV 
M.A., Oxford; M.Div., Virginia Theological 

Laurence Alvarez(above),As.socjate Provost 
and Professor of Mathematics. B.S., The 
University of the South; M.A., Ph.D., Yale 
University. Faculty since 1964. 

"The Renaissance humanists were right that learning should be 
related to the kinds of lives we seek to live." - Brown Patterson 

: : : 








epple, Jr.(above 


President for Business and Commu- 
nity Relations. B.A., M.B.A., Ed.D. 

Larry Jones(above),Dean of the College and 
Professor of Biology. B.S., Woffard College; Ph.D.. 
University of North Carolina. Faculty since 1977. 

Robert Hedrick(above),Z5i/'ecfor of 
Admissions. B.A., Adams State 
College; M.S., Ph.D.. Iowa State 

Faculty / 103 

Robert Keele(above).De<7H of the College and Profes- 
sor of Political Science. B.A. University of the South; 
M.A.. Ph.D.. Emory University. Faculty since 1961. 

Tom Watson( above ),Interim University Librarian and Vice President for University 
Affairs. A.B., Oklahoma Baptist University; M.A., University of Arkansas; M.S.L.S. 
Simmons College. 

Caren Rosser(left),Z)/Vecror of University 
Counseling and Psychology. B.S., Univer- 
sity of Washington; M.A., Ph.D. 
Vanderbilt University. Faculty since 1993. 

"At Sewanee, 
the problem is 
the solution." 

Robert Pearigen(below ),Dea/z of Men 
and Professor of Political Science. B.A. 
University of the South; M.A., Ph.D., 
Duke University. Faculty since 1987. 

Lee Guerryi above), Dean of Women. B.A. The Univer- 
sity of the South. 

The University Purpose 

"The purpose of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of the South is to 
develop the whole person through a liberal arts education of high quality. Sewanee is 
committed to the college of liberal arts as a distinct unit in the educational system of our 
country. The College's aims include training in personal initiative, in social consciousness, 
in aesthetic perception, in intellectual curiosity and integrity, and in methods of scientific 
inquiry. It endeavors to achieve these objectives with excellence in the context of a small 
college with a faculty of character and distinction maintaining close personal contact with 
a carefully selected group of students." 

- set forth and adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 7, 1993 

104 /Faculty 


" Breakfast cereal is no more real than Disneyland." 
-Dr. Richard O'Connor 

Major Charles McCollough (above 

left) Anthropology. B.A., Grove City 
College; M.A., Ph.D., University of 
Pennsylvania. Faculty since 1992. 

John Hamer( above right). 
Anthropology. B.A., Pennsylvania 
State; M.A., University of Pittsburgh; 
Ph.D. Northwestern University. 
Faculty since 1992. 

Richard O'Connor (above) Anthropology (Chair). B.A 
William and Mary; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University. 
Faculty since 1978. 

Barry Lyons(above),/4n?/;ro/70/og;y. B.A., Washington University; 
M.A., Ph.D. University of Michigan. Faculty since 1994. 

Patricia Gibson(above),/4/f//;ro/w/ogv and Chair of Third World 
Studies. B.A., San Jose State University; M.A.. Ph.D., University 
of California, Santa Barbara. Faculty since 1986. 

Faculty / 105 


Henrietta Croom(above),B/o/ogv (Chair) and John Palisano(above),Bi'o/ogv. B.S., Ph.D., 
Pre-Med Advisor. A.B.., Ph.D., University of University of Tennessee. Faculty since 1993. 

North Carolina. Faculty since 1972. 

Nancy Berner(above),.Bio/og;y. B.S., M.S., 
University of Idaho; Ph.D., Stanford University 
Faculty since 1992. 

Bruce Connfabovej,B;'o/ogv. B.S., Lee College; M.S., 
Morehead State University; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati. 
Faculty since 1993. 

Jonathan Evans(above),Bio/0g}>. B.A., Cornell University; Ph.D., Duke 
University. Faculty since 1994. 

106 /Faculty 

"As a result of its academic tradition, access to natural lands, and its unique 
collection of faculty representing a broad array of environmental studies, I 
believe Sewanee has the opportunity to become a leader among liberal arts 
colleges in training students to solve the environmental challenges of the next 
V^century." - Jonathan Evansy* 

Jeffrey Tassin(above), Chemistry (Chair). B.A., Adelphi University; Ph.D., 
Georgia Institute of Technology. Faculty since 1981. 

John Bordley( above ),Chemistry and Computer Science. 
B.S., Davidson College; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity. Faculty since 1970. 





Edward Kirven(above),Chemistry. B.A., 
The University of the South; Ph D., Univer- 
sity of Minnesota. Faculty since 1976. 

James Lowe(above), C/7«w'.yfrv. B.A., 
Antioch College; Ph.D., Stanford 
University. Faculty since 1965. 

Timothy Blair(above),C/;emu7rv. B.S. 
Western Kentucky University; Ph.D.. 
University of Kentucky. Faculty since 

Faculty / 107 

Classical Languages 

" Reading the Aeneid in english is like making love through 
plate glass. You can see everything, but it's just not the same." 

-Dr. Bill Bonds 

William Bonds(above),Classical Languages (Chair). 
B.A., The Johns Hopkins University; M.A., Ph.D., 
University of Pennsylvania. Faculty since 1978. 

John Seiters( above \eft),Classical Lan- 
guages. B.A., The University of the South; 
M.A., Ph.D., Florida State University. 
Faculty since 1971. 

Charles Binniker (above right). 
Classical Languages. B.A., The 
University of the South; M.A., 
Florida State University; Ph.D., 
University of North Carolina. 
Faculty since 1960. 


Carl Heinemann(above),£concwH'cs. B.A., Vanderbilt University; C.P.A. 
Faculty since 1987. 

Jill Hendrickson(above),£ , co/?ow/cj'. B.A., 
University of Puget Sound; Ph.D., University 
of Notre Dame. Faculty sincel994. 

108 /Faculty 

Robert Gottfried(above),£co«o/n/c.y 
(Chair). A.B., Davidson College, Ph.D., 
University of North Carolina. Faculty 

Yasmeen Mohiuddin( above ), Economics. 
B.A., M.A., Karachi University; M.A., 
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. Faculty since 

Arthur Schaefer( above ), Economics. B.A., M.A. 
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. Faculty since 

When I interviewed for the job, Marvin Goodstein, then chair, drove me to 
Green's view and said, 'Now we'll discuss salary.' I took the job. " 

-Dr. Robin Gottfried 

Ansel Sharp(above),Economics. B.A., 
Howard College; M.A., University of 
Virginia; Ph.D., Louisiana State University. 
Faculty since 1985. 

Jerry Ingles(above),£'cc>H07?!/c.y. B.A., 
University of California Berkeley; M.A., 
Ph.D., Cornell University. Faculty since 

Mark Nichols(above),Economics. B.S., 
University of Central Florida; M.A.. Ph.D.. 
Florida State University. Faculty since 1994. 

Faculty / 109 

Dale Richardson(above),£ng//s/j. B.A., Harvard College; M.A., 
University of Virginia; Ph.D.. Princeton University. Faculty since 


Elizabeth Dewberry(above),£'«gfo/z. Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. 
Visiting Professor. 

William Cockel above center), English. B.A., The University of the South; Ph.D. 

Vanderbilt University. Faculty since 1967. 


"Now comes the moment when I like a 
really good Falstaff." 

-Dr. John Reishman, referring to the 
character in Henry IV part 1, not the beer 

Henry Arnold, Jr., (above), English (Chair). 
B.A., The University of the South; M.A., 
Ph.D., Harvard University. Faculty since 1963. 

10 /Faculty 

Edwin (Ted) Stir\ing(above),English. B.A., The University of the South; 
M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University. Faculty since 1969. 

Thomas Carlson(above),£«g/M/;. B.A., The University of the 
South; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. 
Faculty since 1970. 

"A happy love affair in Troy is like a happy love affair on the Titanic." 

-Dr. Robert Benson 


William Clarkson(above),£'«g/is/j. B.A., Yale College; M.A 
J h.D., University of Virginia. Faculty since 1973. 

Robert Benson(above),£>2g//.y/!. B.A., Vanderbilt University; 
Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Faculty since 1970. 

Faculty /111 

Dennis Kezar(above),English. B.A. The University of the South. Pamela MacRe(above), English. B.A., Goucher College; M.A., Ph.D. 

Faculty since 1994. Duke University. Faculty since 1984. 

"People used to die for their religious beliefs. Now they die for 
their tennis shoes." -Dr. Wyatt Prunty 

Wyatt Prunty(above),£«^/;.s/i. B.A., The University of the 
South; M.A., The Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., Louisana 
State University. Faculty since 1989. 

Don DuPree(above),£>?g/(.y/!. B.A. The University of the South; M.A., 
Vanderbilt University; M.A., Middlebury College; Ph.D., University 
of Whales, Cardiff. Faculty since 1988. 

112 /Faculty 

If we instill into 
your hearts any 
reverence for 
Sewanee's past; any 
determination to 
make more glorious 
Sewanee's future; 
any vital interest in 
Sewanee's present, 
then our sole 
purpose is 
accomplished, our 
work is done. 
-Cap and Gown ,1907 

in Grammer (above), English. B.A. Vanderbilt University; M.A., Ph.D., University of 
ginia. Faculty since 1992. 

Ken Haynes(left), 
English. B.S. Cal Tech; 
Boston College Ph.D. 
program. Faculty since 


John Reishman( right) 

English. B.A. 
University of Notre 
Dame; M.A., Ph.D., 
University of Virginia. 
Faculty since 1969. 

Faculty/ 113 

Fine Arts 

Pradip Maldel above ).Fine Arts (Chair). Diploma. Bournemouth 
College of Art and Design; M.A.. Glasgow School of Art. 
Faculty since 1989. 

Madonna just rubs me the wrong way. 

-Dr. Gregory Clark 

John Siewertf above), Fine Arts. B.A. University of Minnesota; M.A., Ph. D. 
University of Michigan. Faculty since 1994. 

Gregory Clark( above), Fine Arts. B.A. University of 
California, Los Angeles; M.A., City University of New Yorl 
M.F.A., Ph.D., Princeton University. Faculty since 1989. 

14 /Faculty 

iward Carlos( above ),Fine Arts. B.S., Indiana University of 
snnsylvania; M.F.A., Catholic University of America; Ph.D., Ohio 
tiiversity. Faculty since 1969. 

Waring McCrady(below),Frenc/i. B.A., The University of the 
mth; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Faculty since 1962. 

George Poe( above ), French (Chair). B.A., Dividson College; M.A.. 
Middlebury College; Ph.D, Duke University. Faculty since 1988. 

Frances B. Calder 
(left),French. B.A., 

Agnes Scott 
College; M.A.. 
Ph.D., Yale Univer- 
sity. Visiting 

"Que la Montagne est Belle!" -George Poe 

Faculty/ 115 

Jacqueline Schaeferf above ).French. 
Licence es lettres, Diplome d'Etudes 
Superieures.Universite de Caen; Agregation 
de l'Universite, Paris-Sorbonne. Faculty since 

Laurie Ramsey( above), French. B.A. College 
of William and Mary; M.A., Indiana Univer- 
sity. Faculty since 1992. 

Donald Rung(above),Frenc/2. B.A., Harvard 
College; Ph.D., Princeton University. Faculty 
since 1987. 


L «.«» 

James Davidheiser(above),Gennan. B.A. LaSalle College; 
M.A., Ph.D., University of Pittsburg. Faculty since 1976. 

116 /Faculty 


Arthur Knoll(above ),History. B.A., Bates College: M.A. 
New York University; Ph.D., Yale University. Faculty 
since 1970. 

arold Goldberg(above),//(5fon' 
!hair). B.A., State University of New 
ork at Buffalo; M.A., Ph.D., University 
Wisconsin. Faculty since 1974. 

W. - 
John Flynn(above).///.v/on'. B.A., 

Boston College; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia 

University. Faculty since 1966. 

Johan Ahr( above ),History. B. A., Harvard College; M.A. , 
Yale University. Faculty since 1993. 

W. Brown Patterson 

(left), History. B.A., The 
University of the South; 
M.A., University of 
Oxford; M.Div., Episco- 
pal Divinity School; 
A.M., Ph.D., Harvard 
University. Faculty since 

Charles Perry( right). 
History. A.B., Davidson 
College; A.M.. Ph.D., 
Harvard University. 
Faculty since 1974. 

"In the end, all of history comes 
down to this: those who realize 
the past can imagine the present. 

-Dr. John Willis 

Faculty/ 117 

William Wood Register(above),Hi'sfory- 
B.A., The University of the South; M.A., 
Ph.D.. Brown University. Faculty since!992. 

Susan Ridyard(above),Hiifory. B.A., M.A., 
Ph.D., University of Cambridge. Faculty since 

Jennifer Wormald(above),///5forv. 

M A., Ph.D., University of Glasgow. 
Visiting Professor. 




J$*f«& , %c55J^' 


John Willis(above), History. B.A., Baylor 
University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Vir- 
ginia. Faculty since 1991. 

Leslie Richardson(right), Italian (Chair). 
B.A., Southwestern at Memphis; M.A., 
University of Virginia; M.A., Middlebury 
College. Faculty since 1978. 

118 /Faculty 


Mathematics and Computer Science 

Ikuko Akiyama(above), Japanese. B.A., 
Keio University. Faculty since 1993. 

Sherwood Ebey(above left). Mathematics Chris Parrish(above right). Mathematics. 

(Chair). B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., B.A., St. Mary's University; M.A.. Ph.D., 

Ph.D., Northwestern University. Faculty University of California, San Diego, 

since 1968. Faculty since 1986. 

'It's so absurd it must be true." 

-Dr. Stephen Puckette 

Catherine Cavagnoro(below), Mathemat- 
ics. B.S., Santa Clara University. Faculty 

Will Haight( below), Mathematics. B.A., West 
Virginia University; M.S., Georgia Institute of 
Technology. Facuty since 1993. 

William Priestley (below). Mathematics. 
B.A.,The University of the South; M.A., 
Ph.D., Princeton University. Faculty since 

Faculty/ 119 

Stephen Puckettet below). Mathematics. B.S. The University of the 
South: M.S., M.A.. Ph.D.. Yale University. Faculty since 1956. 

Clay Ross, Jr.(right), 
Mathematics. B.S., 
Univeristy of Kentucky; 
M.A., Ph.D., University 
of North Carolina. 
Faculty since 1973. 

"Of course 

you'd have 

to be a 



to believe 


-Dr. Gilbert 



Steven Shrader( above ),Music (Chair). B.A., The College of William and Mary; M.M. University of 
Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music; Ph.D.. Northwestern University. Faculty since 1976. 



Edwin Chapell White(above )Music. B.A 
Emory University; M.F.A., Ph.D., Princeto: 
University. Visiting Professor. 

Kristin Lindley(far \eft),Music. B.S.. M.S 
The Julliard School. Faculty since 1992. 

Robert Delcamp(left),MH.src and Director 
of the University Choir. B.M., M.M., 
University of Cincinnati College-Conserva 
tory of Music; D. Mus., Northwestern 
University. Faculty since 1978. 

120 /Faculty 

Susan Rupert(above),Mt«/c. B.M. University of Cincinnati- David Wilkes(above),A//w/c. B.M., Auburn University; 

Conservatory of Music; M.M., Northwestern University. Faculty M.M., Kent State University. Faculty since 1989. 
since 1978. 

Bran Potter(left), Geology 
(Chair). B.A., Williams 
College; M.S., Ph.D., 

University of Massachu- 
setts. Faculty since 1980. 

" Sorry I'm 
late, but I 
my car. 
-Dr. Bran 

Karen Kuers(right), 
Forestry and Geology. 
B.S., Springhill; M.S., 
Texas A & M; Ph.D., 
University of Georgia. 
Faculty since 1994. 

Forestry/Geology/Natural Resources 

Faculty/ 121 

Stephen Shaver(above).G<?o/ogv. B.S., North Carolina State University; Ph.D. 
Stanford University. Faculty since 1987. 

Martin Knoll(below), Geology. B.A., The University 
of the South; Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., University o 
Texas. Faculty since 1993. 








James Peters(above),Philosophy (Chair). B.A., Northern Illinois 
University; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University. Faculty since 
122 /Faculty 

William Garland(above), Philosophy. B.A., Emory Univer- 
sity; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University. Faculty since 

irry Krasnoff(above),P/2//o^o/?/;.v- B.A., Williams College; Ph.D., The 
hns Hopkins University. Faculty since 1994. 

James Peterman(above), Philosophy. A.B., Kenyon College; M.A. 
Ph.D., Universityof California, Berkeley. Faculty since 1980. 

ancis Hart(above),P/?y5/'cs (Chair). B.S., Manhatten College; M.S., Ph.D., Eric Ellis( above ),Physics. B.S., Ph.D., Syracuse University. Faculty 
racuse University. Faculty sincel967. sincel964. 


Douglas Durig(far left). Chemistry and 

Physics. B.A., Ph.D., University of 
South Carolina. Faculty since 1987. 

Charles Pender(left), Physics. B.S.. 
M.A., Ph.D., University of Tennessee. 
Visiting Professor. 

"Dr. Lowe on the second law of 


This is the way the world will end, 

This is the way the world will end, 

This is the way the world will end; 

Not with a bang, but with a whimper 

(-T.S. Eliot)" 

Faculty / 123 

Political Science 

Randolph Peterson( above ). Physics. B. S., M.S 
Ph.D.. University of Tennessee. 
Knoxville. Faculty since 1989. 

Benito Szapirof above), Physics. M.S., Ph.D.. 
University of Buenos Aires. Faculty since 1993. 

Charles Brockettftop \tf\),Political Science 
(Chair). B.A., Whittier College; Ph.D., University 
of North Carolina. Faculty since 1979. 

Gilbert Gilchristt bottom ]efo),Political Science. 
B.A., The University of the South; M.A. , Ph.D.. 
The Johns Hopkins University. Faculty since 1951. 

Elwood Dunn(top right), Political Science. 
B.A., Cuttington College; M.A., Ph.D., The 
American University. Faculty since 1981. 

Gayle McKeen(bottom right),Po/m'ca/ 
Science . B.A., University of Massachusetts; 
M.A., Ph.D., Univeristy of Chicago. Faculty 
since 1994. 

124 /Faculty 

)an Ward( above ),Political Science. B.A., 
uke University; M.A., The Johns Hopkins 
niversity. Faculty since 1976. 


Barclay Ward(above),Po/m'ca/ Science. Scott Wilson(above),Po/m'cfl/ Science. B.A., 

B.A., Hamilton College; M.A., The Johns Oberlin College; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University. 

Hopkins University; Ph.D., University of Iowa. Faculty since 1994. 
Faculty since 1975. 

^arol Tate(abo\e},Psychology. B.S., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; 
'h.D., North Carolina StateUniversity. Faculty since 1991. 

Charles Peyser(above),Psychology (Chair). B.A., 
Hamilton College; M.A., Ph.D., Southern Illinois Univer- 
sity at Carbondale. Faculty sincel968. 

Faculty / 125 

Timothy Keith-Lucas 

(right). Psychology. 
B.A., Swarthmore 
College M.A., Ph.D.. 
Duke University. Faculty 
since 1973. 

"I started 
liking my- 
self when I 
realized that 
there's no 
future in 
-Dr. Keith- 

Nicole Barenbaum( above). Psychology. B.A., 
Cornell University; M.A., Ph.D., Boston Univer- 
sity. Faculty since 1990. 

Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler(below), Psychology. 
B.A., Wake Forest; M.A., Ph.D., North Carolina 
State University. Faculty since 1993. 


"If you think 
you're going to 
come out of this 
class with any- 
thing practical 
at all, drop the 

-Dr. Carden on 
Religion 316, The 
Mystical Way 

Larry Carden(left), Religion (Chair). B.A.. 
DePauw University; B.D., Yale University; 
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. Faculty since 

126 /Faculty 



lerald Smith(above) ,Religion. B.A., University of Richmond; B.D., 
h.D., Duke University. Faculty since 1969. 

[erbert Wentz(top right),Religion. B.A., University of North Carolina; 
.T.B., The General Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Oxford; 
h.D., University of Exeter. 

"The Kingdom of God is like Party Weekend. The 
fullness of it reaches back into the present and 
begins to corrupt you on Tuesday evening." 

-Dr. Wentz 

Corrie Norman(abo\e),Religion. Griseur(above), Religion. B.A., 

A.B., Florida State University; Groshen College; M.Div. Harvard 

M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School; Divinity School; Th.D., Harvard 

Th.D. Harvard University. University. Faculty since 1994. 

Faculty since 1994. 

"Jesus was a 
really great guy, 
but he didn't 
publish much." 
-Dr. Norman 

Mark Preslar(bottom left), 
Russian. B.A., Arizona State 
University; M.A., University 
of Arizona; A.B.D., Univer- 
sity of Washington. Faculty 
since 1971. 


David Lumpkins( right ).Russ ian (Chair). B.A., Univer- 
sity o f Tennessee; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. 
Faculty since 1968. 

Faculty / 127 


Thomas Spaccarelli(top left),Spanish (Chair). 
Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos, Universidad 
de Granada; A.B., University of Illinois at 
Chicago Circle; M.A., Ph.D., University of 
Wisconsin. Faculty since 1974. 

Maria Natal(top center) ,Spanish. Bachiller, 
Universidad de Sevilla; M.A., University of 
Texas, Ph.D., University of Florida. Faculty 
since 1986. 

Antonio Mompletftop right),Spanish. Ph.D., 
Madrid Universidad complutance de Madrid. 
Visiting Professor. 

Eric Naylor with colleagues(bottom right), Spanish and Medieval Studies. B.A., The University of Margaret Bonds(bottom right), Spanish. B.A 
the South; M.A., Ph.D. .University of Wisconsin. Faculty since 1962. University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee; M.A. 

Ph.D., University of Maryland. Faculty since 
128 /Faculty 


Dan Backland(below),7y;ec/fre. B.S., Bradley 
University; M.F.A., North Carolina School of the 
Arts. Faculty since 1989. 

"What do 
you mean 
you can't 
think of any 
good charac- 
ters? Just 
look around 
here at the 

Backland on 
Theatre 101 
play writing 

tin Piccard(above), Theatre. B.A., M.F.A., Florida 
ite University. Faculty since 1978. 

David Landon( above), Theatre. B.A., Harvard 
College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. Faculty since 

;te Smith(above),772eafre (Chair). B.A., College of the Holy Cross; 
.A., M.F.A., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University. Faculty since 

Phoebe Pear\gen{above), Theatre. B.A., Birmingham-Southern College; 
M.F.A., Southern Methodist University. Faculty since 1987. 

Faculty / 129 

Joel Welsh( above ),Director ofSewanee 
Outing Program. 

Lisa Manley(above),D('recror of 
Student Activities. 

Paul Engsberg( below ),Registrar. 

Not Pictured 

Scott Torreano, Forestry. B.S., Michigan 
Technology University, M.S., North 
Carolina State University; Ph.D., University 
of Georgia. 

Marcia Clarkson, Computer Science B.S., 
William Smith College. 

Laura Whipple, Music. B.M., MM., 
Eastman School of Music. 

George Core, English. B.A., M.A., 
Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., University of 
North Carolina. 

Russ Vandermaas-Peeler(below),D/r<?c?or of Student 
Housing. B.A., Marshall University; M.S., North 
Carolina State University. 

Bill Barry(above),DiVecfor of the Fowler 

Cliff Afton(above),D/rec?or of Physical 
Education. B.S., Western Michigan 
University; M.S., University of Tennessee, 

Mary Sue Cushman(above), Teacher 
Education (Chair). A.B., Wellesley 
College; Ed.M., Harvard University. 

130 /Faculty 

Dr. Spacarelli 

r,.Qfiryap. %I Di 3 . Benson ;, 

mm*, :\mlm 

Faculty / 131 







Ml j&rutis (Dfapdi 

Bishop Duncan Gray 
Chancellor of the University 

The Reverend Thomas R. Ward, Jr. 
University Chaplain 

The Reverend Annwn H. Myers 
Associate University Chaplain 

The Reverend Christopher Bryan 
Priest Associate 

Dr. Robert G. Delcamp 
University Organist and Choirmaster 

Douglas O'Neill 
Assistant University Organist 

S. Dixon Myers 
Coordinator of Outreach Ministries 

D. Wallace Adams 
Lay Chaplain 

Roslyn C. Weaver 
Office Administrator 

Karen S. Keele 
Assistant to the Staff 

Assisting Seminarians 

134 /Organizations 


The All Saints' Chapel Sacristans' Guild was established to assist the clergy in their preparation for all services of worship held in All 
Saints' Chapel. Nominated by out-going seniors each Spring, newly elected Sacristan Candidates enter a semester long period of training and 
are usually inducted into the Guild the following Fall. The role of Sacristan is best observed on Sundays during the school year, at the famous 
Festival Service of Lessons and Carols each Advent, and during Holy Week in the Spring. 

Members (left to right): Paul Randall, Cameron Graham, Julia Norwood, Laurel Murchison, Christine Keating, Tom Poyner, David Young, 
Elizabeth Sherwood, David Frazelle, Annwn Myers (Advisor), C atherine Traywick, Carlyle Knox, Wallace Adams. Not pictured: Julian 
McKimmon, Katherine Inge. 






Acolytes aid in both daily and Sunday Chapel services. All 
interested students are welcome to participate. 

Members: (L to R) David Howard, Robert Hollo way, Madeline 
Johnson, Wallace Adams (Trainer), Caroline Smith, Andrew Israel, 
Ramsey Moss, Jamie McGregor, Abi White, Evonne Marler, Chris- 
tian Setzer, Sara Smith, Amy Swepston, Kevin Sparrow. Not 
Picrured:Douglass Adair, Liz Archer, Bill Baker, Polly Bass, 
Liz Bull, Erwin Byrd, Chris Cudabec, Kristina Erlewine, Kelly 
Grey, Jennifer Hamilton, Willy Haselden, Elizabeth Irwin, Sean 
Jecko, Lauren Keith, Kelli Lassiter, Belle Little, Vaiden McElwee, 
Stephanie Mitchell, J. Andrew Moreman, Ashley Neal, Errett Neil, 
Alice Odom, Margaret Parsell, Grove Parsons, Caroline Powell, 
Bedford Vickers, Rob Whisenant. 


Organizations / 1 35 


The University Choir is first and foremost a Chapel choir. The group sings every Sunday for the University service in All Saints' Chapel, 
and also offers an Evensong service on the first Sunday of the month. The choir performs three services of Lessons and Carols during Advent 
semester, and a major work late in the Easter semester. The choir has also been involved in tours to England, and around the United States. 

Members (L to R): (1) Burnie Rogers (Bass Section Leader), Sarah Miers (Soprano Section Leader), Dale Carter (Tenor Section Leader), 
Christiana Holyer (Alto SectionLeader), Christina Vial (President), Margaret Buchanan (Vice President), Patrick Comer (Secretary), Suzanne 
Eastridge, Allison McGlothin.Una Hall (2) Stephanie Perry, Beth Monkman, Theresa Hartley , Karen Jacks, Jeanette Warren, Christine Allnut, 
Rachel Hildebrandt, Elizabeth Byrd, Katie Murdock, Gretchen Roberts.Cathy Rafferty, Mary Rossi, Jennifer Fuqua, Marian Gannaway, Jan 
Garrison, Rev. Annwn Myers, Elizabeth Bowlin, Amy Jo Perigo (3) Beth Mozier, Rachel McMillen, Ansley Tullos, Elizabeth Fitch, Misty 
Maib. Abigail Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, Katherine Kellogg, Eliza Fisher, Lisa Ackerman, Claire Lambert, Catherine Harrison, Katie Edwards, 
Catherine Salmon, Kristen Shelton, Lucie Ewing, Elizabeth Arial, Becky Estes, Alice Sneary, Sarah Martins, Jennifer Armstrong, Erin 
Grossman, Carrie Miller, Doug O'Neill, Andy Peuler, Abby Blackwell, (4) Dr. Robert Delcamp, Rev. Tom Ward, Eric Marsland, Rev. Christo- 
pher Bryan, Chris Hammond, Jason Abel, David Kern, Guy Cooper, Will Christie, Ben Carlisle, Ryan Mason, Walton Comer, Preston 
Shaffer,Holmes Paschall, James Acken, Josh Varner. Not pictured: Anne Shoemake, Matthew Cathy, Larry Cook, Robert Holloway, Ashley 
Owen, Dan Rigazzi, Susan Carrison. 


YoungLife is a nationwide Ecumenical ministry dedicated to meeting high school students "on their own turf" and building strong 
relationships through which the Gospel may be communicated. The Sewanee chapter is made up of college students with support 
from families in the Seminary and University Community. The chapter also has strong contacts with the Chattanooga Area Chapter 
and the National organization. 

Leaders: Michael Jarrett, Brooke Vaughn, Paul Randall, Julian Bibb, Rachel Carlson, Presh Killebrew, Mallory Dimmitt, Susan 
Carrison, Anne Spear, Missy Bennett, Tricia Mashburn, Kimberly Fellman, Louie Caputo, Scott Womack, Liz Ellington, Mica 
O'Brian, Erin Hanni, Josh Reams, Bert Emerson. 

136 /Organizations 


The Canterbury Group recognizes the validity and integrity of existing 
Christian groups at Sewanee and its goal is to seek increased awareness of 
the Anglican understanding of the Christian faith. Weekly meetings range 
from games, movies, and discussions to ice skating. Annual traditions in- 
clude a Eucharist and cookout at the cross and Advent tree decorating party. 

The Canterbury Steering Committee: (L to R) Abi White, Sarah Miers 
(Convener), Stacey Thompkins, Paul Randall, Elizabeth Sherwood. Not 
pictured: Catherine Christy. 

MATRONS: (L to R)(l) Walli Stevens (Johnson), Anita Anderson (Gorgas) 
Dorothy Easley (Benedict) (2) Patricia Jackson (Quintard), Ruth Strassburg 
(Trezevant), Anne Smith (Elliott), Doretha Fowlkes (Tuckaway) (3) Jan 
Drake-Lowther (Courts), Mary Marcia Cook (McCrady), Olwyn Souter 
(Gailor), Janet Gairhan (Canon). 


The Carrilloneurs provide music every Sunday following 
the University service, special recitals, as well as providing 
Sunday afternoon concerts that can be heard throughout 
central campus. 

Members: (L to R): Jessica Fletchall, L. H. Whipple 
(Instructor), Greg Bautista, Megan Montgomery, Nancy 
Beth Spencer. 


Community Building Community is an organization 
of undergraduate students, community members, Semi- 
narians, and University faculty who volunteer their time 
and skills with unmeasured energy into renovation and 
repair of low income homes in the Sewanee community. 
All of the services rendered are performed without charge. 

Members: Jenny Johnson (President), Anne Jones 
(Secretary/Treasurer), David Burger, Stephanie Mitchell, 
Kelly Ramke, Sarah Wheeless, Carolina Lugo, Lindsley 
Wellborn, Chandre Sergent, Wendy Orlow, Presh 
Killebrew, Catherine Coleman, Heidi Hays, Mary Beth 
Teague, Jeremy Larance, Karen Jacks, Bonnie Smith, 
Katherine Christy, Becky Estes, Katherine Kellogg, 
Vaiden McElwee, Castlen Tindall, Lisa Akerman. 

Organizations / 1 37 


All Saints' Chapel Outreach Ministries is 
a program designed to involve students in the 
challenging effort of helping and serving 
others, and then reflecting on those experi- 

Components of this Outreach program 
include Appalachia Housing Projects where 
students aid in the building and refurbishing 
of homes in this region. Break trips take the 
participants to serve in locations such as 
Kingston. Jamaica. Navajoland, New Mexico, 
San Pedro Sula. Honduras and the inner city 
of New Orleans. Louisiana. 

Each of us strive to leave something 
behind in these places, while we leave forever 
changed by that which we have learned. 



Ed Flowers 


Matthew Mebane 

Cecilia Bogran 

Caroline Smith 

Cheri Peters 

Leah Smith 

Jim Peters 

Alice Sneary 

Nathaniel Peters 

Catherine Wiesener 

Derry Wilkins 

Laura Wylie 


JJkuko Akiyama 
Maryetta Anschutz 
Lee Boyd 

Margaret Buchanan 
Kristina Erlewine 
Dave Frazelle 
Heidi Hayes 
Sean Jecko 
Merritt Kinder 
Maria Marcum 
Grove Parsons 
J. J. Pfeil 
Tom Poyner 
Rob Rhoden 
Lillian Rice 
Dan Rigazzi 
Chad Robbins 
Nikki Robertson 
Rob Sanford 
Jama Shelton 
Hadley Simmonds 
Jason Smith 
Janie Taylor 
Celeste Unsworth 
Josh Varner 
Abi White 


Pradip Malde 
Lisa Manley 
Bill Mauzy 
Dixon Myers 
Randy Odle 



Missy Bennett 
Rachel Carlson 
Susan Carrison 
Mallory Dimmitt 
Nathan Ewer 
Kelly Grey 
Una Hall 
Chris Hammond 
Robert Holloway 
Christiana Holyer 
Presh Killebrew 
Kelli Lassiter 
Stephanie Mitchell 
Melissa Riley 
Anne Spear 
Bedford Vickers 
Al Zadig 
Wallace Adams 


Jennie Akins 
Hope Atmore 
Millie Flournoy 
Stephanie Gilbert 
Holly Hacker 
Jennifer Ison 
Maggie Kizer 
Alithia Little 
Tricia Mashburn 
Paul Morris 
Wendy Orlow 
Jesse Pursley 
David Rugge 
Collins Smith 
Lyle Tenpenny 


Bryan Murphy 
Julie Murphy 

138 /Organizations 


(L to R) (1) Jake Abernathy, Susie Anderson, Trey Sturtevant (Vice-Chair),Kyle 
Sclafani (Secretary), Julian Bibb, (2) Cotton Bryan (Chair), Ivan Kozak, Joe 
Underwood, Will Merritt, Campbell Bourland. 


Dean Robert W. Pearigen 

Dean Lee B. Guerry 

Lisa Manley 

Joel Welsh 

Russ Vandermaas-Peeler 

Eric Benjamin 

Julie Murphy 

Caren Rosser 

Anne Sitz 

Reverend Tom Ward 

Reverend Annwn Myers 


(Chairman), Karen Haley 
(Assistant Chairman), 
Cameron Graham, 
J. Q., Freeman. 
(2) Scott Branting, 
Kathyrn Ingram (Secre- 
tary), Jaret Pfluger, Sikes 
Ragan. Not Pictured: Paula 


The Assembly represents student opinion and makes recommendations to the faculty and administration through the 
Deans. The Assembly legislates in matters of student affairs, subject to ratification by the faculty and administration, and it 
recommends to the Deans of Students and the Provost the allocation of student activity funds. 

Hunter Connelly (Speaker), Helen Boehm(Treasurer), Frances Lumpkin (Secretary). 

Class representatives : Senior Class: Scotty Scott; Junior class: Chris Rainey, Brooke Vaughn, Rob Rhoden; Sopho- 
more class: Jeanne Porter, Christy Beasley, Jennie Sutton; Freshman class: Angela Ward, Kiki Reese. 

Dorm representatives : J. J. Pfeil (Johnson), Bedford Vickers (Johnson), David Simpson (Cannon), Ed Flowers (Can- 
non), Karen Haley (Quintard), Scarlett Elliott (Quintard), Jaret Pfluger (Benedict), Shann Williams (Benedict), Bobby 
Mosca (Benedict), Emily Allenburger (Benedict), Vaiden McElwee (Hunter), Jennifer Armstrong (Hunter), Jason Pittman 
(McCrady), Katie Greene (McCrady), Sean O'Quinn (McCrady), Felysha Jenkins (McCrady), Matt Laney (Gailor), Luke 
Schrader (Gailor), Ivan Kozak (Gailor), Bob Jackson (Gailor), Julian Bibb (Courts), Cynthia Norman (Courts), Alice Grey 
Odom (Courts), Kathryn Ingram (Courts), Paula Sereebutra (Hoffman), Cynthia Lyons (Hoffman), Jeff Peters (Tuckaway), 
Kate Shealy (Cleveland), Lisa Akerman (Cleveland), Pat Bowen (Trezevant), Michael Sansbury (Trezevant), Craig 
Wardlaw (Trezevant), James Baker (Trezevant), Scott Phillips (Trezevant). 

Other students : Cathy Rafferty, Greg Bautista, Seth Eaker, Mary Adams, Shannon Smith, Mary Talbot, Darron Busbee, 
Reggie Ramsey, Matt Hunter, Matt Stiles. 

Organizations/ 139 


The Order of Gownsmen is made up of students who have achieved the required grade-point average and are entitled to 
wear the academic gown. The order advises the Student Assembly and strives to promote and maintain the spirit, tradition, 
and ideals of the University. The body has legislative influence through its appointment power to student and faculty 
committees and its ability to investigate any concerns of the student body. 

Members: Jason Abel, Jake Abernathy, James Acken, Ashley Aiken, Lisa Akerman, Carol Akins, Ikuko Akiyama, 
Chance Algar. Rinne Allen, Monte Alves, Lizzie Anderson, Elizabeth Ariail, Aidan Arney, Jason Balogh, Steve Barden, 
Kostadin Basamakov. Amanda Basham, Susan Baskett, Nicholas Beasley, Leigh Behrens, Allison Bell, Celena Benjamin, 
Ariel Bennett, Hannah Bennett, Andrew Benson, Beau Bethea, Julian Bibb, Courtney Birch, Valerie Blanks, Helen Boehm, 
Thomas Booker (SOT), Scott Boring, Matt Boucher, George Bowers, John Boyd, Scott Branting, Dan Brooks, Alex 
Brown. Claiborne Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Greer Brown, Allyson Brownlee, Cotton Bryan, Ama Bryson, Brooke 
Buchanan. Margaret Buchanan, Liz Bull, Chris Cairns, Chris Campbell, Jane Campbell, Ben Carlisle, Catherine Carruthers, 
Katherine Cashman, Catherine Christie, Abbey Christman, Katherine Christy, Carter Clements, Keith Coates, Lee Cole, 
Anna Collins, Doug Combs, Patrick Comer, Hunter Connelly, Amanda Cook, Heather Cook, Mike Cooke, Drew Corbett, 
Hillary Covington, Skyler Covington, Ben Crawford, Jennifer Crook, Sarah Cross, Timothy Dargan, Molly Davis, Tom 
Dees, Lindsey Delaplaine, Kate Depew, Bond Dillard, Pete Dillon, Claire Drummond, Evans Dunwoody, Seth Eaker, 
Suzanne Eastridge, Branan Edgens, Bryan Eklund, Roe Elam, Scarlett Elliott, Drew Ellis, Chris Elwell, Kristina Erlewine, 
Maggie Erwin, Kathy Gale Estes, Nikki Etheridge. Gina Everetts, Lucie Ewing, Richard Faw, Eliza Fisher, Elizabeth Fitch, 
Fletch Fletcher, Elizabeth Foss, Tara Frankel, Dave Frazelle, Branan Freeman, Saskia Galbraith, Beth Galligan, Clark 
Gallivan, Georganne Garzon, Kimberly Gay, Maggie Giel, J. P. Given, Dode Gladders,Camille Gleaton, Perry Gooch, 
Cameron Graham, Alison Grand, Hays Green, Robbie Griffith, Ken Grimes, Cathy Gross, Holly Hacker, Trey Hackney, 
Karen Haley, David Hall, Lee Hamilton, Jennifer Hamilton, Eric Harrell, Mary Carol Harris, Lebby Harrison, Max Hart, 
Caroline Hartley, Kim Harvin, Willy Haselden, Winslow HastieAmy Hawkins, Katherine Hawethorne, Heidi Hays, Ryan 
Healan, Parakrama Herath, Cathy Herrmann, Elizabeth Hesselink, Kevin Hiers, Gaby Hill, Yvonne Hill, Celia Holland, 
Christiana Holyer, K. C. Home, Dave Howard, Laurie Howell, Rob Howell, Steven Howell, Walter Hubbell, Ivar Hultin, 
Brad Hunter, Matt Hunter, Kristin Ialacci, Kathryn Ingram, Elizabeth Irwin, Uzair Ismail, Andrew Israel, Charles Israel, 
Karen Jacks, Megan Jackson, Robert Jackson, Stephen Jackson, Michael Jarrett, Sean Jecko, Weina Jiang, Jenny Johnson, 
Natasha Johnson, Chris Johnson, Talman Johnson, Keith Johnston, Bums Jones,Carlotta Jones, Kathleen Jones, Trey Jones, 
Brian Joyner. Page Kalish, Christine Keating, Christopher Keefer, Sammi Kell, Katherine Kellogg, Jay Kelly ,Melissa 
Kennedy, David Kem, Carlyle Knox, Chase Kopecky, Ivan Kozak, Sissy Kuhlke, Shamala Kumar, Valerie Kuthe, 
Alexandra Kutz, Allison Lamb, Matt Laney, Harvey Lardin, Kelli Lassiter, Gretel Leslie, Jennifer Leveridge, Frederick 
Lewis, Julia Lindyberg, Robert Lominack, Gibson Lott, Susanna Lowrey, Matt Lugar, Frances Lumpkin, Jason Luna. 
Quingshan Luo, Katherine Mahon, Barbara Major, Maria Marcum, Nicole Maris, Evonne Marler, Tuck Marshall, Eric 
Marsland, Dave Mason, Ryan Mason. Sally McClatchy, Ryan McConnell, Charles McCorquodale, Mercedes McDaniel, 
Vaiden McElwee, Jenn McGee, Anne McGinn, Allison McGlothin, Preston McKee, Kelley McLeod, Kirstin McMillan, 
Catherine McNeese, Jonathan Meiburg, Will Merritt, Jana Mestecky, Sarah Miers, Adam Miller, Keith Minnifield, Jeff 
Mitchell, Megan Montgomery, Chris Morris, Brian Morrow, Anson Mount, Laurel Murchison, Katie Murdock, Sarah 
Musselman, Wes Myers, Ashley Neal, Fritz Newiger, My-Kahnh Nguyen, Scott Noland, Sean O'Quinn, Eric Ochel, Randy 
Odle, Ashley Owens, David Padilla, Jefferson Parker, Grove Parsons, Jim Patterson, Stacy Patton, Amy Pecquet, Stephanie 
Perry, Cynthia Petesch (Secretary), Jennifer Pfeil, Jaret Pfluger, David Phelps, Chris Phillips, Lori Phillips, Bridgette 
Plowman, John Pollock (SOT), Greg Pond, Brandi Poole, Josh Poole, Amy Powell, Caroline Powell, Tom Poyner, Cathy 
Rafferty, Sikes Ragan, Paul Randall, Rob Rhoden, Lillian Rice, Daniel Richards, Heathcliff Rico, Jeff Ridner, Rachel 
Riemer. Dan Rigazzi, David Roark, Chad Robbins, Burnie Rogers, Tyler Roper, Mary Rossi, Brian Rushing, Alexander 
Ryan, Stephen Salmon, Franklin Sames, Tania Samman, Asitha Sandanayake, Rob Sanford, Craig Schmidt, Luke Shrader, 
Kyle Sclafani, Art Scomavacca, Nena Scott, Paula Sereebutra, Malcolm Sewell, Emily Shealy, Anne Shoemake, Angela 
Sitz, Katherine Slingluff, Dusty Smith, Heather Smith, Jason Smith, Sara Smith, May Smythe, Alice Sneary, Traci 
Solomon, John Sonfield, Justin Sonfield, Nikki Songy, Kevin Sparrow, Missy Speights, Nancy Beth Spencer, Grayson 
Splane, Seth Spoelman, Emily Sprouse, Benji Stevenson, Leslie Stidham, Jim Stoltz, Roger Stott, Jack Strifling, Dick 
Strong, Trey Sturtevant (President), Jeddie Suddeth, Missy Sumerel, Jennie Sutton, Mary Adams Tartt, Robin Taylor, Mary 
Beth Teague, Charles Temple, Lyle Tenpenny, Michael Terrell, Jenny Thacker, Amy Thompson, Chris Thompson, Dave 
Thompson, Camille Thompson, Stacey Tompkins, Jordana Tonn, Katherine Toole, Catherine Tray wick, Brett Trotter, 
Avery Tucker, David Tudor, Sarah Tuton, Joe Underwood, Celeste Unsworth, Margaret Upchurch, Hampton Uzzelle, Dana 
Van Camp, Amanda Vance, Serens Vann, Josh Vamer, Brooke Vaughan, Tyler Vaughey, Chriatina Vial, Beth Vickers, 
Duncan Vinson, Dave Waddell, Leslie Walker, Tija Ward, Dallon Weathers, Nat West, Cathy White, Farrell White, Quisha 
White, Andrew Williams.Chris Willett, Lee Williams, Ray Williams, Lee Willis, Jenny Wolfram, Jennifer Wood, Artricia 
Woods, Laura Wylie, David Young, Trent Zivkovich. 

140 /Organizations 


Proctors are the liasons 
between the administration 
and students. Proctors are 
in charge of their residence 
hall as well as its residents. 
They maintain dorm 
regulations, keep quiet 
hours in effect, help with 
roommate problems, order 
those beloved dorm break- 
fasts, keep us safe, leave 
blinkies, and have fun too 
(when not on dorm duty). 

Head Proctors: 
Elizabeth Ariail 
Eric Harrell 

Leigh Behrens (Quintard) 
Cotton Bryan (Tuckaway) 
Katherine Christy 

Jennifer Crook (Quintard) 
Tom Dees (Cannon) 
Pete Dillon (Trezevant) 
Fletch Fletcher (St. Luke's) 
Hays Green (Tuckaway) 
Christiana Holyer 
Matt Hunter (Elliott) 
Michael Jarrett (McCrady) 
Natasha Johnson (Gorgas) 
Sami Kell (Phillips) 
Carlyle Knox (Elliott) 
Julie Lindyberg (Benedict) 
Jennifer McGee (Hunter) 
Ryan Mason (Gailor) 
Sarah Miers (Hoffman) 
Ashley Neal (Johnson) 
Brigette Plowman (Gorgas) 
Josh Poole (Benedict) 
Cathy Rafferty (Cleveland) 
Sikes Ragan (Courts) 
Paul Randall (Trezevant) 
Kyle Sclafani (Quintard) 
Sara Smith (Gorgas) 
Roger Stott (Quintard) 
Joe Underwood (McCrady) 
Brooke Vaughan (Courts) 
David Young (Gailor) 


Omicron Delta Kappa is the National Leadership Honor Society that recognizes and 
encourages superior scholarship, leadership, and exemplary character. Omicron Delta Kappa 
was founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University Lexington, Virginia and the Alpha 
Alpha Circle of ODK at Sewanee, Tennessee was installed in 1929. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Cathy Rafferty, Elizabeth Hesselink, J. J. Pfeil, Amy Thompson (2) 
Jennifer Wood, Kristina Erlewine, Pete Dillon, Cameron Graham, Anne McGinn, Asitha 
Sandanayake, Jenny Johnson, Sarah Miers, Robert Lominack (President) (3)Tom Kepple. Rob 
Rhoden, Burns Jones, Charles Israel, Katherine Christy, Kevin Hiers, Cotton Bryan, Randy 
Odle, Paul Randall, Lisa Akerman (4) Kevin West, Kim Heitzenrater, Dean Rob Pearigen, 
Julie Curd, Dawn White, Dean Lee Guerry (5) Dr. Brown Patterson, Dr. Charles Brockett, Dr. 
Bruce Conn, Dr. Ansel Shaip. Not pictured: Elizabeth Ariail, Matt Boucher, Mary Rossi, 
Stowe Ruff. Andria Warren, Beth Harris, Dr. Henry Arnold, Dr.Charles Binniker, Ed Camp, 
Dr, Fred Croom, Dr. Bill Garland, Dr. Gilbert Gilchrist, Dr. Anita Goodstein, Dean Bob 
Keele, Dr. William Register, Phoebe Pearigen, Dr. Charles Perry, Dr. Stephen Puckette, Dr. 
Doug Seiters, Dr. Gerald Smith,Dr. Harry Yeatman, Major McCollough, Dr. Pat Gibson. 


Eta Sigma Phi, the Sewanee chapter of 
the National Classics Honor Society, 
helps students gain an appreciation for the 
classics through guest lecturers, museum 
visits and get togethers. 

Claiborne Wood Brown 
Benjamin Todd Crawford 
Christopher George Cudabec 
Mary Grace Gibbs DuPree 
John Andrew Ellis 
Lorena Deanese Freeman 
Berkeley Haynsworth Little 
Robert Edward Lominack 
Jon Frederick Newiger 
Harris Frederick Powers III 
Dr. Charles M. Binniker 
Dr. William S. Bonds 
Dr. Susan J. Ridyard 
Dr. J. Douglas Seiters 


The Gamma Sigma Chapter of Pi Sigma 
Alpha of the National Political Science 
Honor Society (established at Sewanee in 
1958), seeks to stimulate productive scholar- 
ship and an intelligent interest in government. 


Jenny Johnson (President) 

Clai Brown (Secretary /Treasurer) 

Keith Coates 

Jennifer Hamilton 

Robert Lominack 

Sarah Miers 

David Padilla 

Kristina Erlewine 

Brad Mall 

Lillian Rice 

Kawanna Reese 

Organizations/ 141 


Phi Beta Kappa. National Honor Society, recognizes high academic achievement and seeks to foster the spirit of active scholarship. Its 
members are encouraged to assume leadership in student affairs. Election to Phi Beta Kappa is perhaps the most prized honor a college 
student can receive. Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary. It is the oldest fraternity in the United States. 
The Sewanee Chapter. Beta of Tennessee, was established in 1926. 

Student members: Ikuko Akiyama, Elizabeth Ariail, Helen Boehm, Jane Campbell, Katherine Cashman, Kristina Erlewine, Jennifer 
Hamilton, Mary Carol Harris,Elizabefh Hesselink, Kevin Hiers, Megan Jackson, Weina Jiang, Jenny Johnson, Kathleen Jones, Trey Jones, 
Robert Lominack, Quingshan Luo, Allison McGlothin, Sarah Miers, Gene Moss, David Padilla, Jefferson Parker, Jennifer Pfeil, Kawanna 
Reese, Lillian Rice, David Roark, Mary Rossi, Asitha Sandanayake, Amy Thompson. Jordanna Tonn, Kevin West, Jennifer Wood. 

Faculty members: Dr. Henry Arnold, Dr. Charles Binnicker, Frances Calder, Dr. Larry Carden, Arthur B.Chitty, Elizabeth Chitty, Dr. 
James Clayton, Dr. Fred Croom, Dr. Henrietta Croom, Dr. Bill Garland, John Gessell, Dr. Gilbert Gilchrist, Dr. Anita Goodstein, Dr. Robert 
Gottfried. Elizabeth Grammer, Rev. Bob Hughes, Dr. Jerry Ingles, Dr. Larry Jones, Dr. Dennis Kezar, Dr. Andrew Lytle, Rev.Guy Fitch 
Lytle HI, Dr. Eric Naylor. Dr. Robert Lancaster, Dr. Pam Macfie, Dr. Corrie Norman, Dr. Brown Patterson, Phoebe Pearigen, Dean Robert 
Pearigen, Dr. Charles Perry, Dr. James Peterman, Dr. William Priestly, Dr. Stephen Puckette, Dr. Laurie Ramsey, Dr. Clay Ross, John 
Siewert, Joan Ward, Rev. Tom Ward, Gene Watson, Dr. Herbert Wentz, Dawn White, Vice-Chancellor Sam Williamson, Dr. Harry 


Sigma Pi Sigma, the only National 
Physics Honor Society, was established 
in 1958. The chapter receives into 
membership physics students and a 
limited number from closely related 
fields when such students attain high 
standards of scholarship, professional 
merit and academic distinction. 


George Bowers 

Katherine Hawthorne 

Parakrama Herath 

Uzair Ismail 

Andrew Israel 

Jeff Mitchell 

Rachel Riemer 

Asitha Sandanayake 

Camille Thompson 

Jason Vinton 

Dr. Eric Ellis 


Psi Chi, the only National Psychology 
Honor Society, was established in Sewanee in 
1992. The chapter receives those maintaining 
a specified grade-point average both within 
the field of Psychology as well as the cumula- 
tive grade-point average. The chapter spon- 
sors guest speakers, works with National 
programs, and encorages growth within the 
professional field of psychology. 

Student Members: 

Stephen Barden, Amanda Basham, 
Celena Benjamin, Laura Brown, Patrice 
Cohoon, Jody Daily, Dode Gladders, Robbie 
Griffith, Eric Harrell, Matt Laney, Jason Luna 
Eric Ochel, J. J. Pfeil (Vice President/ 
Secretary), Heathcliff Rico, Angela Sitz, 
Jason Smith (Treasurer). Leslie Stidham, 
Artricia Woods (President). 

Faculty Members: 

Dr. Nicole Barenbaum, Dr. Tim Keith- 
Lucas, Dr. Charles Peyser, Dr. Mauureen 
Vandermaas-Peeler, Dr. Carol Tate (Advisor). 


Sigma Delta Pi is the National Spanish 
Honor Society. The Kappa Chapter was 
chartered at Sewanee in 1978. Members 
are elected on the basis of scholastic 
merit and interest in Hispanic culture. 

Student Members: 

Aidan Arney, Ariel Bennett, Cecilia 
Bogran, Bill Bowie, Steven Bruce, Louie 
Caputo, Scarlett Elliott, Mike Fulkerson, 
Lee Hamilton, Rob Howell, Ivan Kozak, 
Susanna Lowrey, Catherine McNeese, 
Jeff Mitchell, Ashley Owen, David 
Padilla, Jessica Rentz, Rob Sanford, 
Dusty Smith, John Thomas, Camille 
Thompson, Kevin West. 

Faculty Members: 

Dr. Margaret Bonds, Marilyn 
Davidheiser, Dr. Jerry Ingles, Dr. 
Antonio Momplet, Dr. Maria Natal, Dr. 
Eric Naylor, Steven Rinck, Dr. Thomas 
Spaccarelli, William Temple, Dr. Charles 
Brockett, Dr. Robert Gottfried. 


Members: Margaret Upchurch (Convener/President), Amy 
Thompson (Vice President), Caroline Powell (Secretary/Trea- 
surer), Alexis Bogner, Julia Norwood, Artricia Woods, Erin 
Wilson, Catherine Carruthers, Maryetta Anschutz, Carden Yeiser, 
Kathy Gale Estes, Bedford Vickers, Holley Monteil, Laura 
Bowles, Jessica Rentz, East Apthorp. 

142 /Organizations 


Members: (L to R) (1) Dr. Carol Tate (Advisor), Artricia Woods, Gaby Hill, Jason Luna (President), Shamala 
Kumar, Laura Brown, Heathcliff Rico, Dr. Nicole Barenbaum (Advisor) (2) Beau Bethea, Eric Ochel, Nate Conover, 
Dr. Tim Keith-Lucas, Sean Jecko, Eric Harrell, Robbie Griffith, Kent Underwood, David Royal. Not pictured: 
Jennifer Armstrong, Steve Barden, Amanda Basham, Celena Benjamin, Elizabeth Bowlin, Sally Brown, Caroline 
Christy, Patrice Cohoon, McCoy Darby, Myranda Davis, Nikki Etheridge, Georganne Garzon, Eliza Goodall, Alison 
Grand, Holly Hadley, Kim Harvin, Jennifer Ison, Natasha Johnson, Grace Jones, Merritt Kinder, Alexandra Kutz, 
Matt Laney, Julia Lynn, Shawn Martin, Sarah Martins, Cal Menzies, Holley Montiel, Nicole Noffsinger, Ashley 
Owen, J. J. Pfeil (Secretary), Betsy Pollett, Sikes Ragan, Terry Readus, Melissa Riley, Emily Shealy, Angela Sitz, 
Jason Smith (Treasurer), Natalie Sparks, Leslie Stidham, Brooke Vaughan, Walker Willse, Kristen Wilson. 


The German House (left), established in 1978, offers students an 
opportunity to improve their German language skills. Cultural and 
social events sponsored by the House provide an educational atmo- 
sphere for German students and the community. 

Residents: (L to R) Frederick Lewis (A. P. ), Jordana Tonn, Bailey 
Brown III, Dr. James Davidheiser (Advisor), Barbara Clark, Lee 
Williams, Nomzamo Matyumza, Anja Seitz (Resident Director). Not 
pictured: Nicholas Bruner, Tim Snider. 



The French House, established in 1973, is the campus center for French 
cultural activities. Many of its programs are open to the community who 
share with the eight residents an interest in enhancing their understanding 
of France and in improving their language skills. 

Residents: Sebastian Dubreil (Resident Director), Grove Parsons, 
Melanie Murray, Nathan Ewer, Tom Poyner, Nena Scott, Sarah Thompson, 
PhUlippe Wheelock. 



The Russian House provides exposure to all aspects of Russian culture 
and life, and promotes Russian awareness across the Sewanee academic 

Residents: Svetlana Shapurova (Resident Director), Maria Marcum 
(A. P.), Laura Brown, Max Vielle, Kellam Warren, Carry Yadon, Aaron 

Organizations/ 143 


The Sewanee Emergency Medical Service (SEMS) provides first- 
response emergency ambulance service to the 18th Civil District of 
Franklin County. Their region ranges from Clifftops, to the foot of Alto 
road, to the Cowan County line, and to the Alabama State line. The 
service is composed of student and community resident volunteers 
certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) by the State of 
Tennessee (following 220 hours of intensive classroom training and 
btesting). The service has weekly practices because the state requires 
continuing education credits for continued certification. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Corey Estes, Sikes Ragan, Will Merritt, Jake 
Abemathy (2) Michael Jarrett, Sian Baranco, Anne Spear, Mica 
O'Brien.Willard Bridges, Ronnie Hoosier, Chip Schane, Campbell 
Bourland, Charles Israel, Cal Menzies, Julie Rosdeutscher, Matthew 
Mebane. Ken Riggs, Katie Greene, Scott Branting, Jason Pittman, 

144 /Organizations 

The Sewanee Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) is an 
organization composed of both students and community 
residents who provide fire protection in Sewanee. They are 
also responsible for mountain rescue, assistance to the SEMS, 
and setting up for emergency helicopter landings. 

Student Members: Ryan McConnell (Chief), Trent Zivcovich 
(Assistant Chief). Robert Lominack (Training Officer), Chan 
Richards (Lieutenant), Greg Pond (Lieutenant), Ray Williams 
(Lieutenant). Lee Hamilton, Silas Davenport. Rich Faw. 
Melissa Riley, John Sullivan, Catherine Black, Jeff Swann, 
Hendree Harrison. Matt Groves, Whit Davis. Scott Taylor. 

Community Members: David Green, Doug Cameron. 
Randall Henley, Clea Sherrill, Melvin Morris, Wayne Caldwell, 
Kevin Gilliam, Ronald Hoosier, Speed Baranco, Charlie Smith. 
Patton Watkins, Webster Hamilto, George Stevenson, Steve 
Reas, Will Walker, Rambo. Chip Schane, Martie Hawkins, 
Steven Alvarez, Buddy Hoosier, Willard Bridges. Kevin Dykes, 
Mike Parker, Amy Beth Shelton, Dan Rather. Kim King. 

Organizations/ 145 


1915 K 


(left) The Sewanee Bacchus (Boost Alcohol Consciousness 
Concerning the Health of University Students) chapter is a local 
affiliate of a 600 chapter national organization by the same name. 
Both grew out of concern by students, faculty, and staff about 
moderate use of alcohol on campus. The purpose of BACCHUS is 
to encourage responsible drinking behavior within the campus 
community, to work to alleviate problems of alcohol abuse, and to 
educate and inform the students, faculty, and staff on alcohol 
issues, not deter students from drinking. BACCHUS is not a 
temperance or treatment organization rather, it is an educational 
group seeking to teach moderation, responsibility, and personal 
freedom of choice in matters involving alcohol. Locally, 
BACCHUS provides alternative transportation during the week- 
ends for party goers- Affectionately known as the BACCHUS 

Members: Alexis Bogner, Rob Sanford, Tarik Sayed, David 
Royal, Evonne Marler, Gina Everetts, Ariel Bennett. Not pictured: 
Seth Eaker. 


The Baptist Student Union (left) is an organization open to 
students from any denomination with the purpose of furthering 
Christian growth and fellowship. BSU meets weekly for informal 
Bible studies that are lead by a different student volunteer each 
meeting. Members: Celena Benjamin, Amanda Cook, Jody 
Daily, Mary Bertha Godwin, Brandon Harry, Brad Jackson, Gavin 
Kohler, Shawn Martin, Josh Reams, Nancy Beth Spencer, Tiffany 
Tant, Shanna Thompson, Erin Wilson, Nicole Glover, Kent 
Underwood, Scott Womack, Meridith Arthur, LeAnn Foss, Leigh 
Anne Peace, Valerie Kuthe, Ian Brauner, Fritz Newiger, Laura 
Ross, Bret Alexander, Jessica Fletchall, Gretchen Roberts, Job 
Seese, Mary Beth Donaldson, Rob Rhoden, Christopher Murray, 
Anthony Jones, Ginger Baily, David Royal. 


The B. C. Board provides, stimulates, and promotes a well-balanced 
variety of social, recreational, entertainment, and educational programs 
for the students of the University. 

Members: Jack Strifling (President), Monte Alves (Vice President), 
John Boyd (secretary), Virginia Chaplin (Secretary), Sikes Ragan 
(Treasurer), Taylor Bickerstaff, Charles McCorquodale, Porter Barron, 
Carroll Williamson, Preston McKee, Harris Powers, Jay Kelley, Jeddie 
Suddeth, Chandler Collins, Will Belford, Michael Terrell, Jane 

146 /Organizations 


AAA (left), established in 1977, is an organization 
whose members are dedicated to fostering an environment 
within the College in which minority students can develop 
their academic and personal potential in addition to 
contributing to the cultural richness of the University 

Members: (L to R) (1) Nicole Steffani. Karen Sanderfur, 
Artricia Woods (2) Kent Underwood, Felysha Jenkins, 
Cynthia Lyons, Anthony Jones, Kliff Grimes (3) Natasha 
Johnson, Michelle Parks, Myranda Davis (4) Frank 
Williams, Nikki Robertson, Keith Minnifield. Quisha 
White, Keith Hall, Rasheid Light. Not Pictured: Terry 



The Sewanee Conference on Women, planned by a group 
of students, faculty, and staff, brings noted speakers to campus 
every Spring to inform the community on issues of particular 
concern to women. The women's conference usually spans 
across a weekend, thus, allowing the guests to get to know the 
women that helped to bring them to Sewanee through a series 
of lectures, luncheons, and informal gatherings. 

Core Committee Members: Diane O'Bryan (Chairperson), 
Jennifer Armstrong, Polly Bass, Amy Crowder, Jennifer 
Fuqua, Amy Hawkins, Kathryn Ingram, Anne Katherine 
Jones, Belle Little, Kelly Ramke, Beth Rowe, Heather Smith, 
Lisa Manley (Advisor). 



Deuce (left), a men's organization established this Spring, 
is based on the ideals of community service. The members 
include students and community residents who are required to 
serve the needs of the region's children and communities. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Keith Minnifield, Kliff Grimes, 
Anthony Jones (2) Kent Underwood, Rasheid Light. Keith 
Hall, Frank Williams. Not pictured: Terry Readus. 

Organizations/ 147 


College Republicans (above) is a student organization that supports and promotes the political ideology of 
the Republican Party. 

Members: (L to R) Rob Rhoden. Jamie McGregor, Ian Brauner, Jim Stoltz, Amy Jo Perigo, Jaret Pfluger, 
Scarlett Elliott. Bobby Mosca, Sean Williams. Jim Patterson, Frank Williams, Tom Poyner, Traci Solomon. 


European Studies (left) is an abroad program, co-sponsored by Sewanee and 
Rhodes, during the Advent semester that travels to Europe for three months to 
conduct studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, Art History, Literature, 
Religion, and Culture. Study includes 6 weeks of attendance at St. John's College, 
Oxford, as well as 'class' in the Louvre, Uffizi Gallery, St. Peter's Basilica, and 
many other world renowned galleries. 

Participants: Megan Montgomery. Mary Carol Harris, Francis Currie, Kathy 
Gale Estes, Kelley McLeod, Maggie Giel, Ashley Owen, Chad Bottorff, Anne 
Shoemake, Roe Elam, Julia Frazier, Georganne Garzon. Farrell White, Abi 
Christman, Sue Ridyard (assistant Dean of the program). 


College Democrats is a student 
organization dedicated to increasing 
awareness of the Democratic Party 
and American political issues in 

Members: Susan Baskett, 
Bedford Vickers, Chris Fostel, Steve 
Schale, Jeff Peters, Emily Sprouse, 
Lyle Tenpenny, Maryetta Anschutz, 
Amy Crowder, Joseph Neibich. 


Sewanee Students For Life strives to 
promote an increased awareness about 
prolife issues among the Sewanee 

Members: Jordana Tonn, Kristina 
Erlewine, David Burger, Rob Rhoden, 
Rachel Hildebrant, Christie Allnut. 
Nicole Corlew, Jessica Fletchall, Laura 
Elliott. Sam Backfield, Katherine 
Clemens, Ezra Seese, Will Christie, 
Justin Adams, Dr. Gottfried, Dr. Peters. 

148 /Organizations 


OCCU (right) encourages all 
students to recognize, appreciate, and 
understand ethnic diversities on 
campus. It encourages students to 
share their cultural heritage and 
presents the interaction of diverse 
cultures as a positive component of 
the liberal arts experience. The group 
presents diverse cultural activities, 
both educational and social. 

Members: Kostadin Basamakov, 
Polly Bass, Greg Bautista, Arial 
Bennett, Cecilia Bogran, Cotton 
Bryan, Samnita Burney, Elizabeth 
Byrd, Anna Collins, Pradeeshan 
Coomaraswamy, Sebastien Dubreil, 
Una Hall, Theresa Hartley, 
Parakrama Herath, Weina Jiang, 
Shamala Kumar, Valerie Kuthe, 
Frederick Lewis, Quingshan Luo, 
Nomzamo Matyumza, Fritz Newiger, 
My-Khanh Nguyen, Kushalappa 
Paleyanda, Leslie Puckett, Miguel 
Rueda, Tania Samman, Anja 
Sammler, Asitha Sandanayake, 
Sabrina Scinto, Anja Seitz, Paula 
Sereebutra, Sveta Shpurova, Yuki 
Tanaka, Lee Williams, Mikii Will- 
iams, Lindsay Young, Ikuko 
Akiyama, Yasmeen Mohiuddin, 
Matilda Dunn, Lisa Manley, Steffan 
Kram, Alexandra Kutz. 


The Orientation Core Committee helps 
welcome and prepare incoming Freshmen for life 
at Sewanee. 

Members: Andria Warren, Anne Budros, Whit 
Davis, Quisha White, Page Kalish, Brian Mor- 
row, Andrew Williams, Laura Boles. 


Waste Not is a student recycling 
organization dedicated to finding 
effective and efficient ways to 
recycle materials. Waste Not 
focuses on educating students about 
the benefits of recycling, facilitat- 
ing and expanding recycling efforts 
on campus, increasing environmen- 
tal awareness, as well as creating 
campus wide programs in which 
the students participate. 

Members: John Molinaro. Bond 
Dillard, Julie Graves, Kevin Hiers 
(President), Geoff Kohl, Jonathan 
Walker. Becky Estes, Mary Beth 
Teague, My-Khanh Nguyen, 
Brendan Bailey, Carolina Lugo, 
Catherine Holton, Brad Condra, 
Amy Swepston, Bob Jackson (Vice 
President/ Secretary), Lindsey 
Delaplaine, Jennifer Davis. Ashley 
Brigham. Danielle Lanca, Amanda 
Morrisson, Bridget Bertrand. Gina 
Harmon, Leigh Williams, Phillippe 
Wheelock, Tricia Mashburn, 
Kimberly Fellman. April Varn, 
Becca Taylor, Abi White, Trey 
Sturtevant, Byron Davis, Jama 
Shelton, Roger Stott, Elizabeth 
Hesselink, Sarah Stuart, Jesse 
Pursley, Jim Ashurst, Alexis 
Bogner, Chris Keefer, Coleman 
Rose, Sally Brown. Ginny Holland. 

t ''■■, 1 

Organizations/ 149 


Perpetual Motion (left) is a 
performing dance company designed 
to give students an opportunity to 
perform and expose the Sewanee 
community to the many forms and 
styles of dance. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Carlyle 
Knox, Tricia Marshburn, Amanda 
Spann, Celia Holland, Cara Freeman, 
Grove Parsons (Vice President), 
Jennifer Wood (President), Mary 
Welsh (Secretary/ Treasurer), Christy 
Beasley, Presh Killebrew, Beth Rowe, 
Sean Jecko (2) Becca Taylor, Leigh 
Behrens, Kellee Ryan, Stacey Patton, 
Scott Evans, Bridget Bertrand, 
Susanna Lowrey. Kela Caldwell, 
Jennifer Hammontree, Megan Jack- 
son, Kate Depew, Ellen Lang, Paula 
Sereebutra. Not pictured: Millie 
Flournoy, Peter Lettre, Anson Mount, 
Danielle Schiano, Phoebe Pearigen. 


Sewanee Popular Music Association (below), 
affectionately known as SPAM, was organized in 
1971 to provide popular music of all types on the 
Mountain. A service organization, not a social club, 
SPAM functions as a group outside of the Greek 
system, but does not exclude any members of the 
Greek system. 

Members: (L to R) Amanda Morrison. Benjamin 
Stevenson, John Molinaro, Caren Trubey. 


WUTS (above), the student operated radio station, provides music and educa- 
tional programming, as well as news broadcasts. WUTS is on the air for 18 hours a 
day during the school year broadcasting to a 20 mile area receiving radius. Students, 
as well as faculty and staff, have their own weekly shows. 

Members: (L to R) David Roark, Tim Snyder, Chris Cargill (on floor), Ramsey 
Moss, Caren Trubey, Jefferson Parker, Benjamin Stevenson, Bessie Gant, Neil 
Prewitt, John Molinaro. Not pictured: Franklin Sames (Station Manager), Warren 
Holt, Paul Morris, Jennie Sutton, Amy Swepston, Coleman Rose. 

150 /Organizations 


The Cap and Gown is the 
annual publication that 
preserves the previous school 
year for the future. The book 
serves as a pictorial direc- 
tory, as well as an accurate 
chronicle of life in Sewanee. 
1995 is the Centennial of the 
existing Cap and Gown books 
we have in the Archives. 

Jennifer Pfeil 

Jason Luna 
Business Manager 

Eliza Fisher 
Student Life Editor 

Lori Phillips 
Faculty Editor 

Jennifer Pfeil 
Greeks Editor 

Jennifer Pfeil 
Athletics Editor 

Jennifer Pfeil 
Organizations Editor 

Leigh van Rij 
Classes Co-Editor 

Amanda Morrisson 
Classes Co-Editor 

Erin Grossman 
Advertisements Editor 

Jennifer Pfeil 
School of Theology Editor 

Jennifer Pfeil 
Computer Layout Editor 

Lyn Hutchinson 
Photographer / Advisor 

Scott Evans 

Laura Jennings 

Katie Larkins 

Susannah Metz 


The Purple, established in 1892, is the official organ of the students of the University of the South. 
The newspaper contains scholastic articles, student articles and letters, sports articles, cartoons, restau- 
rant reviews, things to do calendars, and random blurbs by Branan Edgens. This year, the Purple 
resurrected the Burple from hibernation and provided a good bit of humor on April Fool's Day. 

Staff: Jonathan Meiburg (Editor-in-Chief), Lindsey Delaplaine (Associate Editor), Tania Samman 
(News Editor), James Karst (Features Editor), Jennie Sutton (Living Arts Editor), Robbie Griffith 
(Sports Editor), Wendy Watterson (Business Manager), Frank Pratt (Layout Editor), Lizz Haldeman 
(Advertisements Editor), Karl Ulbrich (Electronic Purple Editor), Matt Laney (Electronic Purple 
Editor), Margaret Parsell (Subscriptions Editor), Ginny Kelleher (Page Two Editor), Amy Hughes 
(Page Two Editor), Lyn Hutchinson (Photographer). 


The Mountain Goat is a 
semi-annual publication that 
accepts submissions of short 
stories, poetry, photographs, 
drawings, and scholarly 
writings by both students and 
faculty members. 

Matt Boucher 

Kathleen Jones 

Chance Algar 

Jay Kelley 

John Sullivan 

Jennie Sutton 

Dana Van Camp 


John M. Grammer 


The Legacy is a new publication that has arisen out of the need for the presentation of the Conserva- 
tive voice on campus. The monthly paper covers issues concerning the University, as well as articles 
and letters from students, faculty, staff, and community residents. 

Editorial Board: David Kern (Chief Editor), Job Seese (Layout Editor), Rob Rhoden (Business 
Manager), Will Christie (Senior Editor), Nicole Corlew (Senior Editor), Kristina Erlewine (Senior 

Staff: Doug Adair, Justin Adams, David Burger, Katherine Clemens, Jessica Fletchall. Rachel 
Hildebrandt, Laura Jennings, Rachel Jensen, Katie Larkins, Jamie McGregor, Ron Oman, Michael 
Sansbury, Ezra Seese, Matt Stiles, Jordana Tonn, Fred Willis. 

Organizations/ 151 



John Sonfield 


Trey Sturtevant 


William Hethcock 

Dale Richardson 



Craig Wardlaw 

Robert Keele 

Arthur Schaefer 

Rush Barrett 

Donald Armentrout 

David Landon 

Gerald Smith 


John Boyd 


Charles Baird 

Stiles Lines 

Barclay Ward 


Chris Cenac 

Allen Hughes 

Alfred Bates 

Thaddeus Lockard 

John Webb 


Pete Dillon 

Ramiro Lopez 

Robert Benson 

Guy Fitch Lytle 

Herbert Wentz 


Chris Elwell 

Frank McRight 

Charles Binnicker 

Eric Naylor 

Samuel Williamson 


Fletch Fletcher 

William Scrantom 

William Bonds 

Robert Pearigen 

Harry Yeatman 


Perry Gooch 

Kenneth Vinal 

William Cocke III 

Charles Perry 

Hays Green 

Frederick Croom 

Randolph Peterson 



Clav Hershev 


James Cross 

George Poe 


Rhett Hey ward 

Charles Baird 

Robert Delcamp 

William Priestly 

Jeffrey Heitzenrater 


Burns Jones 

John Bratton 

Charles Bubois 

Stephen Puckette 

John Janeway TV 


Ritchie Macpherson 

Adam Carlos 

Daniel Dunn 

George Ramseur 



Duvall Cravens 

Don DuPree 

William Register 


Neil Pruitt 

John Ransom 

Gilbert Gilchrist 

John Reishman 


Scotty Scott 

Monroe Spears 

John Grammer 

Brinley Rhys 


The Red. Green, and Black 
Ribbon Societies (this page) are 
elective social organizations 
composed of upperclassmen of 
both the College and School of 
Theology and others members in 

The Pink and White Ribbon 
Societies (next page) are elective 
social orgaizations composed of 
upperclasswomen and other 
residents of the community. 





Michael Terrell 


Philippe Wheelock 


Andrew Benson 

Mark White 

Dan Brooks 

Carroll Williamson 


Will Byars 


Doug Combs 



Rob Howell 



Brad Hunter 


Bill Jarrett 

Charles Brush \ 


Chris Johnson 

William Crescenzo 

Jay Kelley 

Frederick Devall ! 


Matt Lugar 

Jerry Ingles 


Tuck Marshall 

Wyatt Prunty 


Adam Miller 

Charles Smith ! 


Greg Pond 

George Stevenson 


Tyler Roper 


Alexander Ryan 




Jack Strifling 

Everett Stout 

Larry Jones 


Jeddie Suddeth 

Jerry Thomas 

Tom Kepple 


Jason Balogh 

Ray Williams 

Francis Watkins 

Ed Kirven 


Chad Bottorff 

Andrew Williams 

Robert Way 

Arthur Knoll 


Cotton Bryan 
Will Cantey 

Lee Willis 

Richard Winslow 

Robert Lancaster 
David Lumpkins 


Lee Cole 



Bob Lundin 


Thomas Daniel 


Andrew Lytle 


Clarl Gallivan 

Steven Blount 

Paul Mooney 


Max Hart 

Doug cAmeron 

Yogi Anderson 

James Moore 


Carlyle Knox 

Richard Deutsch 

Dan Backlund 

Brown Patterson 


Drew Lineberger 

Norman Feaster 

Eric Benjamin 

Bran Potter 

Robert Lominack 

John Greeter 

Charles Brockett 

J.H. Rhys 


Brad Mall 

Charles Keppler 

Charles Cheston 

Donald Rung 


Ryan McConnell 

Russell Leonard 

Bill Clarkson 

Doug Seiters 


Josh Poole 

Bill Mauzy 

Paul Ensberg 

Ansel Sharp 


Chris Rainey 

Larry Majors 

Harold Goldberg 

Steve Shrader 


Franklin Sames 

Robert Matlock 

Bob Hedrick 

Pete Smith 


Kyle Sclafani 

John Stamps 

Will Huyck 

John Willis 


Reinhard Zachau 

152 /Organizations 

HIGHLANDERS & WELLINGTONS (L to R) (1 ) Jack Strifling, Michael, Terrell, Scotty Scott, Si Davenport, Chad Bottoroff, Andrew Williams, 
Stephen Jackson, Page Kalish, Ritchie MacPherson, Malcolm Sewell (2) Ray Williams, Billy Jarrett, Rush Barrett, Roe Elam. Will Merritt. Chris Rainey. Brad 
Mall (3) Trey Sturtevant, Drew Lineberger, Fletch Fletcher, Scot Ellis, Rhett Heyward (4) Lee Cole, Burns Jones, John Sonfield, Max Hart, Chan Muller. Jake 
Abernathy, Barney Witherington, Willie Haseldon, Will Cantey, Jeddie Suddeth. Matt Koren. 




Ashley Aiken 

Nicole Maris 

Susie Anderson 

Jennifer McGee 

Anne Budros 

Anne McGinn 

Caroline Christie 

Catherine McNeese 

J. P. Given 

Scott Noland 

Sammi Kell 

Cynthia Petesch 

Dudley Kizer 

Julie Rosdeutscher ; 

Evans Dunwoody 

Mary Rossi 

Nikki Etheridge 

Serens Vanr 

Karen Haley 

Christina Vial 

Katherine Mahon 

Tija Ward 



Carrie Ashton 

Harriet Govan 

Jean Raulston 

Kathy Backlund 

Anne Griffin 

Ann Seiters 

Sandy Baird 

Lee Guerry 

Ann Sherrill 

Nicole Barenbaum 

Peggy Hankins 

Anne Smith 

Michelle Benjamin 

Carolyn Hatchett 

Pat Smith 

Peggy Bonds 

Pat Jackson 

Dolores Snowden 

Nancy Boykin 

Karen Keele 

Olwyn Souter 

Paula Brush 

Ursula Knoll 

Debbie Stirling 

Ruth Cameron 

Peggy Lines 

Judy Street 

Elizabeth Chitty 

Kendra Lopez 

Libbie Thoni 

Marcia Clarkson 

Maria Lytle 

Sue Vaughan 

Henrietta Croom 

Carrie Mauzy 

Ann Watkins 

Mary Sue Cushman 

Martha Meeks 

Joan Williamson 

Dorothea Daniel 

Yasmeen Mohiuddin 

Harriet Yaun 

Mary Davis 

Mary Ann Nichols 

Jan Drake-Lowther 

Carolyn OGonner 

Ruth Dubois 

Evie Petterson 

Matilda Dunn 

Phoebe Pearigen 

Dorothy Easley 

Cheri Peters 

Jane Eaves 

June Peters 

Betty Foreman 

Peggy Peterson 

Dorothea Fowlkes 

Cindy Potter 

Pat Gibson 

Barbara Prunty 

Mary Gilchrist 

Upshar Puckette 


East Apthorp 
Helen Boehm 
Ama Bryson 
Brook Buchanan 
Sarah Cross 
Maggie Erwin 
Cameron Graham 
Cathy Gross 
Beth Harris 
Elizabeth Hesselink 
Lauren Keith 


Melissa Kennedy 
Ashley Neal 
Anne Osborne 
Elizabeth Sherwood 
Leslie Stidham 
Mary Adams Tartt 
Catherine Traywick 
Margaret Upchurch 
Dana Van Camp 
Brooke Vaughn 
Leslie Walker 

Lee Ann Afton 
Jolie Anderson 
Margaret Beaumont 
Lynne Becker 
Ruth Benson 
Mary Blount 
Peggy Bordley 
Bettie Carpenter 
Beth Charlton 
Julie Curd 
Millie Dodd 
Betty Engsberg 
Priscilla Fort 
Jenny Gardner 
Connie Gibson 
Anna Graham 
Elizabeth Grammer 
Lois Greeter 
Jeanette Hamilton 
Lori Hawkins 
Kim Heitzenrater 
Phebe Hethcock 
Nina Helvenston 

Isabell Howe 
Gail Huyck 
Leslie Jones 
Julie Junkins 
Lisa Keith-Lucas 
Pat Kepple 
Chapman Kern 
Betty Kershner 
Laura Lapins 
Kirkland Leonard 
Maudi Leonard 
Patti Logan 
Kitty Lotti 
Margaret Lundin 
DeDe Matlock 
Edith McCrady 
Martha McCrory 
Annwn Myers 
Dana Perry 
Diane Petrilla 
Mary Priestley 
Ruth Ramseur 
Nonie Shane 

Katherine Scrantom 
Suzanne Shaver 
Beth Shrader 
Anne Sitz 
Chris Smith 
Karen Smith 
Katherine Smith 
Suzann Stamps 
Margaret Stephens 
Malinda Sutherland 
Joan Ward 
Jerry White 

Organizations/ 153 


There were many more dogs who had 
their day, well-meriting the love of their 
owners, and the respectful admiration of 
their friends, but, alas we cannot list 
them all. Lineage had nothing to do with 
their reknown: t'was ever personality 
that counted in Sewanee. Who that knew 
them can forget, ever, that international 
coretage? - 1909 

Alas, the 1995 leash law has es- 
tranged us from these furry friends... 



154 /Organizations 

Organizations/ 155 


- mm 



<>V^ r 


founded in the Spring of 1979. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Vaiden McElwee, Amy Jo Perigo, Virginia Johnson, Amy Thompson, Ashley Owen, Katherine 
Fields (2) Heather Smith, Katherine Cashman, Madeline Johnson, Jennifer Hammontree (President), Stacey 
Thompkins, Katherine Davis, Jordana Tonn, Katie Creecy, Chandre Sergent, Celia Holland, Jenny Johnson (1st Vice 
President), Cathy Herrman, Wendy Orlow, Tiffany Tant (3) Katherine Clemens, Carolina Lugo, Cynthia Norman , 
Catherine Wiesener, Bonnie Smith (Spirit Chairman), Rachel Riemer (Pledge Trainer), Alice Sneary (Rush Chairman), 
Elizabeth Ariail, Sarah Miers (Spirit Chairman), Mary Beth Teague, Missy Speights (2nd Vice President), Kelli 
Lassiter (SSWC Representative), Sarah Martins (4) Stephanie Perry, Elizabeth Blanton, Jennifer Armstrong, Kristina 
Erlewine, Lucie Ewing, Kristen Nelson, Derry Wilkins, Becky Estes, Castleen Tindall, Misty Maib (Alumnae Repre- 
sentative), Evonne Marler, Anne Shoemake, Karen Jacks (Treasurer) (5) Mallory Dimmit, Lisa Akerman, Julia 
Norwood (ISC Representative), Leigh van Rij, Carrie Miller, Katherine Kellogg (Historian), Lindsley Wellborn. Not 
pictured: Katherine Christy, Sally McClatchy (Parliamentarian), Brigette Plowman (Secretary), Alexis Bogner (ISC 
Representative), Elizabeth Bowlin, Catherine Davis, Alexandra Kutz, Jan Garrison, Elizabeth Nelson, Emily 
Richardson, Ashley Stafford, Natalie Sparks, Sara Taylor, Sarah Tuton, April Varn, Kat Wilhoite, Lindsay Young. 

158 /Greeks 


Greeks /159 


founded in 1865, and Tennessee Omega 
Chapter at Sewanee was established in 1877. 

Members: Jake Abernathy, Rush Barrett, Campbell Bourland, Bill Bowie, Jeb Bridges, Greer Brown, Steven 
Bruce (Treasurer), Chris Campbell, Chris Cenac (Pledge Trainer), Greg Colbath, Lee Cole, Matt Cooke, Drew 
Corbett (Pledge Trainer), Thomas Daniel (President), George Drennan, Dan Dukes, John Elrod, Turner Emery, 
Courtland Eyrick, Brian Field, Mike Fulkerson, Clark Gallivan, Hugh Garrett, Terry Gibson (Vice President), 
Paul Greene, Jackson Harper, Jim Henley, Stephen Jackson, Ben Klein (Secretary), Patrick Lindsay, Gibson 
Lott, Brad Mall, Travis McCall, Jeff Mitchell, Joseph Neibich, Eric Ochel, David Padilla, C. P. Paullus, Joe 
Phifer, Chan Richards, Dusty Smith, John Sonfield, Justin Sonfield, Wesley Talman, Lee Willis, Daniel Batts, 
Scott Fosgate, Ben Jennings, John Ness, John Stroup, Hank Word. 

160 /Greeks 

Greeks /161 


founded in the Spring of 1987. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Nancy Beth Spencer (Vice President), Cathy White, Juanita 
Warren (Pledge Trainer) (2) Mimi McNamara (Secretary), Elizabeth Byrd (Chaplain), 
Amanda Cook (President / Social Chairman), Gina Everetts (Treasurer / Historian), Sara 
Smith (Rush Chairman). Not pictured: Erin Wilson (Rush Chairman), Bill Barry (Advi- 

162 /Greeks 

Nancy Belli Spencer 
& Greg BautistaW 

Greeks /163 


founded in 1 839, and Gamma Chi Chapter 
at Sewanee was established in 1949. 

Members: (L to R) ( 1 ) David Kern (Treasurer), Kevin Sparrow, Zack Vernon (President), Jason 
Abel, Charles Temple, Guy Cooper (2) Ken Riggs (Pledge Trainer), Drew Ellis, Scott Taylor 
(Rush Chairman), Ryan Baskin, Todd Watts. Not pictured: Dr. Robert Delcamp (Advisor). 

164 /Greeks 

Greeks /165 


founded in 1841, and Alpha Tau Delta 
Chapter at Sewanee was established in 1965. 

Members : (L to R) (1) Michael Sansbury, Billy Ray, Christian Cutler, Skyler Covington, Tom Dees (President), 
Craig Davis (Treasurer), Ian Cross, Ed Flowers, Dave Fox (2) Chris Fostel, Gavin Kohler, John McCallum, Wes 
Myers, Clay Rudsenske, Randy Odle, Scott Evans (Secretary), Brian Spurlock, David Reljac, Jonathan Brooks, 
HayesGreen (Vice President), Jonathan Glasscox (3) Carter Clements (Pledge Trainer), Christian Setzer, Andrew 
King, Scott Womack, Nat West (4) Robbie Griffith, Chris Williams, Jason Bowyer (Rush Chairman), Corey 
Passman, Paul Randall, Rob Rhoden, Kevin Hiers, Jamie McGregor, Patrick Bowen, Matt Stiles, Ron Oman, Brian 
Joyner, Will McBride, Max Vielle, Carl Oldenburg, Blake Haney, Bobby Jackson. Not pictured: James Acken, 
Aidan Arney, Bill Baker, Josh Eckman, Preston McKee, Trey Ripley, Rob Sanford. 

166 /Greeks 

Greeks /167 


founded in the Fall of 1993. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Laura Elliott, Yvonne Hill, Gaby Hill (2) Artricia Woods (President), 
Emily Sprouse (3) Myranda Davis, Michelle Parks (Treasurer), Quisha White, Natasha 
Johnson (Social Chairman). Not pictured: Celena Benjamin, Kawanna Reese (Rush Chair- 
man), Tija Ward, Nicole Driggins, Camelia Jones (Advisor). 

168 /Greeks 

Kawanna Reese, Yv< mi 
& Tijti Ward 

Greeks /169 


founded in 1 844, and Tau Delta Chapter 
at Sewanee was established in 1969. 

Members: Chris Aikin, Matt Cathey (Treasurer), Will Christie (Secretary), Kevin Greene, Chris Hammond, 
Tom Hutto (Rush Chairman), John Magraw, Ryan Mason (President), Chris Morris (Social Chairman), Daniel 
Richards, Timothy Snider, Eric Steinmehl, Darian Thomas, Brett Trotter. Not pictured: Umar Mohiuddin, 
Heathcliff Rico (Vice President), Arthur Knoll (Advisor). 

170 /Greeks 

Greeks /171 


founded in 1859, and the Beta Theta Chapter 
at Sewanee was established in 1883. 

Members: Tom Brackett, Nick Bruner, Patrick Comer (President), Walton Comer, Thomas Dykstra, Jason Emery, 
Corey Estes, Dave Farnham, Alfred Gallimore, Matt Groves, Jamison Hinds, Walter Hubbell, Niklas Hultin, 
Andrew Israel (Secretary), Charles Israel, Tallman Johnson, Tray Jones, James Karst (Social Chairman), Walter 
McKay, Mike Mungello (Corresponding Secretary), Pete Paulus (Pledge Trainer), Neill Prewitt, Noah Sange, 
Preston Shaffer, Derk Weinheimer (Treasurer), Jonathan White, Chris Willett (Vice President), Jon Woodlee, 
Trent Zivcovich, Gregory T. Clark (Advisor). 

172 /Greeks 

And now ensues a lengthy pause 
For we have reached the Delta Taus. 

An enormous majority 

Term them "Sorority;" 
How, O how, did they leave their mas? 

-excerpted from the Ode to Degenerate 
Fraternities found in the Cap and Gown 1915 

Greeks /173 


founded in the Spring of 1978. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Rachel McMillen, Elizabeth Olson, Kelly Grey, Camille Gleaton (Alumnae Chairman/ 
Rush Chairman), Margaret Parsell (Secretary) (2) Catherine Carruthers (President/ ISC Representative), Susanna 
Lowrey (Treasurer), Kelly Ramke, Meade Columbia, Abigail Johnston, Elizabeth Fitch (Vice President/ Pledge 
Trainer). Not pictured: Pat Gibson (Advisor). 

174 /Greeks 

Greeks/ 175 


founded in 1865, and Alpha Alpha Chapter 
at Sewanee. was established in 1883. 

Members: Blake Andrews, Chad Atwood, Alston Barrow, Chad Bottorff (Social Chairman), Frazer Buntin, Doug 
Combs, Hunter Connelly, Pete Dillon, Roe Elam, Chris Elwell, Andy Ferguson, Fletch Fletcher, George Garzon, 
Harrison Grubbs, Willy Haseldon, Andy Hatcher, K. C. Home, Steven Howell (Secretary), Brad Hunter, John 
Inman, Keith Johnston, Burns Jones, Robin Jones, Page Kalish, T. R. Keith, Bart Kempf (President), Drew 
Lineberger, Robert Lominack, Tuck Marshall, David Mason, Mac McCraw, Julian McKimmon, Matthew Mebane, 
Court Michau, Telfair Parker, David Phelps, Neal Pickens, Josh Poole, Harris Powers, Chris Rainey, Jamie Ratliff, 
Malcolm Sewell, Jason Smith, Shepley Smith, Mike Stauder, Rob Strang, Drew Sturtevant, Trey Sturtevant, John 
Tugman, Jim Uden (Treasurer), Joe Underwood, Tyler Vaughey, John Wallace, Craig Wardlaw, Mark White 
(Vice President/ Pledge Trainer), Ray Williams, Ted Boehm, Bert Emerson, Scott Matthews, Craig Polancich, 
Campbell Walker, Aaron White, Robert Benson (Advisor). 

1 76 /Greeks 

i I i ■ 

The Kappa Alpha rah rah boys 
Are simply great at making noise, 

With brains not deep, 

They're neat but cheap, 
Like painted Christmas toys. 

-excerpted from the Ode to Degenerate 
Fraternities found in the Cap and Gown 

l^-t* Drew Lineberger 

Greeks/ 177 


founded in 1909. and Iota-Nu Zeta Chapter 
at Sewanee. was established in 1963. 

Members: Steve Barden, Lee Boyd, Bailey Brown, Seth Eaker, Bryan Eklund (Social Chairman), Greg Guillory 
(Treasurer), Josh Harrell, Warren Holt, Bob Jackson (Education), David Kennedy (Vice President), Ivan Kozak, 
Jonathan Meiburg, John Molinaro, Ramsey Moss, Anson Mount, Chris Piromalli (Academic Chairman), Dennis 
Prater, Miguel Rueda, Stephen Salmon (President), Rick Sayed, Seth Spoelman, Dick Strong, Karl Ulbrich, Jeff 
Hagler, Jason Nail, Frank Pratt, Thad Thompson, Bru Wallace, Jerry Ingles (Advisor). 

178 /Greeks 

Greeks/ 179 


founded in 1848. and Tennessee Beta Chapter 
at Sewanee was established in 1883. 

Members: Stewart Armbrecht, John Barber, Will Belford, John Boyd, Patrick Broyles, Will Byars, Willis 
Cantey, Ted Chapman, William Cogswell (Vice President), Brian Costilow, David Dansby, Timothy Dargan 
(Treasurer), Todd Davis, Land Deleot (Social Chairman), Scott Dismukes, Daniel Eades, Scott Ellis, Craig 
Evans, Andy Ferguson, Hunter Flack, Keller Foster, J. Q. Freeman, Thomas Goldsmith, Trey Hackney (War- 
den), David Harker, Rhett Heyward (Secretary), Rob Howell, Dan Hunter, Robert Johnson, Jay Kelley, Will- 
iam Kelley, Michael Kemper, Collin Lane, Hampton Logan, Matt Lugar, Ritchie Macpherson, Caldwell 
Marks, Ian McVey (House Manager), Cal Menzies, Will Merritt (President),Scott Phillips, Lee Richmond, 
Tyler Roper, Alexander Ryan, Scotty Scott, Legare Smith, J. J. Southerland, Sid Spain, Jack Strifling, Jeddie 
Suddeth, Christian Tattersall, Carter Teague, Lee Vaughn, John Warren, Kellam Warren, Dallon Weathers, 
Allen Whittle. Charlton Wieters (Secretary), Carroll Williamson, Walker Willse, Barney Witherington (Pledge 
Trainer), David Woodall, Ed Wright, Joe Currie, McCoy Darby, Allen Eager, Nathan Harrold, Ryland Moore, 
Henry Parsley, William Cocke (Advisor). 

1 80 /Greeks 

• "*»?. <*& .jsi s?*» 

When boneheads to Sewanee come 
The Phi's begin to make things hum 

With bloodshot eyes 

They shoot their lies 
Calling to aid the Demon Rum. 

-excerpted from the Ode to Degenerate 
Fraternities found in the Cap and Gown 



founded in 1848, and Gamma Sigma Chapter 
at Sewanee was established in 1919. 

Members: Monte Alves, Scott Boring, Matt Boucher, Alex Brown, Si Davenport (President), Whit 
Davis (Corresponding Secretary), Ross Davis, Richard Douglas, Richard Faw, Luke Gebhard, Dode 
Gladders, Lee Hamilton, Hendree Harrison, Max Hart, Ryan Healan, Bill Jarrett, Jamey Jones, Peter 
Lettre (Social Chairman), Ryan McConnell, Charles McCorquodale, Thad Moore (Treasurer), Thomas 
Powell (Historian), Sikes Ragan, Steve Schale, Craig Schmidt, Kyle Sclafani (Recording Secretary), Joe 
Stuckey, Lyle Tenpenny, Jason Wells, Andrew Williams, David Young, Tom Clough, Matt Davis, 
Michael Douglas, Don Gladders, Ryan Harrigan, Collin Husbands, Russell Marsh, Jordan Patty, Rob 
Phillips, Matthew Robinson, Andy Schmidt. 

182 /Greeks 

Greeks/ 183 


founded in the Spring of 1980. 

Members: (L to R) (1) Mary Rossi (President), Emily Crosby, Lizz Haldeman (2nd Vice President), Kathryn 
Mashburn, Jenny Wolfram, Laura Jennings, Bessie Gantt, Avery Strachan, Abby Blackwell, Susan Baskett, 
Stephanie Wempe, Liz Bull, Mandy Peuler, Presh Killebrew, Jama Shelton, Katherine Cameron, Anna Sterne, 
Rebecca Peek (2) Virgina Keleher, Anne Budros (Rush Chairman), Brooke Vaughan (Recording Secretary), 
Allison Lamb, Celeste Unsworth (Corresponding Secretary), Meredith Geiger, Sissy Kuhlke (Parliamentarian), 
Christine Keating, Kate Roseman, Angela Ward, Allison Batton, Elizabeth Foss (Historian) (3) Leah Hegwood, 
Cara Freeman (Social Chairman), Nicole Glover, Betsy Pollett (Assistant Pledge Trainer), Becky Ford, Stephanie 
Dickson (Parliamentarian), Julia Lindyberg, Courtney Birch, Anne McGinn, Lindsey Delaplaine, Erwin Byrd, 
Brandi Poole (4) Jennifer Wood, Mary Welsh, Jennie Akins, Melissa Riley (Pledge Trainer), Ann Walsh, 
Kathryn Ingram, Mary Carol Harris, Jo Anna Davis, Maryetta Anschutz (ISC Representative) (5) Lillian Rice, 
Carden Yeiser, Laura Rinker, Crista Shoemaker, Elizabeth Cunningham, Sheridan Gilkerson, Anne Spear, Kim 
Harvin, Lucy Fulton (6) Tyler Deitz, Jennie Sutton, Nomzamo Matyumza, Caren Trubey, Cathy Gross (1st Vice 
President), Margaret Upchurch, Adrienne Evans, Leslie Walker (SSWC Representative), Amy Hawkins (Trea- 
surer). Not pictured: Kela Caldwell, Barbara Clark, Anne Felkner (Parliamentarian), Cathy Graves (Assistant 
Social Chairman), Allison Lamb, Gretel Lesslie, Ashley Neal (Spirit Leader), Caroline Powell, Holly 
Richardson. Nena Scott, Catherine Tray wick, Avery Tucker, Beth Vickers. 

1 84 /Greeks 

Greeks/ 185 


founded in 1856, and Tennessee Omega Chapter 
at Sewanee was established in 1881. 

Members:Andy Beck, Beau Bethea, Julian Bibb, Darren Busbee, Dan Conkle, John Cooper, Chad Cunningham, 
Perry Gooch, Roger Hailes, Clay Hershey, Craig Hoover, Matthew Hunter, Montgomery Maguire, Chan Muller, 
Sean O'Quinn (President), Neil Pruitt (Vice President), Reggie Ramsey, Jason Reeves, Adam Reynolds, Paul 
Reynolds (House Manager), Sam Robbins, Alec Robinson, Beau Thomas, Hampton Uzzelle, Dave Waddell, Erik 
Walker, Ken Williford, Joseph Baker, Ward Cole, Ryan Epley, William Register (Advisor) 

1 86 /Greeks 


A bid to join S. A. E. 

A signal honor used to be; 

Now to most any rat 

They take off their hat 
And politely say, "Please come with me." 

-excerpted from an Ode to Degenerate Frater 
nities found in the Cap and Gown 1915 



founded in 1869, and Beta Omicron Chapter 
at Sewanee was established in 1889. 

Members: John Bagby, Brendon Bailey, Jason Balogh, Nicholas Beasley (Treasurer), Chris Cairns (Rush 
Chairman), Scott Carpenter, Rob Collins, Clint Fisher, Clayton Haden, Lee Jefferson, Matt Koren, Dan Little, 
Andy Moody, Geof Morneau, Chad Robbins, Qasim Shaikh, John Sullivan, Jeff Swann, Chris Thompson 
(Commander). Gill Austin, Sam Backfield, Robert Claycombe, J. P. Culley, Bryan Glover, Matt Horak, Clark 
Ligon, Jud Mcintosh, Richard Nash, Jason Price, Sam Robbins, Winthrop Short, Josh White, Arthur Ben 
Chitty and Paul Baranco (Advisors). 

188 /Greeks 

Greeks/ 189 


founded in the Spring of 1977 

Members:Molly Bagwell, Jane Anne Blakney, Lydia Blessing, Anne Lacy Boswell, Sally Brown, Heather Cook 
(Historian), Laura Crookston, Frances Currie, Evans Dunwoody, Kathy Gale Estes (ISC Representative), Emmie 
Galliard, Saskia Galbraith, Georganne Garzon (Vice President), J. P. Given, Katie Greene (Parliamentarian), 
Lebby Harrison, Stacy Henderson (Fundraiser), Catherine Holton, Laurie Howell, Alexandra Huffman, Kristin 
Ialacci (Recording Secretary), Elizabeth Irwin, Meghan Jordan, Asha Kays, Lauren Keith, Danielle Lanca, Belle 
Little, Kate Littleton (Treasurer), Frances Lumpkin, Katherine Mahon, Hilary Marx, Amey Maybank, Kelley 
McLeod,Kirstin McMillan, Lindsay McMillan, Liz Milliken, Holley Montiel (Social Chairman), Laurel 
Murchison, Sarah Musselman, Nicole Noffsinger, Anne Osborne, Stacy Patton, Cynthia Petesch, Price Phillips, 
Jeanne Porter, Amy Powell, Martha Rhodes, Emily Shealy, Riley Sims, Katherine Slingluff (Chaplain), Robbie 
Spruill, Trent Stephens, Janie Taylor, Sarah Thompson (Alumnae Chairman), Katherine Toole, Dana van Camp, 
Serena Vann, Bedford Vickers, Farrell White, Laura Wylie, Elizabeth Arnett, Lizzie Collier, Susan Conner, 
Elizabeth Cook, Molly Dubray, Lacy Dunwoody, Amy Fannon, Liz Getten, Christiane Ginther, Charlotte Gre- 
gory, Katie Hines, Mary Stewart Holmes, Beverly Logan, Jenny Long, Alex MacKinlay, Clair Nealy, Errett Neil, 
Cary Phillips. Jodi Pinch, Lauren Powell, Tru Pressly, Rachel Robinson, Kate Shealy, Erin Simpson, Annie 
Strickler, Sloan Strong, Hayes Swinney, Sarah Wheeless, Alana Williamson, Elichia Williford. 




founded in the Spring of 1979. 

Members:Ashley Aiken (Treasurer), Elizabeth Anderson (Chaplain), Susie Anderson (Parliamentarian), Cristy 
Beasley (Assistant Rush Chairman), Allison Bell (Pledge Trainer), Catherine Black, Helen Boehm, Laura Boles 
(ISC Representative), Darby Brooks, Brooke Buchanan, Katie Cavert, Caroline Christy, Katherine Christy, Hillary 
Covington, Molly Davis, Katherine Downie, Claire Drummond, Scarlett Elliott, Maggie Erwin, Nikki Etheridge, 
Kim Fauls, Millie Flournoy, Cameron Graham, Alison Grand, Holly Hacker, Sami Kell (President), Melissa 
Kennedy, Dudley Kizer (Historian), Maggie Kizer, Jennifer Leveridge, Julia Lynn, Nicole Maris (Alumnae Chair- 
man), Jennifer McGee, Catherine McNeese (Vice President), Katie Murdock (Chaplain), Boo Neal (Pledge Trainer), 
Scott Noland, Diane O'Bryan, Cathy Rafferty, Jessica Rentz (ISC Representative), Beth Rowe (Assistant Rush 
Chairman), Tania Samman, Paula Sereebutra, Lauren Shannon, Katherine Shuman (Rush Chairman), Leigh Collins 
(Secretary), Shel Solomon, Leslie Stidham, Mary Maurice Sumerel, Missy Sumerell, Robin Taylor, Amanda Vance 
(Pledge Trainer), Helen Wood, Katherine Aiken, Elizabeth Bibb, Karrie Burnham, Hannah Calvert, Leslie Green, 
Mimi Hedgcock, Ashley Johnson, Jen Kirk, Amanda Kuruc, Megan Lomax, Elizabeth Mayo, Adrea Mondelli, 
Michele Nakatsuka, Ashley Osburn, Amanda Plauche, Kellee Ryan, Danielle Schiano, Boo Shepard, Shannon 
Smith, Cole Tufts, Wendy Watterson, Louisa Weathers, Martha Webb. 

1 92/Greeks 


Greeks/ 193 


Members: Peter Edwards, Seth Stewart (Captain), Scott Matthews, Kent Underwood, Alex Hartz, Josh Reams, Russ Young (Captain), Chris 
Murray, Jonathan Glasscox, James Spriggs, Tory Dotson. Campbell Walker, Ben Coates, Louie Caputo, Andrew Fletcher, Shane Parker, 
Terry Readus, Phillip Jones, Joe Baker, David Donahue, Jackson Harper, Ward Cole, Keith Coates, Glenn Harris, Tony Stephenson, Jason 
Swiney, Michael Rogers, John Stroup, Brad Jackson. John Sonfield, Brent Sisco, Scott Womack, Blake Andrews, Scott Fosgate, Art 
Sccrnavacca (Captain), Andy Stack, Kyle Heard, Bert Emerson. David Hall. Jeff Hagler, Richard Bracken, Neal Pickens, Ryan Epley, C. P. 
Paullus, Matt Hewitt, Chris Williams, Danny Lacher, Mark Brooks, John Isbell, Mike Fulkerson, Jeremy Larance, Wade Kanipe, Wesley 
Cook, Nathan Harrold, Gavin Kohler, Heath Guin, Mike Stauder, Clai Brown (Captain), Hampton Cude, Ron Briggs, Jesse Wilson, Keil 
Green. Jon Trussler, Jarrett Moore, Travis Creighton, Thomas Hardy, David Tudor, Alston Barrow, Joe Phifer, Lee Cole, Drew Dehaven, 
Josh Imbert, Brad Mall (Captain). Coaches: Alan Logan (Head coach), Will Mottola, Timothy McDaniel, Paul Van Wie, Robert Black, 
Richard Barron. 

1994-1995 Season 
1 Win 
8 Losses 


David Donahue 

Men's Soccer 

Members: (L to R) (1) Clayton Hayden, Ry Moore, Chris Cairns, Matt Koren, Jason Balogh, Burns Jones, Qasim Sheikh, Forrest Porterfield, 
Andy Nix, Allen Whittle. Brendon Bailey, Byron Davis (2) Matt Kern (Head Coach), Ben Jennings, McCoy Darby, Rafe Mauran, Sid Spain, 
David Padilla. Daniel Batts, Rob Sanford, Sam Backfield, Jud Mcintosh, Rob Rhoden, Andy Beck, Jim Ashurst, Allen Hughes (Assistant 
Coach). Not pictured: Charles Peyser (Assistant Coach), Sally Brown (Manager). 

1994-1995 Season 

13 Wins 

5 Losses 


198 /Athletics 

Athletics/ 199 

Women's Soccer 

Members: (L to R) (1) Traci Solomon (Captain), Grace Jones (Captain), Julia Frazier (Captain), Bond Dillard (2) Allison Calhoun, Anya 
Sammler, Erin Simpson, Kristin Wilson, Julia Lynn, Elizabeth Mayo (3) Sue Behme (Head Coach), Elizabeth Collier, Hope Atmore, Hayes 
Swinney. Anne Jones, Stacey Tompkins, P. J. Elder, Asha Kays. Not pictured: Charles Peyser (Assistant Coach), Gabby Lisella (Keeper 
Coach), Lisa Manley (Keeper Coach). 

1994-1995 Season 
7 Wins 
13 Losses 



Bond Dillard 



Members: (L to R) (1) Elizabeth Cunningham, Holly Richardson, Melissa Riley (SCAC All-Conference, Second Team), Carry Yadon, 
Rachel Carlson (2) Nancy Ladd (Head Coach), Amy Barbour, Celeste Unsworth (SCAC Honorable Mention), Kim Smith, Maria Marcum 
(SCAC Honorable Mention), Gretel Lesslie, Nathan Conover (Student Assistant Coach). 

1994-1995 Season 
17 Wins 
21 Losses 

* 4 

-, ^-^« 


Athletics/ 203 

Men's Cross Country 

Members: Brett Alexander, Jamey 
Collins, Ian Cross, Hollis Duncan, Uzair 
Ismail, Bryan Joyner (Captain, All 
Conference), Andrew King, Rasheid 
Light, Andrew Moreman, Billy Ray, 
Jason Vinton, Bill Huyck (Coach). 

204 /Athletics 

Athletics /205 

Field Hockey 


' '' ' ' ' 

Members: (L to R) (1) Maggie Giel, Danielle Lanca, Cameron Graham(Regional All- American), Melissa Kennedy (Captain), Anne 
McGinn (Captain), Erwin Byrd, Joanna Davis, Rachel Riemer (1994 KIT All Conference; Regional AU-American) (2) Chris Rainey, 
Anne Budros, Rebecca Jones, Megan Lomax, Maryetta Anschutz, Stephanie Wempe, Brooke Vaughan (1994 KIT All Conference, 
Regional AU-American), Kristen Morrissey, Berkeley Little, Chapman Kern (Coach). Not pictured: Pete Dillon (Manager). 

1994-1995 Season 

9 Wins, 7 Losses 

Conference Record 

6 Wins, 3 Losses, 
Third Place 



Canoe Team 

Members: (L to R) ( 1) Anna Collins. Bessie Gantt, Abigail Mann, Clara Orner. Madeline Johnson, Katherine Christy (2) Margaret 
Buchanan, Cotton Bryan, Mallory Dimmit, Beau Bethea, Coleman Rose, Joel Welsh (Coach), Christopher Keefer. Not pictured: Charles 
Israel. Allyson Brownlee. 

« 1995 marks the 21st time in 24 years that the Canoe Team has gone to Championships » 



Men's Basketball 

Members: Hunter Connelly (Co-Captain), 
Pete Dillon, Turner Emery, Brian Field, 
Keith Hall, Ryan Harrigan, Keith 
Minnifield, Andy Nix, Eric Ochel (Co- 
Captain), Jason Porter, Lee Willis. Joe 
Thoni (Head Coach), Richard Barron 
(Coach). Chris Murray (Manager), Corey 
Estes (Manager). 

Hunter Connelly 

1994-1995 Season 

15 Wins, 10 Losses 

SCAC Conference 

8 Wins, 6 Losses 

210/ Athletics 


Women's Basketball 

Members: Kim Fauls (All SCAC), 
Sheridan Gilkerson, Belle Little, Maria 
Marcum, Amey Maybank, Brandi Poole, 
Anne Spear, Janie Taylor, Brooke 
Vaughan, Carrie Yadon, Gabrielle Lisella 
(Head Coach), Sue Behme (Coach), Kiley 
Miller (Student Assistant), Kiki Reese 

Brandi Poole 

1994-1995 Season 

6 Wins 

18 Losses 

Amey Maybank 

Janie Taylor 


Brooke Vaughan 



Members: Ben Klein, Pete 
Paulus, Ken Grimes, Scott 
Phillips, John Tugman, 
Drew Corbett, Robin Jones, 
Max Hart, Michael 
Sansbury, Steven Bruce, 
Glenn Harris, Matt Cooke, 
Bart Kempf, J. P. Culley, 
Richard Douglas, Bert 
Emerson, Andy Stack, 
Robert Black (Head Coach), 
Bill Mottola (Coach), Tim 
Bechtold (Coach). 

1995 Season 

7 Wins 
6 Losses 



Men's Track and Field 



Kent Underwood & AnthojfcJoHes 

Members: Campbell Bourland, Scott 
Branting, Jeb Bridges, Mike Cooke, Ian 
Cross, Hollis Duncan, Klifford Grimes, 
Uzair Ismail, Anthony Jones, Bryan 
Joyner, Andrew King, Rasheid Light, Brad 
Mall (Most Valuable Athlete), Keith 
Minnifield, Terry Readus, James Spriggs, 
David Tudor, Kent Underwood, Shann 
Williams, Al Logan (Head Coach), Tim 
McDaniel (Coach), Denny Kezar (Coach). 

1994-1995 Season 

On April 24 and 25, Sewanee 
placed 2nd at the SCAC Confer- 
ence meet, Conway, Arkansas 
(with 173 points), with James 
Spriggs as the high point scorer 
for the conference. 


' l»?Z£m. 

it. ZiMSfli 




Ks Spriggs 


21 6/ Athletics 

Women's Track and Field 

Members: Meredith Arthur, Polly Bass, 
Myranda Davis, Liz Ellington, LeAnn Foss, 
Natasha Johnson, Celia Holland, Valerie 
Kuthe, Cynthia Lyons, Katrina Nelson, Kim 
O'Neal, Michelle Parks, Nikki Robertson, Abi 
White, Quisha White, Artricia Woods, Cliff 
Afton (Coach). 

1994-1995 Season 

On April 24 and 25, Sewanee 
placed 5th at the SCAC Conference 
in Conway, Arkansas. 

Records this year were set by 
Katrina Nelson in the 10,000 
meters, and Michelle Parks, LeAnn 
Foss, Myranda Davis, Quisha 
White in the 400 meter relay. 



■>,, ■**#■&■ 



Swimming and Diving 

Members: (L to R) (1) Anja Sammler, Laura Jennings, Eliza Goodall, Nicole Noffsinger (School record holder), Clint Fisher, Sarah 
Musselman, Greg Shepherd (School record holder), Valerie Kuthe (2) Jeff Frazier, Thomas Hutto, Robbie Spruill (School record holder), 
Errett Neil (School record holder), Alana Williamson, Scott Evans, Margaret Buchanan, Serena Vann (Captain, School record holder), 
Jason Smith (School record holder), Brian Spurlock (School record holder), Drew Ellis, Elliott Leflar (3) Matt Lugar (Captain), Liz 
Greenfield (School record holder), John Cline(School record holder), David Burges, Bill Baker, Thomas Dykstra, Caroline Powell 
( School record holder), Larry Cook, Mallory Dimmit (School record holder), Paul Randall, Jason Vinton, Anja Seitz. Not pictured: 
Kimberly Fellman, Melissa Lykins, Leigh Anne Peace, Julie Rosdeutscher, Abi White, Max Obermiller (Head Coach). 

1994-1995 Season 


6 Wins, 4 Losses 


7 Wins, 3 Losses 

5fT r- 



Men's Tennis 

Members: Stephen Jackson (1 1W-3L), Brian Morrow (12W-3L), Tyler Vaughey, Lee Hamilton, Ryan Healon, K. C. Home (13W- 
2L), Tim Dargan, Wes Talman (12W-3L), Andy Ferguson (2W-3L), Stephen Fulton, Ben Jennings, Court Michau, Shepley Smith 
(2w-2L), John Shackelford (Coach). Doubles: Brian Morrow/ K. C. Home (12W-3L), Stephen Jackson/ Court Michau (2W-2L), 
Shepley Smith/ Andy Ferguson (13W-2L). 

220 /Athletics 

Women's Tennis 

Katherine Toole 

Elizabeth Irwin 


Members: Kristen Ialacci (8W-2L), Elizabeth Megorden (10W-2L), Helen Boehm (9W-2L), Lee Williams (10W-4L), Elizabeth 
Irwin (10W-2L), Katherine Toole (8W-2L), Sami Kell, Anna Brumby, Jessica Fletchall, Conchie Shackelford (Coach). Doubles: 
Kristen Ialacci/ Elizabeth Megorden (9W-1L), Lee Williams/ Helen Boehm (8W-3L), Katherine Toole/ Elizabeth Irwin (7W-3L). 
Team 10W-3L. 


Helen Boehm 

Equestrian Team 


Sally McClatchy (Coach) 

Mimi McNamara 

Bridgette Plowman 

Jason Seward 

Jordana Tonn 

Boo Shepherd 

Holly Hadley 

Hadley Simmonds 

Riley Simms 

Elizabeth Blanton 

Lisa Akerman 

Julie- Ann Nydegger 

Camille Thompson 

James Acken 

Katherine Davis 

Frances Lumpkin 

222 /Athletics 

Cycling Team 


Men's Golf 

'* m 

$ <•**;**«*»}*■■•' ,, 


"Z*.^*' ' 


~ ~~ 






I .i,*^^*^^..' .*' 


Chris Rainey (Captain, 1st 

Team All SCAC) 

Thomas Daniel ( 1 st Team All 


Andrew Israel ( 1 st Team All 


Steve Schale 

Rhett Hey ward 

Roe Elam 

Rush Barrett 

Paul Van Wie (Coach) 


Women's Golf 


<■ - .<■■ 

Abbv Blaiiwell 

Members: Kim Harvin, Mary Carol Harris, Mary Beth Donaldson, Abby Blackwell, Traci Solomon, Nancy Ladd (Coach). 

, * -. - * - 

Kim Harvin " 


Men's Intramurals 



i TT 


:1 i 


1995 Final Men's 

IM standings 

1. Kappa Alpha (100.5) 

5. Staff (30.0) 

2. Phi Delta Theta (71.0) 

6. BGRTD/Chooths (17.0; 

3. Alpha Tau Omega (43.0) 

7. Phi Gamma Delta (16.0 

4. Sigma Nu (35.0) 

8. The Express (10.0) 

*3T** '•/• 


Women's Intramurals 

Athletics/ 227 


Basketball Squad Members: (L to R) (1) Jenny Johnson, Melanie Murray, Celia Holland (2) Amy Jo 
Perigo, Madeline Johnson, Clara Orner, Cynthia Norman, Carolina Lugo, Laura Ross, Gwen Weien. 


Football Squad Members: (L to R) (1) Gwen Weien, Melanie Murray, Celia Holland, Jenny Johnson, 
Laura Ross (2) Carolina Lugo, Alice Gray Odom, Rachel Robinson, Nicole Glover. 

228 /Athletics 

sewanee songs and yells 


When those Sewanee Tigers fall in line, 
We're going to win this game another time! 

For SE-WA-NEE I yell, I yell! 

And for the University I yell like hell! 
We will FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! for every yard! 
We'll circle ends and hit that line right hard; 
We're gonna roll old Vandy on the sod! on the sod! 


-excerpted from the Cap and Gown 1937 

"Don't send my boy to Tennessee." 

The dying mother said. 
"Don't send my boy to Georgia Tech, 

I'd rather see him dead. 
But send him to Sewanee 

It's better than Cornell; 
And rather than to Vanderbilt 

I'd send my boy to hell." 

-excerpted from the Cap and Gown 1937 


Sewanee Tigers! Sewanee Tigers! 

The pride of every student here! 

Come on you old grads, 

Let's join the young lads, 

Sewanee Tigers now we cheer-RAH! RAH! 

Now's the time boys to make a big noise 

No matter what the people say, 

For there is none to fear- 

The gang's all here. 

Hail to old Sewanee! Hail! 

-excerpted from the Cap and Gown 1937 

Tigers, Tigers - leave 'em in the lurch 

Down with the heathens 

Up with the Church 



;«^^ m 

,' , vtftfv* 

It is Spring 

On our Mountain 

All Winter the roads 
Have been clogged 
With mud and we have 
Had to stay in by the fire. 

Now I shall go out 
And look for the 
Thrush that last year 
Laid seven eggs in a nest. 
A thing unheard of before. 

And I shall go and see 

Doc Gudger over at Jump Off. 

He will try again to 

Convince me that the 

World is flat 

And I shall listen, 

For afterwards he will tell 

Me where to find the 

First arbutus. 

Old Lizzie Long, too. 

Will be out in front 

Of her cabin, occasionally 

Going to tend to 

The "corn" that 

She makes on the kitchen stove. 

She will know the greenest 

Places hereabouts and all 

The gossip of the hillside. 

All Winter I have had 
To sit by the fire. 
But it is Spring on 
Our Mountain now. 

-excerpted from the 
Cap & Gown 1925. 

232 /Closing 

Closing/ 233 

The chapel bell is ringing when you jump into your clothes 

And dash a little water on your face, 
And you're off across the campus in less time than you'd suppose, 

For you'd hate to have 'em miss you in your place. 

And it's not because your spirit craves communion divine 

That you chuck your nap and hurry off so fast. 
And it's not because your conscientious scruples are so fine, 

Or your mind's of any ultra-psychic cast. 

But the proctor's eyes are watchful and the proctor's eyes are keen, 

And a dozen chapel skips is mighty few; 
So if you wish to hold the gentle graces of the Dean, 

When you hear the bell you'd better take your cue. 

-excerpted from the Cap & Gown 1925 

234 /Closing 

St. Augustine's Avenue 

Closing/ 235 

A Tribute to Sewanee 

Midway between the hour which saw her birth 
And that completed circle of a hundred years 
Which hastening Time will add in future days, 
Sewanee stands. Her form, unshaken and unterrified. 
Strengthened by the enduring conflict with the years, 
Grounds Faith and Hope in that Eternal Name 
Which ageless as the ages, gave to men 
Whose hearts and hopes and lives were centered here 
The inspiration for their mighty deed. 

The hour of benediction. On revered saints, 

On hoary heads, on mankind's sweetest bloom, 

With this last time of looking back 

Upon the decades past, the blessing falls. 

Peace, from the ivied hall and heavenward pointing spue. 

Peace, from the crannied tower and cloistered cool retreat. 

Peace, from each memory laden scene of old. 

Peace, from thy mother to her worthy sons. 

The day is done. On campus, hall and tower 

The seal of night is set. Tomorrow's sun 

Brings in the dawn of that new day for which 

All those who are Sewanee's sons rejoice. 

A day of hopes new-born, of plans new-cast; 

A day of struggles new, of victories won; 

A day of salutations, aspirations, hopes, joys, fears; 

A day of seeking for the hand of fame 

Which, beckoning through the years shall spur us on 

Sewanee's mission truly to achieve. So when 

The circlet of a century shall crown her brow 

She may rest worthy of her need of praise. 

A towered city. On thy revered head, 

Made hoary by the trials of the years, 

Made holy by the faith of those who guided thee, 

Let rest that peace, which from Sewanee's sons, 

In one glad tumult of rejoicing praise 

Is given thee on this natal day. 

-excerpted from the Cap & Gown 1907 

3^1izabeth Arnett & Janie Taylor 

236 /Closing 

Closing/ 237 

An Ode to Sewanee 

Ring loud, ye chimes of Breslin Tower! 
Proclaim the day. proclaim the hour 

Of fair Sewanee's fame. 
Soon fifty years shall leave their trace 
On her enraptured, beaming face, 
And fifty more shall take their place 

To magnify her name. 

Thy Rose of Life shall always bloom, 
Thy Threads of Faith on life's great loom 

Be spun in warps of gold. 
Far be that final, dismal day, 
When thy bright clouds turn dark and gray 
And ends fore'er thy mighty sway 

O'er sons that love of old. 

Shine bright, oh sun. through Heaven's prism Thy sons are bold, thy sons are free- 

To banish heresy and schism, 

To bathe the world in light. 

Thy work has only half begun- 

Eternity awaits each one 

'Pon whom you place the name of son 
To battle for the right. 

Ah! soft lies night upon thy breast 
When thy sweet chimes sing birds to rest. 

Thy heart is peaceful then; 
White moonlight wraps her dreamy shroud 
Around thy form; the misty cloud 
Droops low to kiss the crowd 

Of roses soon to bloom. 

Their every thought is love for thee. 

For thee so soft, so great. 
Soon autumn's hand shall brush their cheek, 
Their well-taught lips shall cease to speak, 
Yet sons shall follow them to seek 

Bright Fame's eternal gate. 

Though youth soon lose beauty's charm. 
There ne'er shall fall a single harm 

Upon thy noble head, 
Our thoughts shall be for thy welfare, 
Our hearts shall shield thee from each care, 
Our love shall free from every snare 

That lie where thy feet tread. 

-excerpted from the Cap & Gown 1907 

238 /Closing 

Fortunate mortal! the tide of Time has turned for you! But remember 
that here all is enchantment, - that you have fallen under the spell of 
the dead,- that the lights and the colours and the voices must fade 
away at last into emptiness and silence. 

-Lafcadio Hearn 

Closing/ 239 

ewanee is usually spoken of as unique, but it is more than that- it is strange and mysterious. Its location, its birth, its death, its 
resurrection, its existence, its laws, its life, its methods, even its beasts and feathered fowls; its streets, and lots, and gate- 
latches, and fences are strange and mysterious. 

Twice planned and planted in faith and love, Sewanee has been strangely hampered, and mysteriously clogged, until one is 
almost tempted to believe that some malevolent creature, coming down from the remote past of the place, must have banned 
its birth and interdicted its resurrection. 

But in spite of all, the dear old place lives on. Through chances and changes; through good report and evil report; through 
abuse, and brag, and blame, and blunders; in spite of friends and foes, it lives. 

-Sarah Barnwell Elliott, found in the Cap& Gown 1915 

240 /Closing 

Closing/ 241 

242 /Closing 


14 May 1995 

Katherine Jane Cashman 


Gene Thomas Moss, Jr. 


Thomas Carlyle Knox 

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medallion 

Elizabeth Paullin Sherwood 

The Clarence Day Community Service Award 

Keith Delon Minnifield 

The Barron-Cravens Cup 

John Keith Coates, Jr. 

The Charles Hammond Memorial Cup 

Scott Durham Ellis 

The John Flynn Memorial Trophy 

Quisha Antoinette White 

The Outstanding Senior Female Athlete Award 

John Keith Coates, Jr. 

The Stephen Elliott Puckette III Memorial Award 

Asitha Priyanka Sandanayake 

The Phillip Evans Award 

Katherine Jane Cashman 
Kevin Ashley West 

The Guerry Award 

Melissa Anne Kennedy 

The Fine Arts Award for Distinction in Art History 

Branan Reece Edgens 

The John McCrady Memorial Award 

Christopher Matthew Elwell 

The Allen Farmer Award 

Robert Edward Lominack 

The Walter Guerry Green Medal 

Kevin Ashley West 

The A.T. Pickering Prize 

Christina Randall Vial 

The Judy Running Memorial Music Prize 

Uzair Ismail 

The William T. Allen Memorial Scholarship in Physics 

My-Khanh Thi Nguyen 

The E.G. Richmond Prize in Social Sciences 

Bradley Collins Mall 

The Michaux Nash Award 

Weina Jiang «y 

Quingshan Luo 

The Robert Hooke Prize for Achievement in Mathematics 

Eric John Marsland 

The Harry C. Yeatman Award 

Asitha Priyanka Sandanayake 

The Eugene Mark Kayden Scholarship 

Closing/ 243 

244 /Closing 

Chosen and now honored youths, see to it that you bear 
yourselves with uprightness and integrity to the glory of 
God, to the honor of the state, and to the good name of this 
University. Farewell and may God bless you. 

ton Graham & Anne McGinn 

Closing/ 245 

^^Nikki Etheridge ^her.sjs^ 

ack Strifling 

Closing/ 247 


248 /Closing 

Closing/ 249 


This Volume Of The Cap And Gown 

Is Dedicated To The Memories Of Three Beloved Members Of The 

Sewanee Family 

Rev. Robert S. Creamer 

Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honor- 
able, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is 
pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excel- 
lence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think 
about these things. Keep on doing the things that you 
have learned and received and heard and seen in me, 
and the God of peace will be with you. 

— The Letter of Paul to the Philippians 4:8-9 

Johanna S. Sudlow 

"My eyes never forget the beauty of this place. The 
marvelous way that the light glitters through the trees to 
cast long bluish shadows, the clean air of the morning, 
the rose of the sunset. The buildings, made of hand- 
hewn stone that seems to push up through the ground, 
bring with them the very thing of which they are made 
stand surrounded by the magnificent, ever-embracing 
trees. When I paint the buildings, as huge as they seem, 
I see them as always, always dwarfed by the full, fat 
trees that embrace them in soft pastels in the Spring, 
rich greens in the Summer, brilliant orange in the Fall, 
and naked lavender in the Winter. What more could a 
person want?" — from Cap and Gown, 1993 


Dr. Edwin Murdoch Stirling 

E WKO CARE deeply otoui tfu arts -find ourselves theS 
priest fxoodC of cuvdimost foraottevt |ait ft, ancC w^' 
must; H tftink, if we woukd wiw me people aaairv , 
take upon oLinscLves tfxc metftocC ancC tfie -fervour oj a^ 
priesihoocC.We must be fwJif huyn6& ax\<£ haCf pww£. 
>Ve see tta perfect rvione ifvaw otfars, it may be^ vaXT 
Wi must fincC -me passions arnona t&e peopfe . Wc^ 
must Bapil^ as wed as prcack/ . 






We are so proud of 



We love you. 

Mom, Dad and 


• Congratulations, Mary! 

We are proud of your many 
accomplishments. We wish you 
Success and Happiness in the years 
to come. 

Yea! Sewanee's Right! 
Mom & Dad 
Anna and Gioia 


*~j# K ' 


May your 
life's journey 
take you from 
the bottom of 
caves to the 
tops of many 
Follow your bliss! 


Mom, Andy, Tommy, and Mark 

Hey Brian - Congratulations! 
You did it! 

Can't believe it's been 21 years! 
Raising you has been the easiest 
and best thing I've ever done. It's 
because you're so wonderful. 



Congratulations, Stephen!!! 

We wish you and Liz all the best in 
years to come. 


Mom, Dad and Kathy 

254/ Advertisements 



~ " 

We Love You ! 

Daddy, DeDe, Andre and 


So much can be said about your 

learning and growth! 

Our love and pride is always with 

Mom and Dad 


We are so proud of you and feel we have 
been truly blessed having you for a son. 

Always remember: 

In your hands you hold today... 

In your dreams you hold 


And in your faith you hold 


Love ya, 
Mom and Dad 


£o J.f . — W&z tfjanfe 
<gob foe pou anb toist) pott] 
all fte toonbers anb ?ops 
tfjat life can tsolb. 

Hobe altoaps, 

illom, Sab, 
Jason, f ennp, 
jHubbcr, (Sranbma ©c©e,| 
(golbtc, anb Minnie 

256/ Advertisements 

It seems only 
yesterday. . . 
Congratulations ! 

Congratulations, Elizabeth! 


Mom, Dad, Mary, and Jack 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Colton. 
and Clay 

May the smile never 

nor the freckles 

Continue your hopes 
and dreams, 
as they define your 

Congratulations Eric ! 


Mom, Dad, Henry, Paul, Peter, 

and Smokey! 


258/ Advertisements 


I hope you put as much thought in your 
medical school studies and future career as 
you have in hunting and fishing. 



1 Winslow ! 



Dad, Kat, Drayton, Gi, 
Robert , and John 

Congratulations Hilary ! 


Mamma, Daddy, Chery, and India 

Advertisements / 259 

Good luck, Artie. 

We love you and are very proud of 
you. The best of everything in life! 


Mom, Dad, and Michael 

Life is a 
Break a leg. 

Much love, 

Mom, Dad, and 


Congratulations Keith! 

With love, 

Mom, Sally, Neal J, Genie 


With Much love, 
Mom, Dad, 
and Jennifer 

^ ,.!::,. , I; HW^n| H 

Anna Banana, 

■ w W 

We are so happy for you 

and proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Joan, John, 

Taylor, Harris, and 


260/ Advertisements 


Dudley Bond Kizer C'95 

From Jerry Dudley Kizer C'64 

Heidi Hays 

To accomplish 
great things, we 
must not only act, 
but also dream; 
not only plan, but 
also believe. 
Heidi, you 
fulfilled the 
trilogy. We are 
Proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Heather, 

and Baily 

Once a Tree Hugger. . . 
Always a Tree Hugger! 


Love and best wishes from 
all our family. 


You said you 
didn't want to go 
to sea and you 
didn't. Instead, 
you climbed a 
mountain, read a 
little chemistry, 
and made us very 
proud of you. 

Hawkeye, now that you're ready to commence the next leg of your journey, we 

wish you fair winds and flowing seas, and may your future be as exciting as your 


Well done and Congratulations - Mom, Dad, and Kyle 

Susie Dear, 

You're up to bat 
again. Go for it! 

Love , 

Mother, Dad, Greg 
and the critters 
Rass and Oliver, 
Spike and Mae West, 
and Callie 

262 /Advertisements 

Dear Courtney, 

["hanks for the 

Way to go, Dave! You're outta here! 

Congratulations ! 


the Rents, 
and Alfred 

4 '^4 21 

Jennifer Wood 

Jennifer, when you came into our lives 22 years ago. 
we never imagined how deeply you would touch 
the simple pleasures within our hearts. 
Reflecting on your journey through life, 
we have been inspired by the poet John Keats 
who wrote, 

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." 

As we have witnessed your growth from an innocent baby into a lovely responsible young woman, we have come to realize that 
the blending of your spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical development has been a magnificent symphony of miracles that 
is a perfect testimony to an existence higher than ourselves. Your graduation from the University of the South marks a major 
milestone as you travel from a secure world at Sewanee into a future filled with unknowns and unlimited opportunities. With 
proud smiles and joyful tears, we hope that with God's help, you will continue to meet the challenges that each new day will bring. 

Jennifer, we are so grateful for the very special privilege of being the parents to such a precious daughter. 


Mom and Dad 

264 / Advertisements 

Congratulations, Heather! 

God led you to Sewanee. May He continue to lead you through life. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Whatever is true, 

whatever is honorable, 

whatever is just, 

whatever is pure, 

whatever is lively, 

whatever is gracious, 

if there is any excellence, 

if there is anything worthy of praise, 

think about these things. 

What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, do; 

and the God of peace will be with you. 

Philippians 4:8 


Talk is Cheap... 

Until you hire a 

lawyer ! 

Congratulations, Robert, 
and Good Luck on the next 

We love you, 

Dad, Mama, David, Andrew, Gracie, 

and Sophie 

Congratulations Seth! 

Sons are a source of pride forever! ! ! 
We love you ! 

Mom, Dad, Heather, and Scott 

266 /Advertisements 

Jeff Ridner 1974 

Dear Jeff, 
Congratulations to you, 

my son! 
I know you are old enough 
to take care of yourself now, 
but it's always nice 
to have someone to look out 
for you. Just whistle 
and I'll always be there. 

I love you, 

Jeff Ridner 1994 


With every rising of the sun 
Think of your life as just begun. 

The past has cancelled and buried deep 
All yesterdays. There let them sleep. 

Concern yourself with it Today. 
Grasp it, and teach it to obey. 
Your will and plan. Since time began 
Today has been the friend of man. 

You and Today! A soul sublime 
And the great heritage of time 

With God himself to bind the twain, 
Go forth, brave heart! Attain! attain! 

Congratulations on a job well done!!! 


Mom, Jeff, and Dad 




As you look to 
your future, you 
will carry us in 
your heart. May 
God be with you 
to lighten your 
load and keep 
you safe as you 
make your way. 


Mom and Jeff 

The Class of 1995 would like 



Jonathan Charles Donald 

Caldwell Charles Jones 

268/ Advertisements 


You have always 
made us proud 
and are our 
creative "best 
rester." We love 
you, too. 

Mom and Daddy 


Calendar 1994 - 1995 






24 Freshman Orientation 
Classes begin 
Acoustic Junction band 
Fall fest- Uncle Mingo; Hypnotist 
James Mapes; Marlowe Room 1994 
Absolution Pool art exhibit by Leon 
Johnson (through 10/16/94) 
Opening Convocation of the 
University; Men's rush begins 
Kourosh Solaimari -Caricature Artist 


1 Carlos Alazraqui-Comedian 

2 A & A Reggae Review band; 
Cavalier bust broken in Breslin 

3 Community Service Fair; The 
Rebirth Brass Band 

14 The Canadian Brass Group 

17 Men's Shakeday 

19-20 John Polkinghorne, Professor at 

Queen's College Cambridge-lecture 
30-Oct 2 Parent's Weekend 



Celebrating 25 years of Women at 



Founder's Day; Madeleine L'Engle- 

book signing and reading 


Lack of Faculty diversity protest 

15-17 Homecomina; Sports Illustrated 

photographs Sewanee for a section 

about Southern schools 


Daisy Zamora, Nicaraguan Poet and 

Feminist- reading 

19-21 DuBose Lectures 


Awadagin Pratt -pianist 

21-25 Fall Break 


John Steadman: lecture "Milton & 

Dante: A Reconsideration" 


Robert Moore & Works by the 

Graphic Workshop art exhibit 

(through 12/1194) 


Donald Ratajczak- Olin lecture: "The 

elusive sustainable expansion path" 

The state flags were removed from 

All Saints' Chapel 

"Happily this void has been filled 
with a bevy of courageous women, 
veritable magnolia buds with sepals 
of iron courage, to pulverize another 
metaphor. Gentle, feminine flutings 
charm the misty atmosphere. 
Benedict Hall with its artful grills and 
reassuring 'inner calm' system has 
been victimized by Destiny for 
housing purposes. Despite the sneers 
of chrome and tile lovers, quaint 
Hoffman Hall is generously filling the 
role of Sewanee's first co-ed dormi- 
tory. A beaverboard partition and 
cleverly foraged shower curtains have 
not discouraged amiable relations 
between genders in Hoffman. [These 
additions] may partially account for 
the rapid increase of nymphs in 
Manigault Park." 

(excerpted from the Sewanee Purple, Sept. 26, 1969) 

tin Women ol '»'' 



Elizabeth Dewberry Vaughan-reading; 

Choir concert 


Jenny Wormald-Brown Foundation 

Fellow & visiting professor- lecture: 

"Tis true I am a cradle King" 


Henry Cho- Comedian 


Dr. Ruth, sex therapist- talk and Q&A 


James Kilgo-author & essayist-reading 


John Womack, Jr. lecture: "Revolution 

& Democracy in Modern Mexico" 


African American Alliance step show 


God Street Wine band; Jazz Coffee 

House- Kathleen Bertrand& quintet 


Herbert Benario- lecture: "The fate of 

Tacitus"; Death of a Salesman-Theatre 

Sewanee production (through 1 1/19/94) 


Football team plays in Bermuda, first 

bowl game since 1899 

23-27 Thanksgiving Holiday 


Wendell Berry -Aiken Taylor Poetry 



Dr. Ben Szapiro-Sigma Xi lecture: 

"Scanning Tunnelling Microscopes" 


Kathy Scrantom-art exhibit (through 



1 Daughters of Africa presentation; TN 
leash law in effect for Sewanee dogs 

3-4 Lessons and Carols program 

8-14 Final Exams 

15 Chamber Music Concert- first conceit 
in St. Luke's since the renovation 

17- January 17 

Dorms closed; Christmas Break 




Classes begin 


Dr. E. J. Carlos Galaxy Aquarium art 

exhibit (through 3/5/95) 


Opening Convocation of the University; 

Honorary Degree recipient George 



Joe Goode Performance Group 


Andrew Hacker- lecture: "Ethnic 



Renee Hicks- comedienne 


Leftover Salmon band 


Women's Rush begins 


2-3 Thomas Boardman-lecture: "Quality 
Improvement and Appreciation for 

4 Women's Shakeday 

10 Jamaica Trip Chili Dinner 

1 1 SAMS-Jamaica trip Rock-a-Like 

13 duPont lecture series: Daniel R. Schwarz 
"Searching for Modernism's genetic 
code: Picasso, Joyce, and Stevens as a 
Cultural Configuration" 

15 Easter Term organ recital- Dr. Delcamp; 
OG stripe finally passed; OG attendance 
policy changed 

16 William Pritchard-University lectures 
committee: "Criticism in the Age of 

20-22 Sewanee Conference on Women; Helen 
Thomas, veteran White House 
correspondent- lecture 

22 Senior Eric Ochel scored 55 pts. in one 
Basketball game-breaking the individual 
point scoring record held since 1956-57 
by Larry Jackson; Top Girls-Theatre 
Sewanee production (through 2/25/95) 






Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat for 
Humanity, presented a sermon and lecture 
Spring Break 

Andrew Reisinger-organ performance 
Campus wide discussion with the V.C.: 
"Sewanee's Christian Identity and Future as 
an Episcopal University" 
University Lectures committee- Carl B. 
Eastbrook- lecture: "Cathedral and Commu 
nity in 17th Century England"; James 
Morrow- lecture: "Painting and experience 
in the Low countries @ 1400: Transcendin| 
the boundaries" 

Dr. Cynthia Blanck Eldridge- H. Malcolm 
Owen lecture: "HLA-What is it? What does 
it mean to you? Who cares anyway? 




26 Dr. Barney Graham-lecture: "Develop 
ment of a preventive vaccine for AIDS" 

27 Dr. Carlos Rojas- slide lecture on 
Salvador Dali and Sigmund Freud 

28 Choir of York Minster, York, England- 

29 Pre Med club sponsored Blood Drive; 
Phillip Powell- lecture: "Environmental 
Management, Sustainable Development 
and Alternatives to private property in the 
islands on the South Pacific 

30 John L. Thomas- Michael Harrah Wood 
Annual Memorial Lecture: "Holding the 
middle ground: Clashing Regionalisms in 
20th Century America" 


1 3rd Floor of Woods Lab renovated and 
dedicated in honor of Lulu Hampton Owen 
Equestrian Regionals held at Sewanee 

2 Cumberland Mountain BikeClassic race 
4 A. Manette Ansay-reading 

5-8 Israel Horovitz one acts-Theatre Sewanee 
6 Irsael Horovitz- reading 
7-8 Medieval Colloquium 
8 Bela Fleck & the Flecktones- band; 
Children's community service carnival 

1 1 Jesse Jackson, Jr. -lecture 

12 Robert Pack-poetry reading 
17-22 Earth Week 

21 Scientific Sewanee presentations 

22 Elvis Party; WUTS Fest 

24 Julie Ann Plax-lecture: "Elisabeth Ligie- 
Lebrunis Greek Dinner Party: Scandal, 
Sex, Sauces and the End of the Ancien 
Regime"; Mo Leverett-lecture: "Life and 
Ministry in Desire Housing project. New 

25 University Choir spring Concert; Sarah 
Boykin-lecture: "A Woman's influence: the 
architecture of Lula Ross Wilburn" 

26-28 Shindig- dance production 

30 Senior Art Exhibit (through 5/13/95) 




University Orchestra Opera Highlights 



Final Exams 




127th Commencement: 273 Under- 

graduates and 24 Seminarians 

received degrees. 


Dorms closed; Summer Vacation ! 


"By the time it came to the edge of the 
Forest, the stream had grown up, so that it 
was almost a river, and, being grown-up, it 
did not run and jump and sparkle along as 
it used to do when it was younger, but 
moved more slowly. For it knew now 
where it was going, and it said to itself, 
"There is no hurry. We shall get there some 
day." But all the little streams higher up in 
the Forest went this way and that, quickly, 
eagerly, having so much to find out before 
it was too late." 

-A. A. Milne 
The House at Pooh Corner